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Professor Andrew Livingston awarded Honorary Professor title at International Conference on Membranes

On Monday, the 60th Department of Chemical Engineering conference at University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (UCTM) honoured the contributions of esteemed scientist Professor Andrew Livingston, Vice Principal for Research and Innovation at Queen Mary University of London.

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Professor Livingston was awarded an Honorary Professor title at UCTM for his contribution to the development of University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy’s academic staff as well as supporting current research projects. Furthermore, he played an instrumental role in the initiation of the membrane topic at UTCM.

The conference, held at the UCTM campus in Sofia, Bulgaria, invited internationally recognised speakers on chemical engineering and drew together researchers from universities across the world as well as representatives from leading companies. After the official opening by the Rector of UCTM, the conference included presentations from co-authors and collaborators of Professor Livingston.

Professor Livingston's groundbreaking research on the discovery and fabrication of new membrane materials and designs capable of molecular separations in organic liquids, in the field of Organic Solvent Nanofiltration (OSN), have redefined what is possible in chemical processes from refining of crude oil to exact polymer synthesis, setting new industry standards for their manufacture and development.

Professor Livingston started his career at Imperial College, London, before moving to Queen Mary as Vice Principal Research and Innovation in 2019. He has been the recipient of several awards and prizes including the Junior Moulton Medal, Cremer and Warner Medal, Underwood Medal of IChemE, and Silver Medal of Royal Academy of Engineering.

Professor Livingston said: “I am honoured to be recognised as an Honorary Professor at UCTM, particularly during such a momentous year when the university celebrates its the 60th anniversary of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCTM as well as UCTM’s 70-year jubilee. I am delighted to be awarded this due to my contribution with the University’s IMeTI project and to the personal development of current academic staff. But this achievement is only possible because of my collaboration with so many inspirational and innovative colleagues in academia. I hugely enjoyed my time in Sofia and look forward to discussing what we will do together next!”

Dr Ludmila Peeva, a Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering at Queen Mary University of London, was also awarded as an Honorary Doctor at UCTM. Dr Peeva said: “It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with my colleagues at UCTM and share knowledge and ideas. As a coordinator and leader of the IMETI project, I am particularly happy that the project laid foundation for new research directions at UCTM, particularly in the field of membrane research and Organic Solvent Nanofiltration. I am looking forward to our future partnership and joined projects.”

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