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Queen Mary University launches new transnational education programme in Hainan, China

Queen Mary University of London has launched a new transnational education programme in Hainan with the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). 

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Guests at the launch of the Queen Mary Hainan School
Guests at the launch of the Queen Mary Hainan School

This new programme was launched at a welcome event in Lingshui special development zone on Saturday 9 September – which was attended by almost 200 students, staff and guests.

The transnational education programme in Hainan, China

The transnational education programme in Hainan officially launched in 2022. So far 250 students are enrolled in numerous subjects – including Maths, Digital Technologies, Computer Science and Data Science. Queen Mary plans to add a further programme next year and will aim to enroll over 1,000 students at Queen Mary School Hainan in the 2026/27 academic year.

Teaching takes place in Hainan entirely in English and is split 50/50 between both universities. Queen Mary sends out staff to deliver face-to-face lectures, allowing students in Hainan to really benefit from in-person time with their teachers. Students will graduate with two degrees – one from each institution.

Xiaoqian Shan, a student going into their second year at Queen Mary School Hainan, said:

“The first-year programme not only exposed us to different areas of knowledge, but also broadened our horizons in every way. The high-quality educational resources and first-class academics from both BUPT and Queen Mary will provide us students with a broader stage in the world, making us innovative talents with an international perspective.”

Celebrating 20 years working with BUPT

This new transnational education programme builds on the 20-year partnership between Queen Mary University and BUPT. Queen Mary was one of the first universities to pioneer this type of engagement in China, and one of the first institutions in the UK to develop the transnational education programme as a form of teaching.

The joint programme developed by Queen Mary and BUPT has been a marked success over the past 20 years – with thousands of students graduating with two degrees, many of whom have gone on to work in a variety of industries in China, the UK and across the globe. The joint programme in Beijing was also the first programme in mainland China to be accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

As a result of this success, both institutions were invited by the Ministry of Education in China to collaborate on a proposal for higher education in Hainan.

Speaking at the event via video, Colin Bailey, President and Principal of Queen Mary said:

“At Queen Mary, we are very proud of our close partnership with BUPT, which this year enters a landmark twentieth year of operation. Our teaching collaboration started in 2004, and we have had the pleasure of watching the successes of thousands of shared graduates from our joint programmes. The new collaboration of which you are a part – Queen Mary School Hainan – is the latest development between our two great universities to offer the best in joint education provision across the world.”

Professor Li Guo, Dean of Queen Mary School Hainan BUPT, said:

“I hope that you can consolidate your knowledge foundation and broaden your horizons in your studies. Step out of your comfort zone, understand the importance of collaboration and try to make contributions to your community. Master basic theories and go deep into the problems, keep an open mind, expand global visions through class learning, social practice, and international exchanges.”


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