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Clearing: Opportunities and support for students

Ahead of A-level results day, Queen Mary University of London is reminding students of the opportunities and support available that accompany studying in London.

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Students Walking
Students Walking

A wide range of bursaries and scholarships are available for students joining Queen Mary, including through Clearing. Any student whose household taxable income is less than £35,000 automatically qualifies for the Queen Mary University of London Bursary. In 2021, over 40 per cent of students received an award of either £1,700 or £1,000 per year through the scheme.

Local students may also be eligible for a new bursary scheme, launched earlier this year by Tower Hamlets, entitling them to a £1,500 payment to support with costs associated with their undergraduate studies, such as accommodation, books, and other resources.

Queen Mary is also the only campus-based Russell Group university in London, thereby offering low travel costs to students who live and study on campus. This can equate to thousands of pounds, with an annual Zone 1-6 Student Oyster costing £2,080.

There are a significant number of housing placements reserved for students joining Queen Mary through Clearing, which research shows is substantially cheaper than student accommodation in East London. Residential fees on campus range from £153.02 per week to £249.97 per week.

Queen Mary is also a proud supporter of the London Living Wage, an independently calculated hourly rate of pay based on the cost of living, unlike the National Living Wage. Students working as student ambassadors for the University are paid above the current London Living Wage.

Jack Fox, Head of Student Recruitment and Widening Participation at Queen Mary University of London, said: “London remains a hugely desirable place to study for both UK and international students and was recently ranked as the top student city in the world for the fifth year running. 

“We want to remind any student studying at or considering Queen Mary that there are several options available to help them stay on top of finances while pursuing their education – whether that be through lower living costs or direct financial support. 

“We are hugely proud of our record recruiting students from under-represented backgrounds, which led to us being ranked the top university in the country for social mobility. It’s important that no student’s background prevents them from getting into university and that they can flourish while there and in their future career.” 

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