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Scholarships and Funding

At Queen Mary University of London, we recognise that studying at a top rated University is a major undertaking both personally and financially. Queen Mary invests heavily in scholarships and bursaries in order to allow the very brightest to come and study with us.


We have a wide range of opportunities with different eligibilty criteria and application routes for Undergraduates, Master's and PhD students. Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit; some are issued automatically upon exam results and others require a separate application. Queen Mary scholarships are subject to university wide terms and conditions as well as any additional course/School/Faculty conditions or criteria outline.

In addition to our scholarships, Queen Mary provides a generous range of bursaries. These are awarded based on household income/financial need and are generally for Home students only.

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Tuition fees

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Find out about postgraduate loans for those studying Master's and Doctoral degrees.

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