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New clinic helps more patients in need of dental care

More residents in north east London will have access to free dental care, thanks to a collaboration between Barts Health NHS Trust, Queen Mary University of London and Community Health Partnerships (CHP).

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Dr Jason Wong, MBE, Interim Chief Dental Officer England, cuts the ribbon at the opening of the Kenworthy Road Dental Clinic
Dr Jason Wong, MBE, Interim Chief Dental Officer England, cuts the ribbon at the opening of the Kenworthy Road Dental Clinic

A new £3.2 million investment, the Kenworthy Road Dental Clinic, was opened today by England’s Chief Dental Officer to provide free services in Hackney and nearby areas – a place where dental decay is prevalent and access to care is in high demand.

The state-of-the-art facility will provide a fit for purpose training ground for 300 university students each year. The students, supported by qualified dentists, will provide around 7,000 appointments per year for the local community. 

The clinic has already proved a success with over 1,000 patients registered. Due to this overwhelming response, new registrations are now closed until early Spring 2024.

The public’s oral health has been impacted significantly by the Covid pandemic and rising cost of living, which has increased the need for dental care across the country but particularly in north east London.

Zahra Shehabi, Project Lead/Clinical Sustainability Fellow, Barts Health NHS Trust said: “We’ve embedded sustainable and modern design throughout the development of this clinic and will also be sourcing sustainable materials to ensure the facility is as green as possible.

Christopher Tredwin, Dean and Director of the Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London said: “This new clinic will train the UK’s next generation of dentists. Thanks to the high-tech equipment and opportunity for students to treat patients, this clinic will ensure undergraduates have the best opportunities to meet their clinical requirements while providing dental care to the community.”

Giulia Pintaritsch, dental student at Queen Mary University London said: “As a student, working on clinical placements has improved my practical skills and confidence more than anything else during my learning. Any opportunity to increase that exposure to patients is extremely important! I’m glad to see Queen Mary’s Institute of Dentistry and Barts Health working together to open this new clinic, bringing students even more clinical exposure to support our training.”

Wendy Farrington‑Chadd, Chief Executive Officer from Community Health Partnerships said: Free dental care has never been more important in times where the NHS is facing huge pressures and capital funding is constrained. CHP’s £3.2m capital investment will allow the delivery of additional dental appointments, closer to home, whilst enabling students from Queen Mary’s Institute of Dentistry to thrive in a modern and fit for purpose healthcare facility”.

Further information:

  • More information on the dental treatments that the clinic will offer can be found on the Barts Health NHS Trust website.
  • Registration for Kenworthy Road Dental Clinic was advertised through local partners to ensure equity of access was given to local patients.
  • Unlike other practices, patients will be treated and discharged allowing the clinic to re-open referrals to new patients.
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