article News story: Healthcare policy on social media ignores the value of peer-to-peer support for chronic illness
20, July , 2015

Government, the NHS and professional healthcare bodies have embraced social media networks as dissemination tools but frequently overlook their potential for peer-to-peer support, according to researchers at Queen Mary University of London. 

article News story: Professor Trevor Dadson honoured by the King of Spain for services to Spanish culture
3, July , 2015

Trevor Dadson, Professor of Hispanic Studies at Queen Mary University of London has been awarded the Encomienda de la Orden de Isabel la Católica (Order of Isabella the Catholic) by the King of Spain, Felipe VI.

article News story: On the margins of terror: Daesh and the new geography of hate in Sinai
25, March , 2015

Jessica Jacobs, Research Fellow at QMUL's School of Geography, argues that the systematic neglect of border regions by military-backed governments in the Middle East has enabled the success of extreme terrorist groups in these marginalised areas, resulting in "geographies of hate".

article News story: QMUL begins major research project to document Europe’s migration crisis
21, October , 2015

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) will this week begin work on a major project to document Europe’s migrant and refugee crisis. Led by Professor Elspeth Guild from QMUL’s School of Law, the research team will produce a database of migrant journeys as well as testimonies from interviews with migrants and refugees.

article News story: Report on impact of terrorist listing launched at QMUL
4, March , 2015

A major report into terrorist listing and conflict transformation was launched at an event at QMUL’s School of Law by the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI).

article News story: Tunisia terror attack threatens fledgling democracy
19, March , 2015

At least 19 people died in a terrorist attack in Tunisia on 18 March 2015. In this article, Dr Sarah Wolff - Lecturer, School of Politics and International Relations - considers the implications for Tunisia "beyond the immediate horror" of the attack, and describes it as "a litmus test for the country’s democratic transition".

article News story: Inside Out and the democracy of the modern mind
29, July , 2015

Dr Thomas Dixon, Director of QMUL's Centre for the History of the Emotions, reviews Disney Pixar's Inside Out.

article News story: Tobacco Industry's spurious claims on plain packaging must be challenged
23, February , 2015

In this letter, published in the Law Society Gazette, QMUL's Jonathan Griffiths challenges "undue pessimism" about the UK’s imminent legislation on plain packaging. 

article News story: Syriza lead the polls in Greece but coalition options remain unclear
20, January , 2015

Greece will hold parliamentary elections on 25 January. Ahead of the vote, Dr Stella Ladi writes on the state of play in the Greek party system. She notes that while the radical left party Syriza currently enjoys a lead in the polls, there is debate over who its most likely coalition partners would be should it fail to secure a majority.

© Greg Constantine article News story: Campaigns of violence towards Rohingya are highly organised and genocidal in intent
29, October , 2015

Persecution of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar has been orchestrated by the government, state-level officials and Buddhist monks, according to the findings of an 18-month investigation into state crime. 

article News story: Exhibition of 100 images to celebrate life on East London’s Becontree Estate
2, April , 2015

An exhibition of 100 images, produced by renowned artists in partnership with residents from Becontree Estate in East London, will open in Dagenham Library on Friday 10 April. The images celebrate the extraordinary stories of life on what began as the world’s largest housing estate.

article News story: QMUL historian shines a new light on the life and legacy of Edmund Burke
24, August , 2015

A new book from acclaimed historian Professor Richard Bourke chronicles the extraordinary life of Edmund Burke (1730-97), a leading philosopher and statesman of the eighteenth century.

article News story: Professor Michael Kenny wins WJM MacKenzie Prize
2, December , 2015

Professor Michael Kenny, Director of QMUL’s Mile End Institute, has won the prestigious W.J.M Mackenzie Prize for his book The Politics of English Nationhood. The prize is awarded annually by the UK’s Political Studies Association (PSA) for the best book published in political science.

article News story: Historian uncovers first known photo of Lenin’s 'true love'
1, May , 2015

A historian from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has uncovered the first confirmed image of Apollinariya Yakubova, considered by many to be the true love of Vladimir Lenin. Dr Robert Henderson, honorary research associate at QMUL’s School of History, discovered the photograph in the State Archive of the Russian Federation, while researching for his forthcoming book on the Russian revolutionary V. L. Burtsev.

article News story: Study finds just 15 per cent of Tory members will definitely vote to leave the EU
12, June , 2015

Just 15 per cent of Conservative party members would vote for the UK to leave the EU regardless of whatever reforms Prime Minister David Cameron manages to negotiate in the run-up to a referendum. 

Credit: Jose Pereira Silva article News story: People’s Palace Projects co-produce acclaimed homelessness arts project in São Paulo
10, December , 2015

With One Voice, an international arts programme designed to give homeless people in host cities a voice during the Olympics will be launched in São Paulo, Brazil on Saturday 12 December.

article News story: QMUL and Norton Rose Fulbright LLP announce new Energy scholarship programme
18, March , 2015

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary University of London has announced details of a scholarship and internship programme with legal practice Norton Rose Fulbright LLP.

article News story: Bottom 50 per cent of UK authors made less than £10,500 in 2013
21, April , 2015

The median earnings of authors in the UK has fallen below the minimum wage, according to a survey of 2,500 writers, published by researchers at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Experts call for urgent reform of deprivation of liberty safeguards
30, September , 2015

The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards – designed to protect the rights of the legally incapacitated – are a threat to human rights and require urgent reform, according to UK and international experts speaking at a conference convened by Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Time for binding United Nations rules on violence against women and girls
12, May , 2015

The United Nations must adopt binding international rules to help eliminate violence against women and girls, according to Professor Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women.

article News story: Humanities researchers at QMUL awarded £1.6 million for major study on emotional health
18, August , 2015

What is the perfect recipe for 'emotional health', and who decides which emotions we should feel in order to be healthy? These are among the questions that will be explored by a team of researchers at QMUL’s Centre for the History of the Emotions, as part of a major new research programme funded by a Humanities and Social Science Collaborative Award from the Wellcome Trust.

article News story: Report calls for radical overhaul of how the court service handles low value claims
16, February , 2015

A new system of online justice would revolutionise the court system of England and Wales, according to a report from the Civil Justice Council’s Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group. The group includes Julia Hörnle, Professor in Internet Law at QMUL.

article News story: Labour is lost in England and must federalise, says Jon Cruddas MP
23, September , 2015

The Labour Party is lost in England and must federalise to survive, according to Jon Cruddas. The MP for Dagenham and Rainham was speaking at the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London, where he called for an English Labour party to win back lost voters.

article News story: EVEL may help set the course for Cameron’s time in office, according to experts at QMUL
2, July , 2015

The government’s announcement on English Votes for English Laws, while seemingly cautious, “may help set the course for David Cameron’s time in office”, according to Michael Kenny, professor of politics and constitutional expert at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Let there be light: understanding our body clocks
30, July , 2015

Jet-lagged after a long flight? Exhausted after a week of night shifts? The vagaries of the human body clock affect everything from the quality of our sleep to how quickly we adjust to a new time zone. This post is based on a series of interviews with Professor Josephine Arendt, who transformed our understanding of how our body clocks respond to light and melatonin.

article News story: Energy companies must repair relationship with society, says former CEO of BP
20, January , 2015

Businesses and extractive industries should communicate openly and engage more effectively with society, according to the former CEO of British Petroleum (BP), who was speaking at the launch of QMUL’s Energy and Natural Resources Law Institute.

article News story: Gender-blind global health institutions ignore misery for women in Ebola-affected regions
23, March , 2015

On the one year anniversary of the Ebola outbreak, Dr Sophie Harman - Reader in International Relations at QMUL - explores the devastating impact on women in affected regions.  

article News story: Without treaty change Britain will vote to leave the European Union, says Lord Owen
8, October , 2015

The campaign to keep Britain in the EU will be defeated unless the government secures treaty change before the referendum, according to former Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen. He made his remarks as part of a major speech on referendums, at the Mile End Institute's Inaugural Hennessy Lecture.

article News story: Professor Rüdiger Görner awarded prestigious Reimar Lüst Prize
24, July , 2015

Rüdiger Görner, Professor of German at Queen Mary University of London, has been awarded the prestigious Reimar Lüst Prize in recognition of his outstanding scholarly work in the field of Anglo-German relations.

article News story: Simple hospitality could be the answer to the European migrant ‘crisis’
18, August , 2015

The crisis facing migrants on the shores of Europe shows no sign of abating. As EU member states prevaricate on how to manage a human and political crisis, Dr Jessica Jacobs from QMUL's School of Geography says: "The system is paralysed. To make it move again, hospitality is the key".

article News story: The economic consequences of the Greek crisis
27, February , 2015

In this article, co-author Professor Brigitte Granville - School of Business and Management at QMUL - contends that default and exit from the eurozone would allow Greece to begin correcting past mistakes, and put its economy on the path to recovery and sustainable growth.

article News story: QMUL announces free advice service for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs
20, August , 2015

Queen Mary University of London has announced details of a free business advice scheme for start-ups and entrepreneurs in London. Based at QMUL’s School of Economics and Finance, qNomics will provide expert consultancy to fledgling businesses in the financial and technological sectors.

article News story: More than just a game: Interactive entertainment and intellectual property law
27, April , 2015

On 24 April 2015, QMUL's Centre for Commercial Law Studies convened a group of legal experts to consider and examine issues around gaming an intellectual property law. In this article, Dr Gaetano Dimita, Lecturer in International Intellectual Property Law, sets out the many legal challenges that emerge from this growing and dynamic sector. 

article News story: Future of the UK hangs in the balance, according to experts at Mile End Institute launch event
4, March , 2015

The United Kingdom as we know it may not survive the next decade and is “no longer a fixed map in the collective UK mind”, according to Lord Professor Peter Hennessy, who was speaking at the launch of the Mile End Institute (MEI), at Queen Mary University of London on 2 March.

article News story: Ed Miliband’s route to 10 Downing Street may hinge on the performance of Ukip, says Professor Tim Bale
25, March , 2015

The fortunes of Ed Miliband and the Labour Party may well depend on the performance of Ukip on 7 May, according to Professor Tim Bale, who was speaking at the launch of his new book: Five Year Mission – The Labour Party under Ed Miliband.

article News story: Racial income inequality reduces levels of trust and social capital in communities
30, March , 2015

In recent decades, commentators and academics have become increasingly concerned over the decline in both trust and social capital in many communities in the United States. While research has shown that race and income diversity tends to be associated with lower levels of social capital, Andrea Tesei takes a closer look, examining the relationship between trust, income inequality and racial diversity.

article News story: Professor Andrea Brady criticises “structure of white privilege” in British poetry communities
8, October , 2015

On National Poetry Day, Professor Andrea Brady – curator of the Globe Road Poetry Festival – has criticised the “structure of white privilege” in British poetry communities.

article News story: Robot poets, international names, slams and debate at the inaugural Globe Road Poetry Festival
10, September , 2015

Some of the world’s best known international poets will perform in East London this November at the inaugural Globe Road Poetry Festival.

article News story: Canny Chancellor co-opts the living wage
13, July , 2015

In this post, Professor Jane Wills considers the implications of the Chanellor's 'co-option' of the living wage.

article News story: Should Shakespeare be censored for sensitive times?
4, March , 2015

Should the works of Shakespeare’s plays be censored where there is a risk of offence? In this article, Dr Preti Taneja, Global Shakespeare Research Fellow, considers the issues.

article News story: Celebrities, The Royal Family, privacy, and the law
4, November , 2015

In this post, Professor Robin Callender Smith from QMUL's School of Law, discusses his forthcoming book on celebrities and privacy law. 

article News story: QMUL students in the spotlight at Audrey Hepburn exhibition
20, July , 2015

Film students from Queen Mary University of London are playing a prominent role in one of the most eagerly awaited exhibitions of the summer, at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

article News story: QMUL launches new educational partnership with University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP)
11, June , 2015

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has announced a new educational partnership with the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP). The partnership will see the introduction in September 2015 of a new Masters programme in International Relations, based in Paris.

article News story: QMUL and Bank of England to shine a light on the financing of Britain’s WWI war effort
9, March , 2015

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have been granted special access to war bond ledgers, held at the Bank of England, which list those who helped to bankroll Britain’s war effort from 1914-1918.

article News story: Online courts must not compromise fairness
18, February , 2015

In this article, Professor Julia Hörnle - one of the UK's leading experts in online dispute resolution - comments on the recent recommendations from Civil Justice Council's report on ODR. The group, of which Julia is a member, calls for a radical shake-up in how the UK handles low value claims.

article News story: Torture Allegations, Racial Conflicts…and Leadership on Human Rights?
2, January , 2015

In this article, Professor Eric Heinze of QMUL's School of Law, argues that the United States, whose government has "has committed grave violations" in the area of human rights, has placed its leadership role in question.

article News story: The white privilege of British poetry is getting worse
8, October , 2015

Writing in The Conversation, Andrea Brady - Professor of Poetry at QMUL - criticises what she describes as the "structure of white privilege" in British poetry communities.

article News story: Social media and health: a source of “patient voices” or just business?
8, September , 2015

Why does NHS and government policy neglect and ignore the value of online patient communities? QMUL researchers Dr Nelya Koteyko and Dr Daniel Hunt investigated this question as part of a major study on social media and living with chronic illness.

article News story: Possessive jealousy and femicide take centre stage at performance of Othello on Trial
6, November , 2015

Possessive jealousy, rage, and murder; it’s is a story as old as Othello. Two women are killed by male partners each week on average in the UK. In November, a series of performances at Queen Mary University of London - sponsored by the School of Law and the Centre for Public Engagement - adapted Shakespeare’s masterpiece to stimulate debate about the high level of male violence against women in modern Britain.

article News story: QMUL retained as one of 11 UK universities recognised for Singapore Bar
26, February , 2015

QMUL’s School of Law is now one of only 11 UK university law departments recognised for purposes of admission to the Singapore Bar.

article News story: Legal stars of the future compete in annual QMUL ‘George Hinde Moot’
2, April , 2015

The quality of contributions from finalists in the annual QMUL mooting competition was “nothing short of astonishing”, according to Sir Christopher (Lord Justice) Pitchford, who judged the final at Queen Mary University of London on 24 March.

article News story: British voters open to a Jewish prime minister — but some are more welcoming than others
23, January , 2015

In this post, Professor Tim Bale of QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations, discusses the findings of new polling data on attitudes to Jewish political leaders. The data is based on research from Professor Bale's forthcoming book: Five Year Mission: The Labour Party under Ed Miliband.

© The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London article News story: Fancy a 300-year old cuppa? Researchers uncover the oldest tea in Britain
27, May , 2015

Researchers have found what they believe to be the oldest tea in Britain. The dried green tea was acquired in China, around the year 1700, by ship’s surgeon James Cuninghame, who subsequently gave it as a gift to the famous physician and collector of curiosities, Hans Sloane.

article News story: Ragged Children, Mended Lives: the stories of East London’s 19th century children
21, October , 2015

In 1877, the few square miles around where Queen Mary University of London stands today was one of the most densely populated places on earth. In a then squalid corner of London, more than a million people – many of them desperately poor – faced hunger, unemployment, and disease.

article News story: TTIP and CETA: the trade deals threatening British democracy
21, May , 2015

In this post, Sam Fowles, postgraduate research student at QMUL's School of Law, argues that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a threat to British democracy, and should not be ratified. 

article News story: Can the European Parliament save us from TTIP?
15, June , 2015

In this article, Sam Fowles, researcher in international law and politics at Queen Mary University of London, asks whether the European Parliament will 'save us' from the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

article News story: QMUL Historian Amanda Vickery presents BBC series on the suffragettes
23, February , 2015

Oppression, discrimination, and the unrelenting courage of forgotten heroines. In a major new series for the BBC, renowned historian Professor Amanda Vickery tells the story of Britain’s longest war; the suffragettes’ 300 year-long campaign for equality.

article News story: Humanitarian crisis affecting Rohingya Muslims is the product of genocide, according to researchers from QMUL
18, May , 2015

Persecution of the Rohingya minority by the Myanmar government amounts to genocide, according to field research from the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI), based at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Why the Chilcot inquiry has taken so long – and why we should wait to judge it
28, August , 2015

The long running Chilcot inquiry has come under significant pressure to complete its work and publish its report. In this article, Dr James Ellison, Reader in International History at QMUL, explains why it's taken so long, and says: "In the end, we must judge the inquiry on its terms of reference and the rigour, accuracy, and fairness of its report".

article News story: Young poets celebrated at QMUL’s Globe Road Poetry Festival
18, November , 2015

Loving mums, sly scorpions, and ‘rolling rocks on your fingers’ were among the eclectic images explored by more than 120 young poets at QMUL’s Globe Road Poetry Festival.

© Greg Constantine article News story: ‘Nowhere People’ and the stories of the world’s stateless
4, November , 2015

More than 10 million people across the globe are not recognised by any country, and are stateless. Nowhere People an acclaimed new book by photojournalist and QMUL Distinguished Fellow Greg Constantine, tells the stories of people and communities who have been denied their identity, and stripped of the most basic aspects of citizenship.

article News story: Dressing down the rabbit hole – how to become Alice in Wonderland
29, April , 2015

From 2 May to 9 November, QMUL's Dr Kiera Vaclavik will curate 'The Alice Look', an exhibition at the V&A Museum of Childhood. In this article, Dr Vaclavik considers the impact of Lewis Carroll's famous heroine on the way that we dress.

Aysel (centre) collecting her award from Fiona Bruce and David Bearfield, Director, European Personnel Selection Office, EU Careers article News story: QMUL student wins Languages Undergraduate of the Year prize
29, April , 2015

A QMUL student who can speak five different languages has won a Languages Undergraduate of the Year Award.

article News story: Dr Helen McCarthy wins award for International Affairs Book of the Year
30, January , 2015

Women of the World: The Rise of the Female Diplomat, by QMUL Historian Dr Helen McCarthy, took the prize for International Affairs Book of the Year at the Political Book Awards 2015.

article News story: New initiative from QMUL offers free legal advice to victims of revenge porn
3, February , 2015

Victims of revenge porn can apply for free legal advice through a new service offered by the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). As part of the service, victims will receive legal advice from a team of trained student advisors – under the supervision of experienced, qualified lawyers - at QMUL’s Legal Advice Centre.

article News story: ‘Messiah at London's Foundling Hospital’ nominated for an international Emmy
13, October , 2015

‘Messiah at London's Foundling Hospital’, a documentary that was co-developed and co-presented by QMUL’s Professor Amanda Vickery, has been nominated for an international Emmy.

article News story: QMUL Mile End Institute to launch with a debate on the future of the United Kingdom
12, January , 2015

Can the United Kingdom survive without changing its constitution? This critical question will be posed to a high-profile panel of commentators and politicians on Monday 2 March, at the launch of the QMUL Mile End Institute.

article News story: New book from acclaimed QMUL historian Dr Thomas Asbridge tells the story of the greatest knight
13, February , 2015

A new book from QMUL historian Dr Thomas Asbridge tells the story of one remarkable man, the birth of the knightly class to which he belonged, and the forging of the English nation.

© Natural History Museum: Sloane Herbarium 93, fol. 146 article News story: Britain’s oldest tea (and first modern commodity)
3, June , 2015

Dr Richard Coulton, based at QMUL's School of English and Drama, reflects on the discovery of Britain's oldest tea. Dr Coulton is one of three authors of a forthcoming book, Empire of Tea: The Asian Leaf that Conquered the World.

article News story: Bangkok bombing blame game speaks volumes about the state of Thai politics
19, August , 2015

The Bangkok bomb killed 20 people, injured more than 100, and shook Thai politics, already turbulent, to its core. In this article, Dr Lee Jones, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, argues: until concrete evidence is produced, we should avoid any rush to judgement, and take both speculation and assignations of blame with a truckload of salt.

article News story: Individualised approach to merit will not deliver equality in public and working life
6, May , 2015

If we want more diversity in our courts, boardrooms, and parliaments, then our individualised approach to merit may “now require quite a serious rethink”, according to Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond. 

article News story: Researchers at Queen Mary University of London launch app to match voters with parties
8, April , 2015

Political scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have launched a new voting advice application to match voters with the party that best represents their views. More than 20,000 people have used the app since it went live on 1 April.

article News story: Think you're just a face in the crowd? Not necessarily
19, June , 2015

In this article, Professor Julia Hörnle, of QMUL's School of Law, considers the impact and rapid development of face recognition techniques on privacy. 

article News story: Dr Shahidha Bari awarded prestigious prize for arts journalism
9, March , 2015

Dr Shahidha Bari, Lecturer in Romanticism at Queen Mary University of London, has won the Observer / Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism. Now in its third year, the £2000 prize is for “previously unpublished, imaginative, original, and thought-provoking” works.

article News story: Passenger tracking in the EU will be as invasive as it is in the US
30, January , 2015

In this comment article, Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas - head of QMUL's Department of Law - considers the implications of the increasingly heated debate around the collection and retention of information from air passengers. 

article News story: Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity (CRED) celebrates ten years at QMUL
28, April , 2015

Despite the appearance of great strides forward; discrimination, inequality, and exclusion persist in developed societies and workplaces. The nature of that persistence – and the manner in which discrimination has, in many cases, become more insidious – was the subject of the 2015 annual lecture from QMUL’s Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity.

article News story: Season of Bangla Drama returns to QMUL
3, November , 2015

Gender, identity and power are among the themes that will be explored by the 13th Season of Bangla Drama festival, which returns to Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) this November.

article News story: Deaths at sea: scant hope for the future from Europe’s history of failure on migrants
23, April , 2015

Sarah Wolff, Lecturer at QMUL's School of Politics and International Relations, examines the tragic events in the Mediterranean and outlines what she describes as failed EU policy in the area of migration.