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School of English and Drama


Bowers, Will Lecturer Eighteenth-century and Romantic Poetry; Literary and cultural exchange between England and Italy; Coteries, salons, and sociability in the long-eighteenth century; Scholarly editions and their digital future; The blank verse tradition (Milton, Thomson, Akenside, Cowper, Wordsworth, Barrett-Browning). English Staff
Duff, David Professor Romantic poetry and prose; Shelley and his circle; The 1790s; Literary theory, especially theories of genre, intertextuality and influence ; History of the book English Staff
Schwarz, Bill Professor Caribbean writing; Postcolonial; twentieth-century British history English Staff
Brady, Andrea Professor Early Modern and Contemporary Poetry English Staff
Dillon, Brian Professor Creative nonfiction; The practice and history of the essay; Autobiography and memoir; Writing and illness; Literature and the visual arts. English Staff
Hiatt, Alfred Reader Spatial representation, especially the history of cartography; forgery and historical writing; the medieval reception of classical texts English Staff
Dunstan, Angela Lecturer English Staff
Gamer, Michael Professor Theatre and Performance; Romanticism, and more broadly literature and culture 1660-1914; The History of Emotions; The Business of Literature; Material approaches to culture. English Staff
Rudy, Susan Professor Contemporary and experimental poetry, feminist and queer theory, women's experimental writing English Staff
Macdonald, Molly Lecturer Twentieth-century Literature; literary and critical theory; continental philosophy; psychoanalysis English Staff
Finn, Howard Teaching Fellow Modernist literature; Post-war British novel; Critical theory; International cinema and film theory English Staff
Ryan, Yann Postdoctoral Researcher English Staff
Bentick, Eoin Lecturer Medieval alchemy; Nature in medieval literature; Manuscripts and their readers; Knowledge and desire English Staff
Dhital, Pragya Postdoctoral Researcher English Staff
Rubery, Matthew Professor Victorian literature, media, and reading practices. English Staff
Ahnert, Ruth Professor Tudor literature and culture; prison writing; religious history; letters; network theory English Staff
Shiach, Morag Professor Late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century cultural history English Staff
Valman, Nadia Reader Victorian literature; Jewish writing and writing about Jews; literature and London English Staff
Reynolds, Margaret Professor C18-C21 literature; poetry; the imagination of adoption English Staff
Rivers, Isabel Professor Dissenting, Methodist and Evangelical Literary Culture; Intellectual and Religious History; History of the Book – 1660-1830 English Staff
Ingleby, Matthew Lecturer London, especially Bloomsbury; Seaside resorts, especially Margate; Cities in fiction (and early film), 1800-1930; Theories of space, spatial practice and spatial representation; The Victorian novel; Early twentieth-century fiction English Staff
Maxwell, Catherine Professor C19 poetry and prose; gender, sexuality, and vision in C19 literature English Staff
Coulton, Richard Senior Lecturer Eighteenth-century literature and culture English Staff
Howarth, Peter Senior Lecturer Modern poetry; literary theory; aesthetics and politics English Staff
Salmi, Charlotta Lecturer Postcolonial Literature and Theory; Graphic Narratives; Literary Form; Conflict and protest literature; Borders and the state. English Staff
Dinnen, Zara Lecturer Digital culture; New media; Contemporary American literature; Popular culture; Visual culture English Staff
Currie, Mark Professor Theory of narrative; philosophy of time; contemporary fiction; literary and cultural theory English Staff
Raymond, Joad Professor Early modern literature and history; cheap print; history of news communication; Milton English Staff
McCracken, Scott Professor Modernist Literature; Dorothy Richardson; Popular Fiction; Critical Theory; Walter Benjamin English Staff
McBean, Sam Senior Lecturer Sexuality and gender; Feminist theory; Queer theory; Contemporary literature; Feminist and queer new media cultures; Affect and digital technologies English Staff
Colclough, David Professor Early modern literature, political thought, and religion English Staff
van der Vlies, Andrew Professor Contemporary anglophone literatures and theory; South African writing, visual and print cultures, and cultural studies; postcolonial studies; queer theory; affect studies English Staff
Nasta, Susheila Professor The history of South Asians in Britain, especially Bloomsbury in the 1930s and 1940s; Caribbean literature, post-1950 and contemporary; Life-writing and biography; Black British writing; Material Histories; prizes, publishing, reception. English Staff
Gilmour, Rachael Reader Colonial and postcolonial literature and theory; African literary and cultural studies; Colonialism, postcolonialism, and linguistic thought; Black British and British Asian writing; Language politics and literary translingualism English Staff
Atia, Nadia Senior Lecturer First World War writing; Iraqi literatures and cultural history; travel and other life writing. English Staff
Ahmed, Rehana Senior Lecturer Postcolonial and world literature and culture; British Muslim, British Asian and South Asian literature and culture; multiculturalism; literary controversies English Staff
Preston, Claire Professor The literary writing of science 1580-1730; Sir Thomas Browne; word and image relations 1500-1700; American literature; Philip Sidney and the Sidney circle; early-modern epistolarity English Staff
Newns, Lucinda Lecturer Postcolonial and world literatures; Migration and diaspora, especially refugees; Ecocriticism & environmental humanities; Feminist theory; Domesticity and the everyday; Theories of space and place. English Staff
Ramayya, Nisha Lecturer Contemporary and Experimental Poetry and Poetics; Critical Race Theory and Black Study; Feminist and Queer Theory; Visual, Sound, and Video Poetry, and Performance. English Staff
Grossman, Joel Lecturer Poetry from Chaucer to the sixteenth-century; Tudor manuscript culture; Poetics and versification; The production and reception of medieval texts in the renaissance. English Staff
Gregory Fox, Rachel Lecturer Postcolonial Feminism; Middle Eastern, West Asian, and South Asian Literature; Post-9/11 Literature; Literary, Visual, and Digital Media. English Staff
Brotton, Jerry Professor Renaissance intellectual and cultural history; early modern literature English Staff
Hughes, Michael Lecturer Prose fiction; Autofiction; Style and voice; Form and narrative; The ludic. English Staff
Fleming, Katherine Lecturer The classical tradition; antiquity in modern intellectual thought English Staff
Clemit, Pamela Professor English literature of the late 18th and early 19th centuries; The Godwin-Shelley family of writers; The 1790s; The literature of English religious nonconformity; Letters, journals, and autobiographical writings; Editing and editorial theory; The political novel English Staff
Atkin, Tamara Senior Lecturer Late medieval and early renaissance literature, especially drama; histories of reading and the book English Staff
Taylor, Barbara Professor The British Enlightenment; Feminist Thought; Theories and Histories of Subjectivity English Staff
Barrett, Michèle Professor Virginia Woolf; First World War; literary and cultural theory English Staff
Schalkwyk , David Professor Shakespeare Studies English Staff
Hobson, Suzanne Senior Lecturer British and American modernism; critical and literary theory; literature and religion English Staff
Halliday, Sam Senior Lecturer 19th and early-20th century American literature; history of science and technology English Staff
Hamilton, Paul Professor Romanticism in Britain and Europe; philosophy, political theory, and literature English Staff
Mauger, Matthew Senior Lecturer C18 Literature; enlightenment legal writing; London and metropolitan life; global commerce, culture, and identity in C18 Britain English Staff
Ellis, Markman Professor Eighteenth-Century Studies English Staff
price, kitt Senior Lecturer Science and Technology in Culture; Parapsychology and psychical research; Dreams; mass media 1900-1940. English Staff
Vigus, James Senior Lecturer European Romanticism; philosophy and literature; dissent in the long eighteenth century English Staff
Tilley, Heather Lecturer Nineteenth-century literature, and its relationship to: The body and the senses; blindness; Visual and material cultures; Psychology and psycho-physiology; Disability theory and medical humanities. English Staff
Reid, Christopher Professor Eighteenth-century studies; political rhetoric and oratory English Staff
Whitehouse, Tessa Senior Lecturer Eighteenth-century studies; letters; book history; literature and religion English Staff
Boutcher, Warren Professor Interdisciplinary history of ideas; early modern European literature English Staff
Phillips, Harriet Postdoctoral Researcher Sir Thomas Browne English Staff
Flanery, Patrick Professor Creative Writing English Staff
Boffey, Julia Professor Late medieval and early sixteenth-century literature; medieval lyrics; manuscript production and early printing; literary production and reception in late medieval London; editing English Staff
Rajsic, Jaclyn Lecturer Genealogies and rolls; Brut chronicles and related histories; Materiality, manuscript studies, and the history of the book; The French of England and medieval multilingualism; The circulation of ‘English’ texts and manuscripts across the Channel; Medieval perceptions of the past; Imagined genealogies, geographies and communities English Staff
Marsh, Huw Lecturer Contemporary fiction; twentieth-century fiction; Comedy, especially literary comedy; the theory and philosophy of comedy; Canonicity; The historical novel; Narrative English Staff