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School of English and Drama

About the School

At Queen Mary University of London, we believe that our diversity of ideas helps us achieve the previously unthinkable.

The School of English and Drama is a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, led by globally-recognised academics, writers, and practitioners who combine cutting-edge research and teaching with a commitment to community and social change. By challenging norms, championing marginalised voices, and exposing our students to a breadth of material, we improve lives and foster understanding of complex issues.

Grounded in London’s East End, our Department of English has been long dedicated to the broadest and most inclusive vision of English Studies. We span cultures and periods, encompass literary studies and creative writing, and range across media platforms. We create an environment where global perspectives and the relationship between literature and the wider world are emphasised.

Our Department of Drama has a long-standing commitment to social justice and human rights. We define performance expansively and investigate how it can be used in different settings – theatres, art galleries and museums, schools, prisons, clubs, and the street – in the UK and internationally. Our research, teaching, and public engagement reflects our commitment to new and marginalised texts, practices, voices, and communities.

Our School’s passion for seeing the world from different perspectives resonates in all our teaching and research. We practice our ideas in the University and in, and beyond, our local communities. Committed both to innovation and inclusivity, the School of English and Drama helps to shape national and international debates about the role of the arts and humanities in creating positive social change.

You can find extensive details about the programmes we offer and about the life of the Departments by visiting the dedicated English and Drama sub-sites.

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