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School of English and Drama

5 Essential Things

Welcome to English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London

Here's 5 essential tips to help you start thinking about starting your course with us.

1. Emails are Everything

We will send information to your personal email registered with us via UCAS or MYSIS (our student information system) until you have a QMUL email.

  • Your QMUL ITS account to access our systems including email, QMPlus our online learning environment and other important systems.
  • Details about your accommodation if you are living in QMUL residences.
  • Important updates about the campus, COVID-19 regulations and your study.

2. Enrolment is Essential

Enrolment is the process of becoming a fully registered student at QMUL. In September 2021, all enrolments will take place online and students will be enrolled in absentia. You should be able to collect your student card however on campus. Details will be confirmed about this.

See more about enrolment

3. Welcome Week and Week 1 Timetable - Come to everything!

4. Get Support in the School of English and Drama

General Support

Specific Support

5. Be Ready for Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching this year will be a mixture of on-campus and online classes. We'll explain arrangements for different modules at the start of semester.
  • Students unable to come onto campus due to government travel restrictions or a requirement to self-isolate will be supported to join all their classes online. Some classrooms therefore will be 'hybrid' or 'mixed mode education' involving students attending both in-person and remotely.
  • Check your internet and computer are ready for any online lectures or seminars you need to attend. We recommend using a laptop rather than tablet if you can. Use student discounts etc. to get a suitable device if possible and apply to the Financial Assistance Fund if you need financial support.
  • When you have access to QMUL systems download Office 365 for free.
  • Familiarise yourself with Microsoft Teams, which is the platform we'll use in for online classes.
  • Please read and take note of our Good Practice Guidance for covid-secure learning in the School of English and Drama.