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School of English and Drama

Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities

The School of English and Drama has a diverse community of postdoctoral fellows who contribute to our dynamic research environment. We welcome enquiries and applications from potential postdoctoral fellows. All enquiries should be directed to Research Manager Silke Boettcher ( or Director of Research Professor Andrea Brady.

2023 Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships - Expressions of Interest

We are inviting outstanding early career researchers to apply for the Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship Scheme. If you are interested in applying for this scheme through the School of English and Drama, please submit an application in one document (Word or PDF, using a 12 pt font) to by midday on Monday 13 November 2023.

Applicants wishing to consider applying for the Early Career Fellowships are encouraged to contact a member of staff in the appropriate area of expertise to act as their mentor at least four weeks in advance of the internal deadline. Applications must fit both the funding scheme and the School’s research profile.

Applicants are also encouraged to highlight the support of Faculty and institutionā€level infrastructure, and commitment to interdisciplinary research and exchange notably through the Queen Mary Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS). To aid applicants in preparing a strong application, the School of English and Drama will hold an online training session on Thursday, 26 October 2023, 5-6pm via Zoom. Please register here. 

Because these Fellowships require an institutional contribution to match that made by the Leverhulme Trust, only a small number of exceptional applications will be supported. The School is only able to nominate a limited number of applications for consideration by a University selection panel. Candidates will be notified in December whether they have been selected to submit an application to the Leverhulme Trust.

The expressions of interest must include in a single document:

  • a statement confirming eligibility for the scheme - please state in a series of bullet points how you meet the Trust’s eligibility requirements (see;
  • a proposed start and end date for the award;
  • a 2-page academic CV;
  • An outline research proposal including title, non-technical abstract (100 words), statement of past and current research (250 words) and 2 page (A4) project outline. The project outline should include aims, objectives, methodology and outcome (e.g. publication plans). It should make clear the scope and importance of the proposal. The methodology should be clear and explicit, comprehensible to a non-expert.
  • A statement on why QMUL would be a good institutional fit, which includes a proposed mentor for your project and how your research activities might contribute to the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (IHSS) at QMUL. (250 words)
  • the name of your QMUL mentor, whose support you should secure in advance of your application.

Your application should demonstrate:

  • that you are eligible according to the trust’s criteria
  • the excellence of your research track record and professional track record (where relevant);
  • your fit to the School of English and Drama and relevant links to the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Full scheme details can be found on the Leverhulme Trust Website.

All applications will be considered in an internal selection process and candidates notified by mid/end-December 2023.

Successful applicants will then have approximately two months to finalise their application, due 15 February 2024. They will also be invited to attend an orientation session run by The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences about the final stages of application, 11 January 2024. QMUL will then complete final institutional approvals by 22 February 2024.

If you have any questions about the internal selection process, please contact Professor Andrea Brady, Director of Research at the School English and Drama,


This scheme is currently not open.

This scheme provides funding for early-career researchers from any discipline who are ready to develop their research identity. Through innovative projects, they will deliver shifts in understanding that could improve human life, health and wellbeing. By the end of the award, they will be ready to lead their own independent research programme. 

Please find further details on this website

Please find here further details to the scheme: 

Future Leaders Fellowships – UKRI

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