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Resolving your Temporary Enrolment

Temporary enrolment means that you have not met the requirements for full enrolment. You have been enrolled temporarily to provide you with some extra time to resolve any issues.

If you have been temporarily enrolled, you will have been sent an email from Academic Registry to inform you of the reason/s why your enrolment could not be finalised and what you are required to do in order to become fully enrolled before a given deadline. The subject line of the email is ‘Enrolment at QMUL’.

Temporary Enrolment Deadline

You need to ensure that you resolve any outstanding issues before the temporary enrolment deadlineStudents who are still temporarily enrolled after the deadline are at risk of deregistration. If you are deregistered we will inform the appropriate bodies of this, including the UKVI, Transport for London and Student Finance.

Once you have resolved your temporary status and are fully enrolled, you will be sent another email from Academic Registry that confirms your full enrolment. If you are unsure of your enrolment status, you will be able to see it in MySIS within the ‘My Details’ section - scroll down to ‘Enrolment Status’.

Reasons for temporary enrolment and what you need to do next

Below are the reasons for temporary enrolment and an overview of what may be required of you. However, if you are temporary enrolled we encourage you to please check your email accounts as you have been sent guidance tailored to you to both your QM email and your personal email address.

All students are required to pay or make provision to pay your fees with the Fees Office ahead of Queen Mary enrolment. Failure to do so will result in temporary enrolment.

Please read the email sent to you by the Fees Office for guidance on how to pay your fees - the subject line of the email is ‘Tuition Fees – Funding Option’. This email is sent to you following completion of the Online Enrolment task.

Once you have paid or made provision to pay your tuition, the Fees Office will process this information and the tuition payment check will be passed. Queen Mary will review your payment status and will finalise your enrolment as soon as possible once your fee check has been passed. You will be sent an email to confirm your full enrolment.

Possible reasons you have been temporarily enrolled are:

1. You completed Online Enrolment and were made temporarily enrolled on the same day:

If Online Enrolment and Queen Mary Enrolment were completed on the same day, this means we may not have had the latest information on your tuition fee status and therefore we have temporarily enrolled you whilst the Fees Office update your payment record. If you have already paid or made provision to pay your fees (e.g. set up a payment plan or provided proof of sponsorship) then the team will update your record and, as long as you have no other outstanding checks, will finalise your enrolment and you will receive an email to confirm your transfer to full enrolment.

If you fall under these circumstances then you do not need to contact the Fees Office or your enrolment team to tell them that you have paid. Your payment/payment information is being processed and QMUL will check the progression daily – your enrolment will be finalised in due course.


2. If you are paying with a Postgraduate Loan you are required to set up a payment plan:

If you are in receipt of a UK Government Postgraduate Loan, it will not be released to you until you have been fully enrolled. In order to get fully enrolled, you need to arrange a payment plan by:

If the loan covers the full cost of your tuition: The Postgraduate Loan will be paid directly to you in three instalments. You can agree a payment plan with the Fees Office and pay the three instalments aligned with the loan payment dates.

If the loan does not cover the full cost of your tuition: You can agree a payment plan with the Fees Office for the three instalments (as above) and pay the outstanding self-funded amount in full or in two instalments (50% before enrolment and 50% by an agreed date).

Full guidance on how to arrange a payment plan and pay the £50 admin charge is available on the Tuition Fee Payment Plan webpage. 

Tip!: When logging into the Student Payment Plan system, you should use your College Username. This is recorded in MySIS within the 'My Details' tab. It is the same username you use for QMplus and Eduroam e.g. 'abc123'.


3. You are self-funded and want to pay in instalments via a payment plan:

Whatever your tuition fees, you can pay in full, or, if your fees are more than £1,000 per year, you can pay in instalments by arranging a payment plan online (note there is a £50 admin charge to pay via instalments). Please note that if your family/friends are paying all or part of your fees you are still classed as self-funded.

Note: Students on pre-sessional, short courses or one-semester Study Abroad Associate programmes will not be able to pay via instalments and should pay in full instead. 


4. Your fees are being paid by an external sponsor and you need to provide proof:

If your fees are to be paid in full or in part by a 'recognised' external organisation (i.e. not friends/family), you should email to provide a 'proof of sponsorship' letter on company headed paper which includes the: Students full name and student ID number; Invoice address; Invoice contact person and contact details; Sponsorship amount; Academic year(s); Programme name. If the sponsor if paying part of your fees, you must pay the balance and the regulations for self-funded students apply to you here i.e. you can pay in full before enrolment or agree to pay in instalments via a payment plan. Please see the tuition fee regulations for guidance.

Contact details:

If you need to speak to a Finance Officer or view further guidance on how to pay your fees, please see the following:

Contact the Fees Office by telephone

  • Calling from the UK: 020 7882 7676
  • Calling from overseas: +44 20 7882 7676


Contact the Fees Office by email

Please be advised that the Fees Office receive an extremely high volume of enquiries during the enrolment period and they aim to respond to you within 10 working days. When you email using one of the addresses below, you will receive confirmation that your email has been received and logged as an enquiry, along with a link to update your enquiry. Your email is logged within the student enquiry system 'SEC Online' (which you access via MySIS) and you should update your enquiry with/for further information rather than sending a new email.

If emailing, please email one of the addresses below depending on your circumstances:


Visit the Fees Office in person

The Fees Office is based in Room W117, Queens' Building, Mile End Campus (number 19 on the map). W117 is on the first floor. Please note that the office does not accept cash payments and if you need to set up a payment plan you should do it online.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm.


Visit the Fees website

Depending on your level of study, please see your tuition fees webpage for guidance

If you need support or advice about financial issues, get in touch with Queen Mary's Advice and Counselling Service.

As proof of your qualification/s you must provide evidence of the final award certificate or transcript. If your transcript is not in English a certified translation should also be provided. This should be uploaded to your applicant portal or emailed to your Admissions team.

Note: When emailing, please make the subject line relevant to your circumstances e.g. 'Failed Qualifications Check - Qualifications attached'.

Please send your email directly to your departmental admissions team (your offer email would have been sent from your departmental admissions team). If you do not know this email address, please direct your correspondence to the general email address as applicable to your programme or use the telephone number provided if you need to speak with an Admissions Officer:

There is also specific guidance available on the Undergraduate Admissions and Postgraduate Taught Admissions webpages.

Please remember to include your ID number in all correspondence!

All undergraduate medical and dental students and some postgraduate medical students are required to submit a health questionnaire. This is a mandatory part of your enrolment and failure to submit it will lead to temporary enrolment. An email explaining the clearance requirements and the health questionnaire will have been sent to you by the Admissions Office as these are the teams supporting your enrolment. Please follow the instructions in the email and return the questionnaire as soon as possible.

If you have been temporarily enrolled due to failing the health check, please contact the relevant Admissions Office for guidance. Please make the subject line of your email relevant to your circumstances e.g. 'Medical student - Failed Health Check' so that the team can support you.

Please make sure to include your student ID number in all correspondence!

If you have not passed the identity (ID) check, this means you have failed to provide suitable evidence of your identity and/or nationality, or possibly the file is corrupt and we cannot open or view it. 

Documents that are acceptable as proof of ID can be found on the enrolment documentation webpage. You will need to provide your enrolment team with your appropriate documentation as soon as possible so they can finalise your Queen Mary enrolment. Please ensure that your document/s are one of the following file types: JPE, JPEG, JPG, PDF, DOC, DOCX or PNG.

Please upload/re-upload your evidence in MySIS. If you are unable to do so, please email your evidence to your enrolment team and make the subject line of your email relevant to your circumstances e.g. 'Failed Identity Check - Identity documents attached'. Please send your identification document(s) to:

Please remember to include your student ID number in all correspondence!

Contact Details

If you are unsure what you need to do to resolve your temporary enrolment, please contact your Enrolment team for assistance:

Please be advised that during the enrolment period, all teams and services receive extremely high volumes of enquiries. Therefore, we aim to respond to you within 10 working days where possible. Please try and see if your question has already been answered on this webpage, the relevant finance webpage or the Enrolment FAQs before submitting an enquiry. Please remember to include your student ID number in any correspondence!

Temporary-enrolled students CAN:

Temporary-enrolled students CANNOT:

  • receive Student Finance/studentship related payments*
  • have approval for oyster card application
  • borrow books
  • receive a Student Status Letter or any other official QM documentation

*Please note, Student Finance may have sent you a communication indicating that your payment status is showing as 'awaiting confirmation'. This is because you are temporary enrolled. Once you have been fully enrolled then QMUL will confirm your registration with Student Finance. If you are in receipt of a Postgraduate Loan and have been temporary enrolled due to tuition payment, please ensure you have set up a payment plan with the Fees Office.

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