New Students

The Enrolment Timeline

Below you will find an overview of the timeline of the enrolment process and your first few weeks at Queen Mary. You may not complete all activities in the order they are listed below, however, the first activity of receiving an invitation to complete online enrolment is the first step to becoming a Queen Mary student.



What’s happening

23 August onwards

Receive an invitation to Online Enrolment (Stage 1)

You’ll receive an email from your Admissions team to confirm your place and invite you to complete Online Enrolment via MySIS (+ MySIS login details). This is the first step to becoming a fully enrolled student and we encourage you to complete Online Enrolment as soon as possible.

23 August onwards

Complete Online Enrolment (Stage 2)

Online Enrolment on MySIS should take 10-15 minutes to complete and involves you supplying information about yourself, uploading certain documents, confirming how you will be paying your fees and uploading a photo for your Student ID card.

23 August onwards

Pay your tuition fees

You will need to pay or make provision to pay your tuition fees (e.g. set up a payment plan) to the Fees Office before you can be fully enrolled during Queen Mary Enrolment. You will be sent guidance and an invoice via email once you have completed Online Enrolment.

26 August onwards

Check your IT Access

You’ll receive your IT account details directly from IT Services via email within 72 hours of being invited to complete Online Enrolment. You’ll now be able to access QMplus, the QM App, your QM email account and Eduroam (campus wi-fi). You don’t need to have completed Online Enrolment or be enrolled to have access but you do need to have been invited to start the Online Enrolment task. Use the Live Chat facility to speak with IT Services if you have not received this email.

Early September onwards

Complete Module Registration and check your Timetable

Your School/Institute administrative team is your first point of contact for your academic studies and can answer your questions. They will inform you if you need to register for any modules and will provide you with access to your timetable via QMplus and the QM App.

Early September onwards

Queen Mary Enrolment (Stage 3)

The Enrolment teams will start enrolling students who have completed Online Enrolment. They will check your details and documents submitted and if everything is correct and you have paid or made provision to pay your fees, will fully enrol you. You may be given temporary enrolment if further information is required from you. Check what you'll have access to once Queen Mary Enrolment is complete.

Early September onwards

Activate your Gradintelligence Account – Student Status Letter

Once you are fully enrolled, an account will be created for you with Gradintelligence, the service provider of our official Student Status Letter. Your letter is your proof of enrolment and can be used as a bank letter and for council tax exemption purposes. Check your QM email account for your account activation request!

20-24 September 2021

Make the most of the Welcome Week programme

Welcome Week consists of School/Institute inductions as well as events and activities organised by the Students’ Union, Residences and more. You can still attend Welcome Week events if you have not completed the enrolment process.

20 September 2021 onwards

Collect your Student ID Card (Stage 4)

Once you have been made fully or temporarily enrolled via Queen Mary Enrolment, you will be eligible to collect your Student ID Card from the Mile End campus.

27 September 2021

Teaching starts!

Teaching starts on Monday 27 September 2021 for most programmes, however, your exact date will be on your offer letter. Or, please check with your School/Institute if you are unsure. You should still attend lectures and access the online learning environment QMplus even if you are not yet fully enrolled.

8 October 2021

Enrolment Deadline

This is the final date for Enrolment. You must complete Online Enrolment and have be either fully or temporarily enrolled by this date, otherwise you may be deregistered.

15 October 2021

Temporary Enrolment Deadline

If you were made temporarily enrolled, this is the final date to resolve your temporary enrolment and become fully enrolled. Failure to resolve your temporary enrolment by this date may result in your deregistration.

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