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When you arrive

In this section you can find information on the support available to you as you start your studies and welcome you to the university.

We would advise you  to  look at the enrolment pages so that you are prepared with everything you need to fully register for your programme.

You should also attend any programme introduction sessions your school or institute is running for you when you start as these will give you important information about your course.

In addition, you can familiarise yourself with the LibraryIT Services and my.qmul, the student website.  The Students' Union also run a variety of events throughout the year to encourage students to meet and get to know one another and try new experiences.

Moving around campuses

To help you find your way around the campuses and find rooms, QMUL operates a standard room numbering process as follows:

  • Building name: Floor number: Room number

For example, if you have a session in Bancroft3.26 this means that you are in room 26 on the third floor of the Bancroft Building.

Further information on buildings and lecture theatres can be found on the Student Enquiry Centre website. You can find campus maps here

QMUL mobile app

If you haven’t already downloaded the QMUL mobile app, we would suggest that you do this for free via your mobile app store (iOS and Android) - just search for 'QMUL'. You can access campus maps (amongst other things) via the app to help you navigate your way around.

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