New Students

Key Definitions

You might encounter some new words in your first few weeks, it's okay not to know them all!

Here's some helpful definitions

Lecture theatre full of students

Academic year – While teaching mostly takes place from September to June, post-graduates will be working over the summer so the official academic year is from 1st August to 31st July.

Semester – This is another word for ‘term time’. At Queen Mary we have three semesters: A, B and Exam period. Semester A and B are 12 weeks long; exam period runs from the first week of May to the first week of June.

Advisor – An academic member of staff within your department that can give you advice about modules or references for postgraduate study/job opportunities. They’re really friendly and can help with personal issues that might impact your studies.

Student Support Adviser(s) – For any general academic questions, these are your people. They’re like a first point of call for information relating to the whole school or institute.

Module – Another word for a course offered by your School/Institute.

Module registration – You can select elective modules and register for them on some academic programmes, however, not all programmes have these.

Core and compulsory modules – A core/compulsory module is a module that must be taken to meet requirements of your course and progress in your degree.

Elective module – a module that you can choose from anywhere within Queen Mary or University of London, dependent on School/Institute approval and timetable constraints.

Optional module – You don’t have to take these course but they often help build your practical skills and knowledge related to your overall degree.
Enrolment – The compulsory process of officially registering with the university.

Pre-enrolment – This is the first stage of the enrolment process, once you’ve been accepted to Queen Mary, our Admissions and Recruitment Office will email you with further details.

Programme introduction (formerly school induction) – A series of talks during Welcome Week with basic information about your degree and academic regulations.

Welcome Week –Your first week before semester A, during this week there’s lots to do, to find out more visit out Welcome Week page here.

Check out our larger glossary here, if the word you’re looking for isn’t listed.