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Enrolment & Temporary Enrolment Deadlines

If you've been made a late offer or haven't finalised your fee arrangements, find out what your next steps are.

Enrolment & Temporary Enrolment Deadlines

If you have been made a late offer of a place at Queen Mary, don't worry  you can enrol up until the enrolment deadline below.

Deadline for Enrolment

Below are the deadlines for enrolment. You are expected to be fully enrolled by the enrolment deadline, unless you have been given temporary enrolment.

If you have not yet completed Pre-Enrolment, you should do so before your enrolment deadline.

Programme start date Enrolment deadline


January 2024

2nd February 2024

All other enrolments

Your deadline is normally on or before your programme start date.

Temporary Enrolment

If you have not finalised your arrangements to pay your fees, you may be offered temporary enrolment. Please see our webpage for guidance on temporary enrolment and what you should do to resolve it.

You will not be enrolled, temporarily or otherwise, if you cannot provide satisfactory documentary evidence establishing your identity, nationality and, where applicable, immigration status.

If you have not fully enrolled by the temporary enrolment deadline (see below) then your registration with Queen Mary will be terminated. If this happens, we will inform the appropriate bodies of this, including the UKVI, Transport for London and Student Finance.

Temporary enrolment deadlines

Programme start date Temporary enrolment deadline

January 2024

9th February 2024

All other enrolments

This is normally within two weeks of the date that you became temporary enrolled

All students

If you are concerned about missing any Welcome Week or school induction events/classes, then please contact your School/Institute for advice.

For any enrolment related enquiries, please firstly check whether you can find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions. If your questions have not been answered, please contact us:

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