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Paying your tuition fees

You must pay your tuition fees before you enrol for each academic year. Here's all the information you need to pay your fees. 


Before the start of your course we will send you an invoice for the full academic year. You must pay your fees or provide proof of sponsorship before enrolment. Otherwise, you will not be able to enrol.

If you receive Student Finance funding, you will still get an invoice, for information only.

Important information about non-consumer cards and unauthorised payment channels

Non-consumer cards such as Corporate Purchasing/Procurement cards are not accepted at Queen Mary University of London to pay for fees. Our authorised payment channels are Online using consumer cards; Direct bank transfer to our Barclays account; or through our trusted partners Transfermate and Flywire. We reserve the right to impose additional charges if unauthorised payment channels are used. Refunds will only be made by the same method, back to the same card from which the original payment was made.

Paying your fees

Cash will not be accepted over the counter at our bank

Pay online

You can pay online using a debit or credit card (VISA and MasterCard only). You will need your Student ID or Application Number which can be found on any correspondence from Queen Mary.

Pay Online £

For MBBS Malta and QMUL Paris students ONLY 

The EURO pathway is now live for students to make their Euro card payments.

Pay Online €

Pay in your Local Currency (International Payments)

Queen Mary has partnered with Transfermate/Barclays and Flywire to offer international payers additional cost-effective ways to pay in their local currency. For example, Indian Rupees in India; Euro in Europe etc.  Both facilities offer a similar service and, depending on the country of the payer, different payment options will be presented. This includes local currency card payment or bank transfer to an in-country bank. Both payment facilities offer multilingual support and assistance.

Queen Mary will receive the full value in Pound Sterling (GBP). You will need your Applicant/Student number to make the payment which can be found on any correspondence from Queen Mary University of London.

Pay via Transfermate/Barclays 

Transfermate/Barclays payments via the Transfermate portal. International payers will be presented with payment options in their local currency for both card payments and bank transfers.

Pay via Barclays-Transfermate

Pay via Flywire

Flywire payments via the Queen Mary, University of London online payment portal. International payers will be presented with payment options in their local currency for both card payments and bank transfers.

Pay via Flywire

Keeping you safe and secure

We have to comply with strict Government regulations designed to stop money laundering. Unfortunately, this means our payment methods are restricted, and we cannot take payment from you in cash. We realise that this is inconvenient, and we hope that you understand this is for the long-term safety of our students.

Pay by bank transfer

You can pay your fees by bank transfer using the account details below. Please make sure that the transfer includes any charges made by your bank and the receiving bank.

Your payment reference must include your name, student number and state "Tuition fees".

Account details for bank transfer

Account name Queen Mary University of London
Sort code 20-57-30
Account number 20218782
Swift number BARCGB22
IBAN number GB37BARC20573020218782
Bank address Barclays Bank Plc, 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP



If you are eligible for a refund as per the University Fee Regulations, you may submit a refund request via MySIS under the ‘My Finance’ section. 

Tuition Fee Deposits

The tuition fee deposit is non-refundable. Please see our Refund Policy for deposit payment 2022-23 [PDF 278KB] for more information.

Payment plans

If your fees are more than £1,000 per year, you can pay in instalments.

If you are a postgraduate student in receipt of the postgraduate or doctorial loan, you will need to provide the Fees Office with a copy of your Postgraduate Loan Summary letter.

If you are an international or postgraduate student, there is a £50 non-refundable charge for paying in instalments. This charge does not apply to home fee paying undergraduate students.

To arrange a payment plan please refer to the Payment plan guidance page.



Students whose university fees are £10,000 or higher will receive a 1% discount if they pay their fees in full before enrolment. The prompt payment discount applies to students who pay the overseas rate of fees on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and Home students on postgraduate programmes and MBBS Malta. It does not apply to Home fee paying undergraduate students and Channel Islands or Isle of Man students, where the fees are regulated by the UK government.

Students must deduct the 1% prompt payment discount when they make payment. The deadline for claiming a refund is the 31st January each academic year for student starting in September and the 30th April for student starting in January

If you can't pay your tuition fees

If you can't pay your tuition fees, you must tell the Fees Office.

Contact the Fees Office


If tuition fee payments are not made on time, your registration with Queen Mary may end. If this happens, you will not be able to attend classes or lectures, or take any exams. You may be reinstated once you have paid the outstanding fees but there is a charge and you will usually have to wait at least a year.

There is more information about being de-registered in this document: Ordinance C3: Termination of registration of a student in debt [PDF 8KB] and the University Fee Regulations below.

If you are unable to pay your tuition fees due to an issue with your Student Finance application, and you need help resolving this, you may seek advice from the Advice and Counselling Service.

Sanction Countries

Queen Mary University of London bankers, Barclays plc, in common with other UK banks are subjected to a series of regulations surrounding international payments that originate directly or indirectly from a number of countries which are subjected to economic sanction. These countries are

Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar (Burma), North or South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Russia.

Students must NOT make payment originating from these countries without the University’s approval. This can be obtained by contacting Hardeep Gill

You must ensure that any payments from sponsors to the University are only for amounts due to the University. Any monies due to you from the sponsor must be made directly to you.

Should you be in any doubt about whether a payment falls into this category, or wish to discuss this further, please contact Hardeep Gill, for further information.

University fee regulations

Like all other UK universities, Queen Mary is bound by legislation and Government regulations on fees.

Queen Mary's University fee regulations are outlined in this document:

University Fee Regulations 2023/24 [PDF 20,281KB]

These regulations are updated every year, you can access a list of archived and present University Fee Regulations here.

Contact the Fees Office

Please ensure you have read the Tuition Fee FAQs before contacting the Fees Office


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