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Tuition fee Regulations

University Fee Regulations 2018-19 [PDF 7,638KB]

These regulations are updated every year, you can access a list of archived and present Tuition Fee Regulations documents.

Invoices and payments

Queen Mary will send an invoice for the full academic year from August each year. Fees due in any academic year are payable before enrolment. Payment can be made at any time during the year prior to enrolment. If you do not pay the required amount of fees or provide proof of sponsorship, you will not be able to enrol. If you are in receipt of Student Finance Funding, you will still receive an invoice. This invoice is for information purposes only.

Payment Plans

Students who are eligible to and elect to pay their fees by instalments should agree a payment plan in advance of re-enrolment/enrolment with the Finance Department. The first instalment must be paid before the payment plan agreement. Agreements are done in person at the Finance Department, Room W117, Queen’s Building. There is a £50 non-refundable charge for paying by instalments. This charge does not apply to Home/EU undergraduate students. For payment plan options please refer to section 4 of the Tuition Fee Regulations.

Discount for prompt payment

Self-funded Home/EU Postgraduate and International students whose tuition fees are £7,500 or higher should deduct 1% from the total fees if paying in full before enrolment. You are strongly advised to deduct this 1% discount before paying. If a scholarship has been awarded, the 1% discount will apply to the remaining balance of the tuition fee after the scholarship has been taken into account. This discount is not available to Home/EU Undergraduate students.

Failure to pay tuition fees

Please note tuition fees are a student's responsibility. If a student is not paying the fees, it is still their responsibility to inform the Fees Office of their sponsor's details. If tuition fee payments are not made on time, the student will be classed as a Debtor and their registration with Queen Mary may be terminated.

If you fail to pay the required amount of tuition fees by the due dates for payment your registration as a student of QMUL could be terminated in accordance with Ordinance C3. De-registration normally takes place in February. If you are de-registered, you will not be able to take any QMUL examinations in this academic year. If you are de-registered, it may be possible to be reinstated once the debt is cleared, however

this is subject to an administrative charge (currently £250) and you will not be reinstated until at least 12 months after you have been de-registered.

Ordinance C3: Termination of registration of a student in debt [PDF 8KB]

Students who are unable to pay their tuition fees should immediately seek advice from the Advice and Counselling Service.

Protocol on fees

Queen Mary University of London, in common with all other UK institutions of higher education, is bound by legislation and regulations which embody the Government's policy on fees both for Home and Overseas students, including the provision that Home and European Union undergraduate students should contribute to the cost of their education through the payment of tuition fees.

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