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Next steps

Now you have your offers back from universities you need to start making decisions and planning.  This page has key information on what you need to do next. 

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Understanding your offer

There are two main types of offer you will receive:

Conditional Offer - You will need to meet the academic and non-academic conditions of your offer before you can be accepted onto the course.

Unconditional Offer - You have already satisfied the academic and non-academic conditions and are eligible to attend the course.

We may make you a change of course offer for a different programme to the one you applied to, which will either be conditional or unconditional.  This could be due to:

  • your grades (predicted or achieved) were too low to meet the academic requirements
  • your qualifications were not suitable for the course you originally applied to
  • you were not taking the correct subjects for the course

Accepting your offer

Although you can apply for up to five choices in UCAS, once you receive all your decisions back from those choices you need to decide which offers you wish to accept.  You need to choose one Firm choice and, if your Firm choice is a conditional offer, you can select an Insurance choice as well.  Further advice can be found on the 'making the right decision' UCAS page.

Firm Choice

This should be the university you want to attend the most and you believe you will be able to meet your offer conditions.

Even if your first choice university has lower requirements, you may still want to choose it as your Firm choice if that's where you want to study. By firmly accepting an offer you are making a commitment to taking that place if you meet the conditions of your offer.

Insurance Choice

Usually, you would choose an offer which has lower requirements than your Firm choice to give you some security if you do miss the conditions of your Firm choice.

Although this is a 'back up' choice, you should try to choose a university that you would still be happy to attend in case you do not meet your offer conditions. 

Key dates 

Date you received all your decisions back Your deadline to reply
on or before 16 May 2024 6 June 2024 (except if you're using UCAS Extra)
on or before 17 July 2023 24 July 2024 (includes UCAS Extra choices)


For further information see UCAS pages:

Applying for accommodation

Once you have firmly accepted your offer, you can apply for accommodation. The deadline to apply for accommodation is 30th June.  Check out our first year undergraduate accommodation guarantee criteria and information on how to apply.

Fees and funding

Get your finances in order!  For information on course fees, funding your studies, and scholarships and bursaries, check our fees and funding pages. 

CAS and Visa information

Need a Student visa?  You can start preparing now:

  1. Read our important guidance for international students who require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number and Student visa so you feel prepared
  2. Get specialist advice and guidance from our Advice and Counselling Service if you need to

To be able to request a CAS number: 

  • You must have met all the conditions of your offer and firmly accepted your offer.  This means your offer should be unconditional and firmly accepted.
  • The start date of your course must be no more than 6 months away



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