Your results

This page is all about how to send in your results once you get them and advice on what to do if you do miss the conditions of your offer. 

Sending in your results

If you have applied through UCAS, some results are verified and sent directly to us which means you will not need to send these in.  The qualifcations that UCAS provide to us include:

  • GCE A and AS-Levels
  • BTECs
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Access to Higher Education Diploma
  • Cambridge Pre-U Certificate
  • Extended Project Qualification
  • Irish Leaving Certificate (Ordinary and Higher Levels)
  • Scottish (SQA) Highers and Advanced Highers
  • Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate

A full list of qualifications can be found on UCAS.

If you are taking qualifications that will not be provided to us by UCAS, including any English Language proficiency tests, you will need to send us your final results. 

  1. Make sure you have saved scanned colour copies of all your results.  Please ensure these are:
         a) your final results (not provisional grades)
         b) official documents e.g. your final certificates or transcripts
         c) if your qualifications are not in English you will also need to provide an offical translation from a recognised translation service
  2. Log into your MySIS applicant portal
  3. Upload your results in the Confirmation Results section of the portal (from June) 

The final deadline to provide results is 7 September 2021. If you are unable to meet this deadline you must inform us immediately and include the date you will be able to provide your results.  At our discretion, we may be able to extend this deadline. See UCAS for further information on your options after you recieve your results.

See if your place has been confirmed

Check UCAS Hub now

Once we receive your results

Once we recieve your results our Admissions Officers will process your confirmation decision.  This involves assessing whether your final grades meet the conditions that we set out in your offer.

There are the following possible outcomes:

  1. You've met or exceeded our offer conditions and we can confirm your place
  2. You've just missed the conditions of your offer and our academic selectors have reviewed your application and have still been able to confirm your place
  3. You've missed your offer conditions and we've offered you an alternative course 
  4. You've missed your offer conditions and we were unable to offer you a place
  5. We have not yet been able to make a decision as we are still waiting for documents from you

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't panic!  Even if you have not met the conditions we stipulated in your offer please still provide your results to us so our Admissions Team can make an assessment.  In some cases we may still be able to offer you a place on the course you applied for or we may be able to offer you a place on an alternative programme.

Check your UCAS Track to see if your place has been confirmed.  

If you do not meet the conditions of your offer, our Admissions Team will assess your final results and see if you are eligible for another programme at Queen Mary.  We may then make you a change of course offer. 

This will be visible on your UCAS Track and you will need to make a decision on whether to accept or decline this alternative offer.  If you accept, your place will be confirmed with Queen Mary for this alternative programme.  If you decline, you will either be placed with your insurance choice (depending on the confirmation decision they have made) or be in Clearing.

If you have requested a review or appeal of your exam results (e.g. a remark) you must let us know as soon as possible including when you will expect to hear back.  You will then need to provide us with your updated grades once you have them.  Your grades may be updated and verified on UCAS but we will need you to notify us of the change so we can check.  If you need to provide us your results, this could be in the form of:

  • An official results transcript
  • An official notification from the Exam Board
  • An offical letter from your school on headed paper

If you missed the conditions of your offer and we made your application unsuccessful but you then submit a request for a review or appeal of your results, we may be able to reconsider your place at Queen Mary if:

  1. You had selected Queen Mary as your firm choice
  2. Your updated (re-graded) results meet the conditions of your original offer
  3. You are able to provide your updated results by Wednesday 8th September

Please see the UCAS page on exam reviews and appeals for further information.

If you have recieved your results and missed your offer conditions and we have not been able to offer you a place to study but you have extenuating circumstances or additional information to submit this would be an appeal of your confirmation decision.

All appeals based on mitigating circumstances or new information that has not yet been considered alongside your results must be put in writing alongside the documentary evidence to our Admissions Managers email: adm-mgrs@qmul.ac.uk.

Once recieved, one of our Admissions Managers will aim to provide a response within 14 working days which could be:

  • To request any additional information needed
  • Advise on the next steps you need to take
  • Provide a final outcome to your appeal

Please note that you must have grounds to appeal the confirmation decision that has been made.  For further information please read our Admissions Appeals and Complaints Policy.