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Centre for Commercial Law Studies


Rosa Lastra Professor Rosa Lastra
3 December 2020

Professor Rosa Lastra talks about her career at CCLS. 

Black and white photo of J.A.L Sterling smiling standing next to a book case J.A.L. Sterling - In Memoriam
3 December 2020

17 April 1927 – 29 November 2020

Luchmyparsad Aujayeb Luchmyparsad Aujayeb (International Business Law LLM, 2007)
2 December 2020

Luchmyparsad Aujayeb was appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of Mauritius on 1 September 2020.

Jamie Crummie Jamie Crummie (Human Rights Law LLM, 2015)
1 December 2020

Co-Founder and Director at Too Good To Go, Jamie Crummie, is featured during Queen Mary celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Dre Efthymiou Dre Efthymiou (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2017)
26 November 2020

Dre is currently a trainee solicitor at Pinsent Masons LLP, and has completed seats in corporate, pensions, and restructuring. He volunteers at Queen Mary to help current students.

Dubhe Felix Dubhe Sarmiento Félix (Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2019)
24 November 2020

Dubhe has had her article Data privacy progress, enforcement and Brexit published in the Journal of Data Protection & Privacy.

Ruckshana Rukshana Pervin Hoque (Media Law LLM, 2018)
23 November 2020

Rukshana studied LLM in Media Law and now works as an Assistant Legal Counsel at ZeniMax Europe.

Yiannis Karamanolis Yiannis Karamanolis (Commercial and Corporate Law LLM, 2009)
18 November 2020

Yiannis Karamanolis was recently recognised as a “Litigation Star” for Cyprus in the 2021 edition of Benchmark Litigation Europe.

Yahor Yefanau photo Yahor Yefanau (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2016)
17 November 2020

Yahor has been working for a mobile gaming company, Awem Games, as a Chief Counsel after completing his LLM.

Prof Lew, older man with grey hair and small round glasses smiling Professor Julian Lew, founder of the School of International Arbitration
12 November 2020

Professor Julian Lew has been teaching at QMUL and CCLS since 1982 and founded the School of International Arbitration in 1985.

Roy Goode Celebrating 40 Years of CCLS: Professor Sir Roy Goode CBE QC
11 November 2020

In 2020 we celebrated CCLS's 40th Anniversary. Sir Roy Goode, CCLS founder, talks about the challenges and triumphs along the way.

illustration for Reforming Investor-State Dispute Settlement Policy Brief on Reforming Investor-State Dispute Settlement and Promotion of Trade and Investment Cooperation
11 November 2020

Giammarco Rao (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2018) has been involved in drafting the policy brief Reforming Investor-State Dispute Settlement and Promotion of Trade and Investment Cooperation. He explains the purpose and need for such reform.

Grey clouds with yellow sun shining through Dr Julia Hörnle, Professor of Internet Law
9 November 2020

Dr Hörnle (PhD 2008) published her new book on Internet Law on 5 November 2020.

Firdausi photo Firdausi Firdaus (Computer and Communication Law LLM, 2013)
28 October 2020

Firdausi, along with Antonius Tigor, has recently set up CCLS Indonesia Chapter for the alumni community in Indonesia.

Asian woman with long blond hair Noora Honkasalo (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2019)
19 October 2020

Noora was drawn to studying at CCLS because of her intention to study Interactive Entertainment Law. Her expectations were surpassed!

Woman with dark hair holding orange tulips Katerina Sharkova (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2016)
16 October 2020

Katerina chose to take the Interactive Entertainment Law module as part of her Intellectual Property Law LLM. She describes her experience of studying IEL and the impact it had on her studies at CCLS.

Alumna with long dark hair in orange sweater Rossana Amoruso (International Business Law LLM, 2017)
7 October 2020

Rossana Amoruso tells us about what drove her to become a lawyer and how CCLS helped her to achieve her dreams.

Man smiling wearing blue tweed jacket and open neck shirt Diego Juan Abelleyra Llodra (Banking and Finance Law LLM, 1997)
7 October 2020

Diego Juan describes how studying at CCLS impacted his career and updates us on his move to London and his current freelance work.

Akanksha Apte smiling Professional Mentoring at CCLS
23 September 2020

At CCLS, we actively support our students in their wish to progress their careers by building professional networks and gaining experience across the legal sector.

Prof Anne Flanagan in white shirt in front of red background Anne Flanagan, Director of the CCLS LLM Programme
16 September 2020

Professor Anne Flanagan (Computer and Communication Law LLM, 2000), LLM Programme Director, talks about the new academic year and the changes CCLS has made to its LLM programmes. 

Coronavirus sphere with red spikes QMIPRI and Covid-19 in the media
16 September 2020

Professor Duncan Matthews, Director of QMIPRI, has made a number of media appearances in which he has discussed the wide-ranging implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on Intellectual Property. 

CRISPR gene editing image Genome Editing and Patents
15 September 2020

Professor Duncan Matthews, Director of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, has convened a high-level expert working group on genome editing and patents.

Book cover image Dr Franziska Arnold-Dwyer presents her new book ‘Insurable Interest and the Law’
14 September 2020

Dr Franziska Arnold-Dwyer (Commercial Law PhD, 2017) held a webinar and panel discussion to launch her new book on insurance law.

Image courtesy of ESA Copernicus Sentinel 2 Building Trust in the Digital Economy - CCLS Partnership with ARGANS and the European Space Agency
7 September 2020

CCLS experts Professor Ian Walden, Dr Noam Shemtov and Dr Michaela MacDonald have joined ARGANS Ltd in a research project, commissioned by the European Space Agency, as a part of a continuous effort to stimulate innovation within the Earth Observation sector.

Douglas Arner small Douglas W Arner (Banking and Finance Law LLM, 1996)
3 September 2020

Douglas gained a Masters in Banking and Finance Law at QMUL in 1996. He has had a long and prestigious academic career and is currently Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at the University of Hong Kong.

Sunrise over a lake On the Origin of CCLS by Means of CIPA Selection
2 September 2020

Malcolm Langley, Librarian of the Intellectual Property Archive, describes the lesser-known origins of CCLS with its initial inception in the field of Intellectual Property Law.

Chris Reed photo portrait Interview with Professor Chris Reed
1 September 2020

As part of our 40th CCLS Anniversary Celebration we conducted an interview with Chris Reed, Professor of Electronic Commerce Law, who has been teaching at CCLS since 1987.

Front cover of Dr Christiana Panayi's Research Handbook on  EU Taxation Law, with blue and yellow swirls Research Handbook on European Union Taxation Law
19 August 2020

Dr Christiana HJI Panayi, Professor of Tax Law at Queen Mary, has published a new book on European Union Taxation.

Shazia Afghan photo portrait Shazia K. Afghan (Banking and Finance LLM, 2015)
12 August 2020

Shazia is currently studying for a PhD in Fintech Law, Ethics and Regulation, which she combines with working for Treasury Legal Advisers at HM Treasury.

Canadian aluimna, lawyer and former politician Mary Clancy Mary Clancy (Laws LLM, 1976)
3 August 2020

Read about Mary’s fascinating career in law and politics since she graduated with an LLM from Queen Mary in 1976.

Monochrome graphic of shaking hands CCLS Development Board
28 July 2020

CCLS has established a new Development Board

Christos Karavias photo Christos Karavias (Commercial and Corporate Law LLM, 2019)
22 July 2020

Recent graduate, Christos, talks about how his LLM degree at CCLS has opened doors for a great career in law in his home country of Greece.

CCLS 40th anniversary stamp CCLS 40th Anniversary Lecture Series
15 July 2020

The CCLS 40th Anniversary Lecture Series is now online.

Agis Georgiades profile image Agis Georgiades (International Mediation PGDip, 2010)
13 July 2020

Agis was appointed as a Member of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) in June 2020.

CCLS alumna Anastasia Simonova on graduation day 2019 Anastasia Simonova (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM in Paris, 2019)
10 July 2020

Anastasia talks about her work since graduating a year ago.

Demilade Isioma Elemo Demilade Isioma Elemo (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2016)
10 July 2020

Demilade talks about her roles as a PhD Researcher at the University of Dundee and as Regional Chair for Africa, Young ITA (Institute for Transnational Arbitration).

Computer and Communications Law alumnus Prashanta Barua Prashanta Barua (Computer and Communication Law LLM, 2006)
8 July 2020

Prashanta has recently established a foodbank in rural Ramu, in Bangladesh, to help families stranded in COVID-19 lockdown.

Anna Howard profile image Dr Anna Howard (PhD, 2020)
1 July 2020

Anna Howard (PhD, 2020) gives an overview of her CCLS experience and her pre-CCLS legal career.

Dan Kraft profile image Dan Kraft (Banking and Finance LLM, 1997)
17 June 2020

Dan talks about his busy legal and academic career that have included several relocations around the world since he graduated from CCLS in 1997.

Aiya Al-Jabiri profile image Aiya Al-Jabiri (Law and Economics LLM, 2018)
9 June 2020

Aiya Al-Jabiri (Law and Economics LLM, 2018) talks about her experience of studying at CCLS and of having a part of her dissertation paper published in an international legal journal, entitled 'Financial Regulation International'.

Rogrido delivering an alumni event online via zoom QMUL Event for Alumni from Argentina
4 June 2020

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal organised, along with alumni, Juan Aguirre and Brian Burstein, an event for QMUL alumni from Argentina

Jonathan Griffiths profile image New France Alumni Chapter
3 June 2020

Professor Jonathan Griffiths, Director of CCLS in Paris, Talks About New France Alumni Chapter

Nigel Spencer profile image ‘Alumni’ as Lifelong Learners in the University of the Future
21 May 2020

This article is written by Dr Nigel Spencer, Professor of Education Innovation and Professional Practice, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London

AFISA committee member Carlos Carvalho Carlos Carvalho (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution Law LLM, 2017)
20 May 2020

Carlos Carvalho (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution Law LLM, 2017)

Dr Iwa Salami, CCLS PhD alumna Dr Iwa Salami (PhD, 2006)
14 May 2020

Dr Salami talks about her work and recent publications.

Andrea Bacher profile image Andrea Bacher (International Business Law and French and European Law, QMUL-Sorbonne Double LLM, 2019)
12 May 2020

Andrea talks about participating in the CCLS seminar in Paris on "Climate Change and the Paris Agreement" held at the end of 2019.

Energy Law Institute member group photo Energy Law Institute
6 May 2020

Norah Gallagher, Academic Director of the CCLS Energy Law Institute (ELI), talks about the Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM.

Image of the online energy law lecture happening on Zoom Rt Hon Chris Huhne Speaks at the Last Energy Law Lecture of the Spring Term
5 May 2020

Gustavo Rochette (Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM, 2019) shares his experience of teaching and organising a lecture, given by the Rt Hon Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change from 2010 to 2012 and a member of the UK’s National Security Council.

Students from Adelaide visiting CCLS Law School Students from the University of Adelaide visit CCLS
30 April 2020

A group of law students from the Law School of the University of Adelaide visits CCLS for a study tour.

Francisco Alarcon Francisco Alarcon (International Business Law LLM, 2019)
29 April 2020

Francisco tells us about the new and innovative Centro de Mediación Empresarial (Business Mediation Centre) that he recently opened in Eucador.

Clara Barbiani in black suit against white background, smiling Clara Barbiani (Banking and Finance Law LLM, 2018)
23 April 2020

Clara updates us on her role as a compliance manager since completing her LLM in 2018.

Abhishek Tilak at his graduation at Queen Mary Abhishek Tilak (Tax Law LLM, 2016)
22 April 2020

Abhishek is a Senior Associate - Direct Tax Litigation at Advaita Legal, which has just won the India Business Law Journal 2020 "Law Firm Award for Taxation".

Yashvardhan Rana in leather jacket with rucksack on his back Yashvardhan Rana (Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2016)
16 April 2020

Yashvardhan talks about his work in India in the field of Intellectual Property Law.

Interview with Professor James Dallas
14 April 2020

James Dallas, Executive Director of the Energy Law Institute, is interviewed by current CCLS student, Souria Maroua Touihar (Energy and Natural Resources LLM, 2020).

Garry Gabison photo portrait The Faculty Seminars for CCLS Staff and PhD Students Become Webinars
5 April 2020

Dr Garry Gabison talks about the changes he made following 17th March lockdown to the Faculty Seminar series he runs for CCLS staff and PhD students.

Fizza Ali (Commercial and Corporate Law LLM, 2019)
30 March 2020

Fizza is interviewed by Queen Mary alumni office about her experience as a student in London and her career inspirations.

Antonius Tigor (Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2017)
26 March 2020

Antonius was chosen as In-House Lawyer of the Year 2019 winner by Asian Legal Business, Thomson Reuters.

Man with blond hair and blue eyes in suit smiling Dr Guido Reinke (Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law LLM, 2020)
16 March 2020

Dr Guido Reinke has published a new book about Data Protection, which will help organisations and professionals with data transfer between the EU and post-Brexit Britain.

Professor Anselm Kamperman Sanders (PhD, 1995)
10 March 2020

Anselm updates us on high profile roles he held since graduating with a PhD from CCLS in 1995.

Atilla Kasap (Law LLM, 2018)
5 March 2020

Atilla shares with us the exciting news that his LLM thesis is being published in the Wake Forest Journal of Business & Intellectual Property Law.

Matthew Gream (MSc Management of Intellectual Property Law 2004)
19 February 2020

Matthew Gream, MSc in Management of Intellectual Property 2002-2004, explains how this programme furthered an unconventional, interesting and inspirational career path, opening up leadership roles at Google/YouTube, and an entrepreneurial journey beyond.

Nazeera Ali (Corporate and Commercial Law LLM 2013).
11 February 2020

Nazeera Ali tells us about her exciting career in Trinidad and Tobago since completing her Corporate and Commercial Law LLM in 2013.

Valerio Novembre (PhD, 2008)
5 February 2020

Valerio Novembre updates us on his career following the completion of a PhD in 2008.

Armstrong Chen (LLM Banking and Finance Law 2010)
20 January 2020

Find out about Armstrong Chen, who graduated from the Banking and Finance Law LLM in 2010.

Dr Apostolos Gkoutzinis (LLM Banking and Finance 2000 and PhD 2004)
17 January 2020

We interviewed Dr Apostolos Gkoutzinis about his opinions on the differences between working in a “big law firm” and being an in-house lawyer. Apostolos is currently a Partner at Milbank in London.

Dr Ana Maria Fagetan (Banking and Finance Law LLM 2007)
16 January 2020

Find out what Dr Ana Maria Fagetan is doing now after graduating from the Centre for Commercial Law Studies in 2007.

Adebisi Sanda (Law and Economics LLM 2014)
15 January 2020

Find out what Adebisi Sanda has been doing since graduating from the Centre for Commercial Law Studies in 2014.

Walter Pellecchia (LLM Banking and Finance Law 2019)
14 January 2020

Walter Pellecchia, Banking and Finance Law graduate, tells us about his work at Reed Smith LLP, following completion of his LLM.

Isil Etes (LLM Public International Law 2010)
14 January 2020

Isil Etes, who studied for an LLM in Public International Law, shares her advice on job seeking for recent graduates.

Georg Wabl (LLM Banking and Finance Law 2016)
13 January 2020

Georg Wabl, Banking and Finance LLM graduate, talks about the career opportunities that the LLM has given him.

Dr Daniele D’Alvia (LLM Commercial and Corporate Law 2013)
13 January 2020

Dr Daniele D’Alvia, who completed his LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law in 2013, updates us on his career since graduating from Queen Mary University of London.

Buddhinee Herath (LLM Commercial and Corporate Law 2011)
13 January 2020

We catch up with Buddhinee Herath, LLM Commercial and Corporate Law graduate, who tells us about her experiences at CCLS and what she has done since graduation.

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