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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Rukshana Pervin Hoque (Media Law LLM, 2018)

Rukshana studied LLM in Media Law and now works as an Assistant Legal Counsel at ZeniMax Europe.


Rukshana Pervin HoqueWithout hesitation, completing the Interactive Entertainment Law modules during my Masters degree has had a formative and lasting impression on my career choices. I came into the Queen Mary Masters programme with a background in media law and experienced my first glimpse into the legal world of video games through these modules. The classes provided me with a forum to probe the most pertinent questions related to an ever-important relationship between regulation, technology and art, which continue to make interactive entertainment law an exciting area for legal development.
If the course remains as it was then, the tempo of its delivery will not be for the faint-hearted but the value of the education it produces will also be second to none. It was the teaching style and overwhelming support of the all-star course leaders and guest lecturers who, generously imparting their frank, hands-on wisdom and infectious passion, ultimately convinced me I wanted to take this experience and run with it. Upon completing my studies at Queen Mary, I was delighted to join the European in-house legal team of a global publisher, Bethesda Softworks and after almost 18 months in the role, the benefit of my experience from the Interactive Entertainment Law course continues to carry me forward in my work, every day.



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