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Dr Guido Reinke (Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law LLM, 2020)

Dr Guido Reinke has published a new book about Data Protection, which will help organisations and professionals with data transfer between the EU and post-Brexit Britain.


Guido Reinke is a Data Protection Officer with a business assurance and regulatory compliance background. He has advised firms on how to design and implement global privacy frameworks.After working for the European Commission, he took employment with regulated industries and at Big Four professional services firms. He holds a PhD in Politics and International Relations from the University of London, and has lectured on Regulatory Governance at the London School of Economics. He is also author of a Brexit Impact Assessment bestseller and of several other compliance publications. In 2020 he gained an LLM in Technology, Media & Telecommunications Law from Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies.

The Blue Paper on Data Protection: Data Transfer Between the European Union and Third Countries by Guido Reinke is the first publication to provide robust legal options for data professionals and policy options for law-makers concerning data transfers between the EU and a post-Brexit UK. Written for industry professionals, political practitioners (including civil servants), academic scholars, and all who need more insight into how Brexit will likely change the UK’s data protection framework. The author provides practical guidance that can finesse an emotional debate. The assessments it provides range across such essential matters as partial versus full adequacy decisions; Standard Contractual Clauses; Binding Corporate Rules; Approved Codes of Conduct; data protection certifications, marks and seals; derogations; and a transitional versus an “ambitious” EU-UK data protection agreement. The options are ranked by practicability for businesses, and there is a discussion of possible changes caused by a diverging UK legal framework.




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