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Carlos Carvalho (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution Law LLM, 2017)

Carlos Carvalho (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution Law LLM, 2017)


Carlos Carvalho, CCLS IP LLM graduate and founding member of AFSIA Carlos, AFSIA Steering Committee member and CCLS alumnus, talks about why you might be interested in joining the AFSIA group and his experience as a student at CCLS.

How did you come to choose to study at CCLS?

I was moving to London due to family commitments and wanted to take an LLM related to international arbitration. It didn’t take me long to discover that the School of International Arbitration at CCLS had the best programme in comparative and international dispute resolution. So I applied and was very happy that I was accepted.

What was your favourite memory as a CCLS student?

I have many good memories. I had a great time working with the qLegal team and providing actual legal advice to start-ups. Also, we had the chance to speak in a symposium with PhD students from the University of Vienna, and I enjoyed that very much. Finally, the friends I made and the events we organised during that time were some of the highlights. 

What does being a member of the CCLS and AFSIA community mean to you?

Moving to a different country is not easy. Being part of CCLS/AFSIA gives me a sense of belonging, and there are always opportunities to engage and create projects for the benefit of the community. This keeps me busy, creative and hopeful that we still have so many great achievements ahead. 

Why would you encourage others to join AFSIA’s Alumni Chapter?

There are many reasons to join AFSIA that I have already mentioned regarding the sense of community, but one should notice that in every institution there are gaps to be filled and unexplored territories where you can leave your mark.
AFSIA is no different. We have achieved many remarkable things since we started, but there is much more to do and many ideas to be developed. AFSIA can be an essential part of your legacy.   

How did your CCLS experience contribute to your career?

Besides the knowledge and title I acquired, the Professional Development and Careers teams at CCLS were terrific; they helped me a lot!
Also, the mentoring programme was crucial for me to understand the next steps after the LLM, which was very useful to set out an informed strategy for my career.
Finally, the network I developed through CCLS got me some of the jobs I have had so far in the UK and also many exciting projects.

Why do you think prospective students should study at CCLS?

I believe CCLS is continuously improving and provides students with the necessary tools to succeed. 

What is your current role and company?

I work as a Coordinator of the International and Advisory Dispute Resolution Unit in London and a Head Tutor/Teaching Fellow at the School of International Arbitration at CCLS. My other roles are a Project Manager for projects in Financial Inclusion/Financial Crime at Queen Mary University of London and as a Teaching Associate for Strategic Decision Making for Lawyers at CCLS.

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