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Centre for Commercial Law Studies

Dr Iwa Salami (PhD, 2006)

Dr Salami talks about her work and recent publications.


Dr Iwa Salami, CCLS PhD alumnaDr Iwa Salami is a senior lecturer in Financial Law and Regulation at the Royal Docks School of Business and Law. Previously Iwa was a research and teaching assistant at the CCLS while completing her PhD under the supervision of Professor Rosa Lastra. Iwa’s PhD was completed in 2006 and since then she has worked at UEL as a senior lecturer in financial law and regulation and also served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster.

In the course of her academic career Iwa has published extensively in the field of financial law and regulation and her list of publications includes a monograph and numerous articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Her recent publications include, ‘Risk Mitigation in Decentralised Financing - Cypto lending’ published in November 2019 in Thomson Reuters Acceleus; ‘Facebook’s Libra: A Global Monetary System Governed by Private Corporations?’ published in October 2019 in E-International Relations; ‘Virtual Asset Laundering and Cryptocurrency Blending and Mixing Services’ published in May 2019 in Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence and ‘Terrorism Financing with Virtual Currencies: Can RegTech Solutions Combat This?’ published in 2017 in Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. She speaks regularly at international conferences on law, regulation and policy around financial technology, broadly, and more recently on crypto-assets regulation. She has participated in events and debates including at the UN General Assembly meetings, Westminster Business Policy conference, UK Parliament and Chatham House and is an agenda contributor for the World Economic Forum. Her current research focuses on FinTech regulation in emerging markets.

Recent publications

Salami, I. ‘While corona virus rages, Bitcoin has made a leap towards the mainstream’ The Conversation (27 March 2020).

Salami, I. ‘Why African countries should consider national digital currencies to counter the threats posed by private digital currencies like Facebook Libra’ Afronomics Law Blog (6 March 2020).

Salami, I. ‘Is the time right for a single currency in West Africa?’ The Conversation (26 February 2020).

Salami, I (2019) ‘Facebook’s Libra: A Global Monetary System Governed by Private Corporations? E-International Relations (8 October 2019).

Fanni, R (2019), ‘A Scientists Opinion: Interview with Dr Iwa Salami about the Libra Project’ The European Science Media Hub (4 September 2019),

Salami, I. ‘Libra: Four reasons to be extremely cautious about Facebook’s new currency’ The Conversation (20 June 2019).



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