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IT Services

IT Services are happy to help with any technical difficulties

IT Services

How IT Services can help

IT Services are always happy to help you sort out any technical issues you might have, whether you're trying to set up your email, login to QM+ or print documents. You can call the IT Service Desk 24/7 on 020 7882 8888, or raise a ticket online by emailing:

It's important to make sure your email, QM+, MySIS and Library accounts are all set up before your course starts, you can do this when you arrive to campus. During Welcome Week, IT services will have a pop-up in the Library to help you with any issues.

Top tip: If you want to connect to the WiFi on campus connect to the Eduroam network, simply fill in your QM username (i.e follwed by your password.

Need any more help? Check out this useful guide, which talks you through all of the IT services on offer at campus.