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New Students

Health FAQs

Where do I go to register with a doctor?

There is a free Student Health Service available on campus (located in the Geography Building at Mile End Campus, no. 28 on map). The Student Health Service is provided by an independent contractor to the National Health Service (NHS) England.

Registrations for the Student Health Service can take place online.  If you cannot register with the Student Health Service for clinical reasons, or if it is more convenient to be registered with a doctor close to where you live, you can find a list of local doctors through the NHS website.

Students who will be in the UK for a short time, as a Study Abroad or Exchange student, can register as a temporary resident. Please go to the Student Health Service reception and ask for a Temporary services form (also known as a GMS3 form) to complete.

I have a disability – who should I contact?

The Disability and Dyslexia Service offers support for all students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties and mental health issues at Queen Mary.

I would like to speak to someone about my mental health – who can I contact? 

Mental health support at Queen Mary is largely split between two teams: the Advice and Counselling Service, and the Disability and Dyslexia Service.

If you are concerned about your mental health and would like to someone urgently, please contact the Advice and Counselling Service with a view to making an appointment with one of our Mental Health Advisers. Mental Health Advisers will see students presenting with a mental health crisis in terms of their immediate safety; they can also offer interventions with students with poor mental health e.g. sleep hygiene, anxiety management etc. The Advice and Counselling Service also has a long established counselling team. To contact Advice and Counselling please complete their webform.

If you have an existing mental health diagnosis you can also contact one of the Mental Health Advisers, but if you are interested in accessing support through the Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA) scheme, or accessing reasonable adjustments such as exam arrangements, you can contact the Disability Advisers (Mental Health) who are based in the Disability and Dyslexia Service. They can be reached on

If you are worried about your own safety or someone else's, please ring 999. For more information on support in a crisis please visit our webpage

I want to find out more about staying healthy as a student – where do I go?

You can visit Student Health Service page to get advice and support about staying healthy.

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