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New Students

What will I have access to after Enrolment?

Depending on your enrolment status, you will have access to the following:

IT Account Details

Receipt of your IT account details is not dependent on whether you have been fully or temporarily enrolled.

You will be sent this information from IT Services within 72 hours of being sent the email from Registry Services that confirms your place at Queen Mary and invites you to complete Pre-Enrolment. Regardless of where you are in the enrolment process, you will still be able to access platforms such as QMplus, the QM app, your QM email account and Eduroam.

Please contact IT Services if you have not received your credentials and more than 72 hours has passed since being invited to complete your Pre-Enrolment or you need support in accessing you accounts. A 24/7 live chat facility is accessible via the orange button.

Attending Classes / Your Timetable

All students (including fully and temporarily enrolled and those that are eligible to enrol) should attend lectures/seminars/tutorials etc. as per your timetable. If you are temporarily enrolled or have not completed enrolment yet, it does not mean that you cannot attend your classes whether they be online or in person - you can and should attend so that you do not miss any teaching and/or assessments. 

If you are not fully enrolled or your Module Registration has not been confirmed then you may not have access to your full timetable (e.g. if you have any elective modules they may not appear on your timetable until after you are fully enrolled). In these cases, you should speak to your School/Institute for confirmation of where/when your classes are.

Your timetable is accessed via QMplusQM App or the timetables website (choose 'Students' from the menu on the left hand side). Guidance on how to access your academic timetable is available.

Please make sure you have completed Pre-Enrolment in MySIS before attempting to access your timetable. Please speak to your School/Institute if you have any questions about your timetable or whether you should be attending classes.

Student ID card

You will be invited to collect your student ID card during an allocated timeslot or you can attend a drop-in session. Your card will grant you access to buildings, you can use it to join the gym and, if you are fully enrolled, it will let you borrow books from the Library. Please note that if you are temporarily enrolled you are eligible for an ID card however you will not be able to borrow books until you are fully enrolled. 

Gradintelligence Account (Student Status Letter)

Once you have been fully enrolled by the enrolment team, we will create an account for you with Gradintelligence, the service provider of our official Student Status Letter and HEAR (digital transcript). You will receive an email from ‘Gradintelligence Account Activation’ asking you to activate your account and we advise that you do this as soon as possible so that you can view your letter. The Student Status Letter can be used as a bank letter, for council tax exemption purposes, as a certificate of study amongst other things.

Find out more about the Student Status Letter including how to activate your account and what to do if you are having problems logging in.

Discounted Travel

Fully enrolled students can apply for discounted travel with Transport for London (TFL) or a 16-25 Rail Card. Please see our Discounted Travel webpage for guidance.

The Library

All fully and temporarily enrolled students can access the Library using their QMUL ID card, however, only fully enrolled students will be able to borrow books. Please see the Library website for information.

Students' Union

It is recommended that you only join any societies or sports clubs once you are fully enrolled as membership fees are required and refunds are only issued in exceptional circumstances. View the list of societies and clubs for the individual requirements and further information. 


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