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article News story: Teaching science through mystery: new £3m project launched in Europe
17, July , 2013

The universal appeal of magic tricks, myths and mysteries are being harnessed to help school children across Europe develop a passion for science in a new project coordinated by Queen Mary, University of London.

Sea Urchin nanoparticle article News story: Accidental nanoparticle discovery could hail revolution in manufacturing
6, September , 2013

A nanoparticle shaped like a spiky ball, with magnetic properties, has been uncovered in a new method of synthesising carbon nanotubes by physicists at Queen Mary University of London and the University of Kent.

article News story: New app turns drawings into music
15, May , 2013

A new creative app from researchers at Queen Mary, University of London puts the fun into computer programming by transforming photographs of real drawings into music.

Graphene - image courtesy of AlexanderAIUS article News story: QM antennas expert turning graphene dreams into reality
24, January , 2013

Research into the ‘super material’ graphene, a derivative of graphite, that could revolutionise the electronic manufacturing industry, will be led by a professor at Queen Mary, University of London after he joins the board of the new Cambridge Graphene Centre.

article News story: Queen Mary shares £100 million boost for environmental science
5, November , 2013

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London will contribute to the training of the next generation of environmental scientists through a new London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP), which involves nine London institutions.  

article News story: Scientists create perfect solution to iron out kinks in surfaces
20, November , 2013

A new technique that allows curved surfaces to appear flat to electromagnetic waves has been developed by scientists at Queen Mary University of London. The discovery could hail a step-change in how antennas are tailored to each platform, which could be useful to a number of industries that rely on high performance antennas for reliable and efficient wireless communications.

article News story: Queen Mary hosts first UK-China clean energy forum
28, February , 2013

Leading scientists from the UK and China gathered at Queen Mary, University of London last week to find ways of tackling climate change by producing clean energy.

Marcus du Sautoy received an Honorary Doctorate from Queen Mary in 2012 article News story: Marcus du Sautoy lecture: How maths inspires the arts
4, March , 2013

Popular scientist, broadcaster and alumnus Professor Marcus du Sautoy OBE will explore the hidden mathematical ideas that underpin art, dance and music, in a lecture at Queen Mary, University of London on Wednesday 27 March.

article News story: Interested in making your own musical jams? There’s an app for that!
28, March , 2013

A new smartphone app from researchers at Queen Mary, University of London will lend a helping a hand to all aspiring DJs and musicians by letting anyone create their own musical mash-ups with the aid of some talented artificial intelligence.

article News story: Synthetic polymer could stop the spread of HIV
3, September , 2013

A precisely designed macromolecule that mimics the binding of HIV to immune system cells could be used to stop the virus from physically entering the body, according to a new study led by a materials scientist at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Mathematicians help to unlock brain function
1, May , 2013

Mathematicians from Queen Mary, University of London will bring researchers one-step closer to understanding how the structure of the brain relates to its function in two recently published studies.

article News story: Queen Mary scientists discover promising protein to treat osteoarthritis
25, July , 2013

New research from Queen Mary, University of London suggests that a protein found predominantly in healthy cartilage, a type of tissue that allows the smooth movement of joints, could hold the key to treating osteoarthritis.

article News story: Scientists uncover secrets of starfish’s bizarre feeding mechanism
2, August , 2013

Scientists have identified a molecule that enables starfish to carry out one of the most remarkable forms of feeding in the natural world.

article News story: New sexual health app to help men last longer
18, July , 2013

A new smartphone app that will enable men to last longer in the bedroom by tackling premature ejaculation during sex has been created by QApps, Queen Mary, University of London’s app store.

article News story: New red blood cell simulator invented at Queen Mary
27, June , 2013

Engineers from Queen Mary, University of London have developed the world’s most precise computer simulation of how red blood cells might travel around the body to help doctors treat people with serious circulatory problems.

Computer simulation of pterosaurs article News story: Analysis of extinct fossils reveals flying reptiles did not float like birds
20, December , 2013

The extinct flying reptiles, pterosaurs, likely spent little time on water, according to new research from Queen Mary University of London and the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

article News story: Comedy robot metal tested at the Barbican
14, August , 2013

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London have developed a robot to perform stand-up comedy to test what makes audiences laugh. 

article News story: Rescue me: new study finds animals do recover from neglect
23, April , 2013

Animal sanctuaries can play an important role in rehabilitating goats and other animals that have suffered from neglect, according to scientists at Queen Mary, University of London.

Image copyright NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute article News story: CASSINI SEES SMALL METEORS CRASHING INTO SATURN RINGS
25, April , 2013

Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London are part of the team to discover the first evidence of small meteoroids, ranging from a centimetre to several metres in size, breaking into streams of rubble and crashing into Saturn's rings.

article News story: Particle physics-inspired art installation opens in London ice well
22, August , 2013

A Queen Mary University of London scientist has teamed up with an artist to create a physics-inspired subterranean art installation in a Victorian ice well.

article News story: Queen Mary student creates ‘Flower Pot Men’ of the future
8, July , 2013

A PhD student from the Media and Arts Technology Programme at Queen Mary, University of London has created a series of talking plants to help educate local people about the flora around them.

Deputado (MP) SebastiĆ£o Bala Rocha article News story: Queen Mary strengthens education ties with Brazil
18, July , 2013

A Brazilian MP visited Queen Mary, University of London on a fact-finding trip to hear from current students on the Science without Borders programme, a new scholarship initiative launched by the Brazilian Government last year.

article News story: Balancing the books during uncertain times
21, June , 2013

Our understanding of major events, such as a future economic crisis could be much improved if politicians and policymakers thought in terms of uncertainty rather than risk when implementing public policy interventions, cognitive psychologists argue. 

3D image of an electron neutrino in the detector article News story: Elusive phenomena observed by Queen Mary scientists
19, July , 2013

Physicists have confirmed the surprising behaviour of one of nature’s most unusual particles called neutrinos, which are thought to play a fundamental role in the formation of the universe.

article News story: ‘Jet-lagged’ fruit flies provide clues for body clock synchronisation
17, January , 2013

New research led by a team at Queen Mary, University of London, has found evidence of how daily changes in temperature affect the fruit fly’s internal clock.

article News story: New course combines the best of computer science and business
14, May , 2013

Queen Mary will be one of the few institutions in London to offer a new degree programme that has been designed with the help of some of the world’s leading employers.

Credit: Aldebaran Robotics article News story: Using robots to reach out to isolated people
17, December , 2013

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London are taking part in a major new project looking at how cutting-edge robotics can enable people to participate in public spaces, as a place to meet and share ideas without being there in person.

article News story: International science teaching festival heads to Queen Mary
9, May , 2013

Queen Mary, University of London has been selected to host the next Science on Stage conference in 2015. This conference brings together inspirational science teachers from across Europe and Canada to share best teaching practice and make international links.

article News story: Big beats bolster solar cell efficiency
6, November , 2013

Playing pop and rock music improves the performance of solar cells, according to new research from scientists at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London.

Queen Mary's Principal addresses graduates in Beijing article News story: Queen Mary’s Beijing students graduate
28, June , 2013

The first graduation ceremony of 2013 for students at Queen Mary, University of London took place in China on Thursday 27 June.

article News story: Turner Prize: What can cognitive scientists tell us about art?
6, December , 2013

How do people make sense of Tuner Prize nominee Tino Sehgal's These Associations? And what can cognitive scientists learn from the way they do it?

The primary cilia were grown on micro-grooves 10 micrometres in size. article News story: Scientists find a groovy way to influence specialisation of stem cells
18, December , 2013

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have shown for the first time that the specialised role stem cells go on to perform is controlled by primary cilia –tiny hair-like structures protruding from a cell.

article News story: What’s in a name?
5, June , 2013

Names can provide a clue to a person’s background, and with certain names come certain preconceptions. But could a parent’s choice of name for their child be influenced by evolution? Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London analysed the most popular baby names from the last decade to decode the link between the sounds in a name and the sex, in a new paper published in the journal PLOS ONE today (Wednesday 5 June).

article News story: Queen Mary students battle to become Britain’s greenest driver
18, June , 2013

Two students from Queen Mary, University of London will jump behind the wheel for the first stages of a non-stop driving challenge across the length of Britain in a bid to be crowned the nation’s most economical driver.

article News story: Queen Mary student wins silver in Dragon’s Den for young entrepreneurs
8, October , 2013

A student from Queen Mary University of London’s Design and Innovation programme has won a prize of £3,000 at the annual Innovation Hothouse competition, which showcases the very best in final year student design projects.

article News story: Science and storytelling collide at Pathology Museum event
3, June , 2013

Six speakers take the microphone at Barts Pathology Museum – part of Queen Mary, University of London - on Tuesday 25 June to share touching, absurd, and funny personal stories about the science that has changed their lives.

Braille text article News story: Congenitally blind people have more accurate memories, research finds
29, April , 2013

Researchers from Queen Mary, University of London and the University of Bath have found that people who are congenitally blind have more accurate memories than those who are sighted.

article News story: Seeing beyond cameras: predicting where people move in CCTV blind spots
17, January , 2013

A new model from Queen Mary, University of London could be a useful security tool in tracking people in large, busy venues such as airport terminals and shopping centres.

article News story: Calling all musos to chart ch-ch-changes in pop music
13, February , 2013

Thousands of music lovers are needed to take part in an online research experiment to track how chart music has evolved over a 50-year period– all in the name of science.

article News story: Playing video games can boost brain power
21, August , 2013

Certain types of video games can help to train the brain to become more agile and improve strategic thinking, according to scientists from Queen Mary University of London and University College London (UCL).

Focal adhesions and actin article News story: Spinning-disk microscope offers window into the centre of a cell
10, October , 2013

A new method of imaging cells is allowing scientists to see tiny structures inside the ‘control centre’ of the cell for the first time.

article News story: Bumblebees use logic to find the best flowers
4, April , 2013

Scientists at Queen Mary, University of London and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), have discovered why bees copy each other when looking for nectar – and the answer is remarkably simple.

article News story: Nanoscale neuronal activity measured for the first time
18, September , 2013

A new technique that allows scientists to measure the electrical activity in the communication junctions of the nervous systems has been developed by a researcher at Queen Mary University of London.

article News story: Event for women coders, artists and innovators explores open technologies
15, October , 2013

Queen Mary University of London is set to host an international conference for women interested in using open technologies in digital arts, social innovation and creative industries.

Professor Yang Hao article News story: Queen Mary antenna expert receives prestigious research award
8, February , 2013

A scientist researching the commercial properties of the ‘super-material’ graphene, from Queen Mary, University of London, has received a top prize from the UK’s national academy of science.

article News story: Scientists identify new ‘social’ chromosome in the red fire ant
16, January , 2013

Researchers have discovered a social chromosome in the highly invasive fire ant that helps to explain why some colonies allow for more than one queen ant, and could offer new solutions for dealing with this pest.

article News story: Queen Mary music software spin-out scores record investment
26, September , 2013

Music software company, MixGenius, which uses research developed at Queen Mary University of London, has secured 1.5million Canadian dollars1 to accelerate its capacity to support musicians to achieve professional sound quality without using a sound engineer.

article News story: Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for Higgs boson theory
9, October , 2013

Scientists from Queen Mary University of London welcome the announcement and congratulate Peter Higgs and François Englert, who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2013 for the theory of how particles acquire mass.  

article News story: International tech companies visit QM
23, May , 2013

A delegation of around of more than 30 global tech businesses visited the state of the art media technology facilities at Mile End Campus on Tuesday 21 May, as part of this year’s Digital Shoreditch Festival.

article News story: Classical music meets cutting edge digital technology at LCO/Queen Mary concert
1, May , 2013

Digital Music experts at Queen Mary, University of London have joined forces with the world-renowned London Chamber Orchestra (LCO) for a concert merging contemporary and classical music with science and technology.

article News story: Chemistry festival creates a bang at Queen Mary
15, May , 2013

Queen Mary, University of London threw open its chemistry laboratory-doors for a day of hands-on fun activities for the Salters' Festival of Chemistry on Wednesday 15 May.

copyright Dr Elizabeth Clare article News story: Stealth manoeuvre allows nectar bats to target insect prey
12, December , 2013

A nectar-feeding bat that was thought to eat insects in passing has been discovered to target its moving prey with stealth precision, according to new research by a scientist at Queen Mary University of London.

Ben Burns and Prof Jonathan Pitts (centre left and right) from Actual Experience accepting the award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the UK IT Industry Awards. article News story: Double success for Queen Mary spinout making the Internet better for everyone
17, December , 2013

Technology company, Actual Experience, which  works with consumers and business to improve the experience of their IT, has achieved a double success, completing a £4m financing round with one of Europe's largest investment managers and winning another prestigious industry award for innovation.

article News story: Queen Mary scientists uncover genetic similarities between bats and dolphins
4, September , 2013

The evolution of similar traits in different species, a process known as convergent evolution, is widespread not only at the physical level, but also at the genetic level, according to new research led by scientists at Queen Mary University of London and published in Nature this week.

article News story: New cyber research institute launched
21, March , 2013

Queen Mary scientists will contribute to finding new ways to protect our online security through the latest cyber research institute launched today (Thursday 21 March). 

article News story: Queen Mary’s biggest partner university in China ranked top for engineering
1, March , 2013

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) has been ranked first in China for Information and Communications Engineering by the Chinese Ministry of Education, which assessed over 70 universities offering subjects in that field.

article News story: Queen Mary scientist launches Kickstarter project to bend piano sounds
29, July , 2013

A digital media lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London is raising money through the crowd-funding site Kickstarter to manufacture new touch sensors for piano-style keyboards that allow players to transform the sounds of the notes.

article News story: Top tech magazine shortlists creative QM app for gadget award
28, November , 2013

An app created by researchers at Queen Mary University of London, which transforms photographs of drawings into music, has reached the Creative App of the Year shortlist at the Stuff Gadget Awards 2013.

article News story: Queen Mary earns award for improving gender equality
30, September , 2013

Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) is the recipient of the University’s first ever Silver level award in the latest round of the Athena SWAN Charter awards, which recognises excellence in recruiting and progressing women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM). 

article News story: Are people really staring at you?
10, April , 2013

People often think that other people are staring at them even when they are not, vision scientists have found.

article News story: Female deer take control during the mating season
30, January , 2013

A new study provides the first evidence of polyandry – when females choose to mate with more than one male – in female fallow deer.

article News story: Queen Mary scientists fish for the genetic causes of drug addiction
1, July , 2013

Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London will be asking visitors at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition to perform a simple computer task to test their impulsivity as part of the exhibit ‘Are you more impulsive than a fish?'.

article News story: Digital Shoreditch Festival showcases the best in creative and online technology from Queen Mary
20, May , 2013

An interactive game that explores long-term memory and an art sculpture that responds to changes in air pollution are just two of the projects from the Media and Arts Technology Programme at Queen Mary, University of London featured at this year’s Digital Shoreditch Festival (20-31 May).

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