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Nanchang University

The Partnership

In November 2012, the new proposed partnership between Queen Mary and Nanchang University gained official approval from the Chinese Government Ministry of Education and the jointly delivered Biomedical Sciences / Clinical Biomedicine programme has been running successfully since September 2013.

Nanchang University is one of China’s ‘Key Universities’ under the 211 project, and also incorporates the country’s largest Medical College, originally founded in 1921, with which Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) has developed the Joint Programme. One of SBCS’s most successful undergraduate programmes is the degree in Biomedical Sciences, which is renowned for its high standards of teaching and academic rigour. This closely overlaps with the proposed new programme with Nanchang University, and will combine the best elements of the Chinese and UK teaching styles, producing graduates who will help to meet the demand of China’s economy for internationally recognised expertise.

The Programme

For further details about the joint programme please visit the BSc Biomedical Sciences pages.

Students on the programme will graduate with two degrees – a Biomedical Sciences BSc from Queen Mary University of London, and a degree in Clinical Biomedicine from Nanchang University. Graduates will be fully qualified to practise medicine in China, and to develop careers in clinical research in universities, hospitals and industry. Half of the course is taught by Nanchang University professors, and half by ‘Flying Faculty’ professors from Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and the School of Medicine and Dentistry who will travel to and from Nanchang to deliver classes face-to-face.