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Queen Mary’s vision is to develop international partnerships on a basis of true equality, enabling collaborative research and teaching, and through fostering mutual understanding. We work closely with our overseas partners, engaging regularly with colleagues, departments and students across our network to provide quality education at home and abroad. Frequent visits and regular communications ensure that we develop sustainable, successful, and collaborative partnerships.

When establishing educational partnership arrangements, we engage with partners to explore different models, to ensure the right fit for students and institutions. This includes articulation agreements, progression agreements, flying faculty arrangements and blended learning programmes. The list below outlines a sample of the range of collaborations that we are open to exploring with partners.

Model: 4+0, Level: UG, Location: Flying Faculty arrangement (Partner) 

Model: 2+2/3+2, Level: UG, Location: Partner + Queen Mary

Model: 1+1/ 1+1+1/ 2+1, Level: PGT, Location: Partner + Queen Mary 

Model: Blended, Level: UG/PGT, Location: Partner + Queen Mary


Model: 1+2/2+2, Level: UG, Location: Partner + Queen Mary

Model: Overseas delivery, Level: UG/PGT, Location: Partner

Model: 4+1, Level: PGT, Location: Queen Mary

Model: 3+1+1, Level: UG + PGT, Location: Queen Mary

See our Education partnerships section for examples of the different types of engagement and partners we work with across the world.

For more information about becoming an education partner of Queen Mary University of London, please contact the International Partnerships Team at 

For Queen Mary staff, you can find more information about the internal process for developing a collaborative programme on the Academic Registry and Council Secretariat webpages.

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