Joint programmes

Queen Mary’s Joint Programmes Model combines the academic expertise of two international institutions to create one jointly taught programme, blending the strengths of different educational cultures and providing a more profound awareness of the business practices of both countries. The programmes are collaboratively designed to respond to a globalised industrial environment, and to equip students with a combination of the best aspects of two different education systems – making them ever more attractive to employers across the globe.

Key elements of the joint programme model

  • Students receive two separate degree awards, one from each partner institution – doubling the prestige and recognition of the degree.
  • Teaching is done entirely in English, preparing the students to work globally.
  • Teaching is shared equally between professors of the host university and Queen Mary professors, who use a “flying faculty” model to teach in person, in addition to extensive online support through Queen Mary’s dedicated Virtual Learning Environment QMPlus.
  • Quality of the programmes meets the requirements of regulatory bodies of both countries and where there is discrepancy the most stringent regulation is adhered to.
  • All students have the opportunity to visit Queen Mary’s London campus as part of their studies, whether it is for a summer school, competition, or even spending their whole final year studying with the London-based peers.

Current joint programme partners