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Queen Mary Alumni


Montage of alumni voices on our blog. Featured are the Singing Dentist, aka Dr Milad Shadrooh, Dilani Selvanathan, Siti Kasim and Matt Kay.

Our graduates have gone on to do a variety of interesting and exciting things throughout their careers and beyond.

Our blog shines a spotlight on the voices of our alumni and friends and on the transformative effect gifts of time and donations from alumni have had on our students and the wider University.

Alumni profile - Richard Learwood
9 March 2021

I started a project with Tower Hamlets, the University and Barclays to give the Mile End Road a makeover. Tower Hamlets were keen to be involved because they saw the road as the public face of the borough and the University and local business saw the benefits too. So the plan was that I was going to be employed for a year by Tower Hamlets to oversee the scheme, but six weeks before the end of my term as President, central government redirected the funds away from Tower Hamlets and I was jobless!

Headshot of alumnus, Anis Islam Alumni profile - Anis Islam
4 August 2021

I had always wanted to study in London and Queen Mary had the most liberal course options which explored Geography from non-western perspectives. It is also the only Russell Group university in London with a campus and it had some of the best field trip options in the country.

(Geography BA, 2018)

Suruchi Kumar, Queen Mary alum Alumni profile - Suruchi Kumar
8 September 2023

Suruchi Kumar studied a masters in Commercial Law at Queen Mary in 2010/11. She now works a top tier law firm in India.

Saurabh Kumar, who studied at Queen Mary University of London Alumni profile - Saurabh Kumar
14 August 2023

At Queen Mary University of London we are very proud to recognise the amazing achievements of our South Asian students, alumni, staff, donors and partners. To celebrate South Asian Heritage Month we reached out to some of our amazing alumni.

Alumni profile - Yasmin Hoque
22 November 2021

As I got older, I felt that being in a profession was essential to provide a voice to minority groups and underrepresented members of society. However, I was the eldest and no one before me in our family had been to university


(Law LLB, 2005)

David Ajibade standing in a conservatory in front of plants Alumni profile - David Ajibade
10 May 2023

(Biomedical Science BSc, 2021)

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the generous alumni who have donated to support refugee and asylum seeker students. Your contributions have enabled students like me to pursue Higher Education and provided invaluable opportunities to overcome the challenges we faced during our formative years.” 

Photo of Queen Mary alumna Susan Bull Alumni remembered - Reverend Susan Bull
13 March 2023

An appreciation for Reverend Susan Helen Bull (Economics BSc (Econ), 1979).

Headshot of alumna, Annie Mirza Alumni profile - Annie Mirza
6 March 2023

Open discussions and problem solving were essential on both courses, and without the comfort of a learning environment to get involved in discussions and figure out a problem, I’d feel anxious to take the lead. But I’ve done this at university before, so in a job, it feels less daunting.

(Comparative Literature and Linguistics BA, 2013) 

Headshot of alumnus, Simon Nader. He is smiling and wearing a grey t-shirt. The photo is a studio style shot with a black background. Alumni profile - Simon Nader
28 February 2023

To this day, when speaking to my students I use Lois Weaver’s slogan, “if they don’t get it, that’s ok”, which is an absolute cornerstone of the way I approach work – and I’m very thankful for that. 

(English and Drama BA, 2000)

Headshot of alumnus, Alex Barrow Alumni profile - Alex Barrow
24 February 2023

My studies and career path have enabled me to grapple with issues concerning both nuclear weapons and peaceful nuclear technologies, and experience first-hand how global debates around proliferation, security, climate change and future technologies are all wrapped up together and need to be carefully navigated. 

(International Relations BA, 2013)

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