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Queen Mary Alumni


Montage of alumni voices on our blog. Featured are the Singing Dentist, aka Dr Milad Shadrooh, Dilani Selvanathan, Siti Kasim and Matt Kay.

Our graduates have gone on to do a variety of interesting and exciting things throughout their careers and beyond.

Our blog shines a spotlight on the voices of our alumni and friends and on the transformative effect gifts of time and donations from alumni have had on our students and the wider University.

Photo of alumna, Caitlin O'Donnell. She is wearing a suit and is standing with one hand on her hip. She is smiling widely at the camera. Alumni profile - Caitlin O'Donnell blog
26 January 2023

This was the first time I studied literature within the context of a much larger movement that touched on all elements of society, history, religion, etc. I discovered that it’s through analyzing text that we understand the world, and therefore ourselves. 

(English Studies: Writing and Society 1700-1820 MA, 2012) 

Selfie-style photo of Naila Barrett. She is standing in front of a hedge and is smiling. Alumni profile - Naila Barrett blog
12 January 2023

My writing has changed astronomically. I came to Queen Mary with a want, but not much of a way. I had no idea how to write academically, let alone critically to a university standard! I was definitely a blank canvas. The support of many fabulous lecturers is a testament to the writer and person I am now.

(English with Creative Writing BA, 2021)

Photo of Ayeesha Miah. She is sitting in a sunny courtyard wearing a khaki dress and a brown hijab. Her hands are placed over her legs which are crossed at the knee. Alumni profile - Ayeesha Miah blog
6 January 2023

I love how diverse the topic of psychology is, from learning about child development to the evolution of our ancestors to the way the mind works. Every lecture was fascinating and there was always an abundance of knowledge to learn.

(Psychology BSc, 2019)

End of year message to alumni from Queen Mary's President and Principal blog
20 December 2022

Professor Colin Bailey CBE, President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London, highlights some of the University's key achievements in 2022 and thanks our alumni community for their support. Watch Professor Colin Bailey's video message to alumni.

Photo of Hani Garabyare - she is holding the neck of her black rollneck jumper around the edges of her face and the photo has been taken against a black backdrop. Alumni profile - Hani Garabyare blog
29 November 2022

Hani Garabyare was a child refugee who became the first Somali-American woman ever to work in the United States Senate and the first of two Somali-American women to receive a White House political appointment. In her alumni profile, Hani shares the lessons she’s learned through her personal and professional experiences and her advice to anyone pursuing higher education.

(Public Policy MSc, 2010)

Alumni Angles: 'NASA/JPL Mars Rover Missions' with Dr Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu blog
18 November 2022

We were thrilled to welcome alumnus Dr Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, Principal Robotics Engineer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, back to our Mile End campus for our fourth instalment of ‘Alumni Angles’ on Wednesday 16 November. 

Headshot of alumna, Teni Gogo. She is wearing a white vest top and is smiling. Alumni profile - Teni Gogo blog
21 October 2022

This Black History Month, History Teacher at Ark Pioneer Academy, Teni Gogo, has shared how studying aspects of Black History during her degree at Queen Mary uncovered a passion for History that she has taken with her into her teaching career, and how her work enables her to continue discovering and passing on the wonders that History can offer.

(History BA, 2017)

Headshot of alumna Carolina De Fonseca Soares. Alumni profile - Carolina De Fonseca Soares blog
23 September 2022

Clara and I wanted to create a podcast that was a halfway point between pop-science and a scientific journal. In our podcast, Neuroverse, we don’t aim to lecture, we strive to explore ideas and venture into different areas of understanding and draw connections between disciplines.

(Biochemistry, BSc, 2021)


Headshot of alumnus Syed Anjum Alumni Profile - Syed Anjum blog
19 September 2022

My degree was essential in understanding terminology and concepts relating to medicines and the effect they have within clinical settings. In pharmacology we delved deep into clinical trials and their design, which has come in handy when speaking with doctors about safety and efficacy. 

(Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics BSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumnus Peter Atwal smiling Alumni profile - Peter Atwal blog
9 September 2022

We studied AI in the 70s and 80s, but we could only theorize what AI could do and should look like; we couldn’t develop it as we didn’t have advanced tools to build it. Therefore, AI is the one thing that has always fascinated me in my lifetime.

(Computer Science BSc, 1977)

Headshot of alumnus Faysal Rehmat Alumni profile - Faysal Rehmat blog
9 September 2022

Studying at Queen Mary meant I became surrounded by people who believed in themselves, that demanded a great deal from their own future, and expected success to not be a matter of if, but when? 

Their hope was contagious.

(Physics BSc, 2019)

Black and white photo of Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II: 1926-2022 blog
9 September 2022

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Her Majesty The Queen. We extend our deepest sympathies to The Royal Family at this very difficult time.

Group of students brainstorming on a whiteboard. Exciting new grant received from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation blog
25 August 2022

Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management is
delighted to have received a £55,000 grant from Esmée
Fairbairn Foundation.

Headshot of alumna Hayley McCloskey Alumni profile - Hayley McCloskey blog
19 August 2022

I love working in the Tech industry. I have had so many amazing opportunities. I love that you do not need to be technical to work in the industry either. I love being able to do both: be somewhat technical but also client facing. 

(Mathematics BSc, 2019)

Man standing next to a poster which reads 'South Asian Heritage Month' South Asian Heritage Month Testimonial: Agha Hasan blog
19 August 2022

This South Asian Heritage Month, Agha Hasan (Sustainable Energy Systems MSc, 2018) shares his experience of moving to the UK as a 24 year old, his pride in his South Asian heritage, and the beauty he has found in embracing different cultures. 

Headshot of alumna, Anum Ahmed, smiling at the camera South Asian Heritage Month story - Anum Ahmed (English BA, 2014) blog
16 August 2022

In this special blog post for South Asian Heritage Month, Policy Professional for the Department for Education, Anum Ahmed (English BA, 2014), reflects on her experience of her South Asian culture through visits with family in Lahore and Johannesburg as a child, and shares how she strives for diversity through her work, for example through amplifying the voices and experiences of young people from the Global South and Global North in the planning of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Headshot of Dr Layli Uddin South Asian Heritage Month testimonial: Dr Layli Uddin blog
12 August 2022

This South Asian Heritage Month, Dr Layli Uddin shares how her research is relevant to the month, resources to help us understand the context of the month, and books and films we can use to educate ourselves about the culture and history.

Headshot of alumna Maansi Kaylan South Asian Heritage Month testimonial: Maansi Kalyan blog
11 August 2022

This South Asian Heritage Month, Maansi Kalyan (English BA, 2016; English Studies: Writing in the Modern Age MA, 2019) shares what the month means to her, why she is proud of her heritage, historical events we all need to be aware of, and how she is taking action via her Brown Girls Don't podcast.

Alumni profile - Sheba Remy Kharbanda blog
2 August 2022

I arrived in the US right after 9/11 so my work with Amnesty was documenting the stories of people caught up in the post-9/11 Patriot Act sweeps. These people were largely South Asian, which threw me into a really confusing space. I knew the stories of my family, I knew my dad and grandparents were refugees, that my mum was in the generation that settled Southall and put it on the map in terms of immigrant towns in London. But it wasn’t my story, it was an inherited story.

(Law and Politics BA, 2001)

Dr Richard Alan Lee - The London MBBS 1960 Alumni remembered - Dr Richard Alan Lee blog
1 August 2022

Remembering Dr Richard Alan Lee (MBBS, The London, 1960), Ophthalmologist; (1936 - 2022)

Headshot of alumnus Roger Christopher Clarke. Alumni Remembered - Roger Christopher Clarke blog
20 July 2022

This obituary summarises the life and work of Roger Christopher Clarke BSc CChem FRSC (1934-2021). Roger studied BSc and PhD Chemistry at Queen Mary College between 1953 and 1958. 

Alumni profile - Nicholas Paduano blog
19 July 2022

It is not easy when you come from another country and you are not yet fluent in the new language. But I have met such nice colleagues who became my friends later on who helped me integrate and build up a new social life.

(Finance MSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumna Arda Awais. Alumni profile - Arda Awais blog
18 July 2022

At Identity 2.0, the company I co-founded, we create accessible spaces for people to explore the data that they give away online because we’re fed up with people feeling powerless about the misuse of their data.

(Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering BEng, 2017)

Alumna Amandeep Kaur Gill on her graduation day dressed in her cap and gown. Alumni profile - Amandeep Kaur Gill  blog
7 July 2022

Being among the first generation in my family to go university is quite a proud feeling, for myself and my family. All of the hard work my parents have put into raising me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams has been brought to fruition. 

(Pharmaceutical Chemistry MSci, 2019)

Headshot of alumna Vidicha Chunilal. Vidicha Chunilal – Alumni Profile blog
24 June 2022

Queen Mary has made me realise that no matter your socioeconomic background, all students are equally exposed to all kinds of opportunities. No matter your background, origin or socioeconomic status, every person can achieve their goals in life.

(Pharmaceutical Chemistry BSc, 2018; Clinical Drug Development MSc, 2019)

Photo of alumna, Mary Ojo, standing between big white 'QMUL' letters on the lawn outside the Queen's Building at her graduation ceremony Alumni profile - Mary Ojo blog
21 June 2022

My time at Queen Mary showed me that I am at my best when serving others, so I plan and hope to engage with organisations delivering innovative solutions, to solve complex issues, for the public good.

(History BA, 2017; MA, 2019)

Headshot of alumna Dilani Selva Dilani Selvanathan – Alumni Profile blog
21 June 2022

In terms of the future, I want to combine my passion for robotics and space and work in the space industry. I want to create technology that can advance human civilisation in outer space and I want to learn more about what is out there in the universe. 

(Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) BSc, 2021)

Headshot of alumna, Jawying Honey Lyster Pride Alumni profile - Jawying Honey Lyster blog
14 June 2022

I hope to facilitate dialogue between civil society, governments, policymakers, human rights advocates, and activists, to promote justice for LGBTI persons who are often excluded from their wider communities and legal systems. In doing so, I hope that we can broaden the diversity of voices in policy debates by strengthening LGBTI civil society organisations and bringing the voices of marginalized groups to the forefront. 

(Comparative Literature BA, 2014)

Headshot of alumnus Andrew Popperwell Andrew Popperwell – Alumni Profile blog
10 June 2022

For World Refugee Day, we conducted a special interview with alumnus Andrew Popperwell (Physics BSc, 1974), whose late mother Beate Popperwell (nee Wiznitzer, 1924-2001), fled Vienna as a refugee and arrived in London at the very end of 1938. 

Read her story. Remember her story. Share her story. 

Headshot of alumna Holly Brazier Alumni profile - Holly Brazier blog
1 June 2022

Being able to earn whist you learn is one of the obvious benefits of doing a degree apprenticeship, but I will say one of the most valuable benefits is gaining the hands-on experience during your university degree. My degree apprenticeship has helped me get to where I am today at Goldman Sachs. 

(Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) BSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumna, Maha Kamal. She is wearing a beige blazer and burgundy top and her hair is swept back in a formal hairstyle. Alumni profile - Maha Kamal blog
1 June 2022

What was particularly amazing at Queen Mary was the diversity in our classroom - I studied with students from literally all around the world, and they brought their own experiences of public policy practice to the classroom - whether it was in class discussions or group projects. 

(International Public Policy MSc, 2016)

Dr Laurie Schenk at a Dental Club meeting Alumni Remembered - Laurie Schenk blog
31 May 2022

Remembering Dr Laurence Schenk (Dentistry BDS, 1968), a past-president of the Barts and The London Dental Club and a beloved member of the Dental alumni community - an appreciation by Mr Chris Emery

Headshot of alumnus, Samuel Head Alumni profile - Samuel Head blog
18 May 2022

The academic staff at UCL and Queen Mary are highly supportive, respectful, and open-minded. You really feel like you are being treated as an equal and you are encouraged to challenge others in a productive way.

(History of Political Thought and Intellectual History MA, 2021 (joint programme with UCL))

Headshot of alumnus, Tom Machell, wearing a blue and green plaid shirt, sat against a brick wall Alumni profile - Tom Machell blog
17 May 2022

If I'm going to do it, I want to make work that is really going to push things and open up conversations. I always use comedy as the way in which I tell the story because we need to laugh as well so then it feels earned. When you're dealing with difficult topics, if you can get people to laugh and then you can make them cry, then you've done something awesome. 

(Drama BA, 2012)

Headshot of alumnus Nicholas Sherward Nicholas Sheward - Alumni Profile blog
16 May 2022

Whilst I was at the BBC to work, I was also there to learn, and I was doing that alongside incredibly talented individuals who invested their time into me. Being in that environment and seeing first-hand how organisations like the BBC operate is not something that university alone can properly prepare you for.

(Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) BSc, 2021).

Headshot of alumna Tasnuva Tabassum Tasnuva Tabassum – Alumni Profile blog
13 May 2022

I was headhunted by Apple to do a programme management role for iPad. I left after a year because it didn’t seem to be sustainable for the long term and took a chance and interviewed for my current role. Google is much more collaborative and this is an environment that I think I can thrive in.

(Materials Science and Engineering BEng, 2013)

Alumnus Professor Sir Andrew Pollard speaking at our Alumni Angles event Alumni Angles: In conversation with Professor Sir Andrew Pollard blog
12 May 2022

We are absolutely delighted to announce that on Wednesday 4 May, the Alumni Engagement Team held the third and first in-person installment of our ‘Alumni Angles’ event series which aims to showcase the talent in the Queen Mary alumni community.

Headshot of alumna Tasha Mathur. Tasha Mathur - Alumni Profile blog
12 May 2022

My main role is sourcing and creating images for Sky’s programming guide on the box. I maintain strong relationships with our partner channels, such as Netflix, Amazon etc. to source their best images for our Top Picks area. 

(English BA, 2014)

Headshot of alumna Drishti Masand Drishti Masand - Alumni Profile blog
9 May 2022

My logic was, if you can achieve sustainability with sportswear, you can achieve sustainability with the regular clothes that we wear as consumers. Within the sportswear world, this goal limited me down to a handful of companies and it just so happened to work out with Adidas, which is where I am now!

(Materials Science and Engineering BEng, 2018)

Headshot of alumnus, Mark Bergfeld. He is wearing a green and black jumper and glasses and is smiling at someone off camera. Alumni profile - Mark Bergfeld blog
2 May 2022

I am very happy that I met so many fantastic academic researchers at Queen Mary who question the pro-business consensus of our time and are developing stakeholder approaches in different yet converging ways.

(Business & Management MRes, 2014; Business & Management PhD, 2019)

Headshot of alumnus Tony Lock Alumni profile - Tony Lock blog
29 April 2022

Mathematics underlies so much of the universe, society and everyday life but it is often hidden or some people are afraid of it. 

(Applied Mathematics BSc, 1981)

Headshot of the alum Marc Cebreros Alumni profile - Marc Cebreros blog
24 April 2022

We must do our share in decolonizing the field of human rights, the perception that “professional” expertise comes from the West and North who are there to help the victims from the East and South.

(Law LLM, 2016)

Headshot of alumna Sherace Francis Alumni profile - Sherace Francis blog
23 April 2022

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE is a huge inspiration of mine! She made me feel invincible as it was one of the first times that I had seen a space scientist who was also a black woman. She made me want to be someone who inspired that same feeling in other young women and neurodivergent people.

(Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist (Data Analytics) MSc, 2022)

Alumnus David Hemprich-Bennett holding a bat as part of his PhD research Alumni profile - David Hemprich-Bennett blog
22 April 2022

What I loved most about my PhD was the fieldwork. It was fantastic spending so much time in the rainforest. Every day you knew there was a real chance of seeing elephants, eagles, hornbills, monkeys, pythons, bears (we saw them all), and that’s so exciting.

(Biological Sciences PhD, 2019)

Headshot of alumnus, Luiz Pereira. He is sat in a restaurant, wearing a long-sleeved grey sweater and is looking directly at the camera. Alumni profile - Luiz Pereira blog
19 April 2022

It was incredible to see how the work I had built for a household name was being used. This was my mark on a major global brand. I am very proud of having had that impact on something that is much bigger than me...

(Management and Organisational Innovation (now Entrepreneurship and Innovation) MSc, 2012)

Headshot of the alum Lundi-Anne Alumni profile - Lundi Anne Omam Ngo Bibaa blog
16 April 2022

Be passionate about making a difference in Global Health. The wicked problems we see globally have solutions to them and consider yourself a part of what is needed to bring solutions to these problems.

(Global Health Systems Theory and Policy MSc, 2017)

Headshot of alumna Eva Zarkadoula Alumni profile - Eva Zarkadoula blog
14 April 2022

We need to encourage everyone to follow fields that they love and especially encourage those whose dreams and desires are impeded by stereotypes. Regarding women in STEM, multiple studies have shown that diversity benefits research and innovation. 

(Physics PhD, 2013)

Alumni profile - Ethan Fraenkel blog
12 April 2022

Ethan is an entrepreneur who launched ProGrad with fellow Queen Mary alumnus Marco Logiudice (Economics, Finance and Management BSc, 2019) in 2021. Their aim is to make credit accessible and easy to understand for young people and students.

(Law and Politics BA, 2019)

Photo of alumna, Vasylisa Bondarenko. She is sat at a table in front of a laptop with her chin resting on her hand. Alumni profile - Vasylisa Bondarenko blog
11 April 2022

When I came to London, I had to do many things: write my dissertation, finish university, find a job, assimilate into society and into the culture. I have successfully accomplished all of those and have become stronger in the process, and this is what I am proud of.

(Public Policy MSc, 2021)

Headshot of alumna, Laura Mucklow, against a blue backdrop Alumni profile - Laura Mucklow blog
29 March 2022

Keep an eye out on how brands market themselves to you whilst you are at university and take note of what has the biggest impact on you. A wide range of degrees lend themselves to marketing, if you can research, creatively persuade, and measure.

(English BA, 2014)

Headshot of alumna Sema Guler Alumni profile - Sema Guler blog
25 March 2022

One thing that motivates me is to remind myself that I am only at the beginning of my career and I still have so much more to learn and that naturally, I will make a lot of mistakes along the way - but, mistakes mean growth!

(Mathematics BSc, 2020) 

Headshot of alumna, Tatiana Wheeler Alumni profile - Tatiana Wheeler blog
22 March 2022

One of my career highlights has been spearheading the development and execution of Ancestry’s 2021 Remembrance campaign, which centered around ensuring that no legacy was left behind. This is because it links to my fondness of the endless discoveries with history and how it can positively impact people’s lives.

(History BA, 2018)


Headshot of alumnus Alex Leung Alumni profile - Alex Leung blog
18 March 2022

I focus on investments and advisory in AI including technical due diligence and helping clients build real-world AI applications. I also build machine learning applications for Alpha Intelligence Capital and teach data science courses at the University of Hong Kong.

(Computer Vision PhD, 2008)

Headshot of alumnus Atif Awan Alumni profile - Atif Awan blog
17 March 2022

I was awarded a medal from the Prime Minister of the UK for my exceptional services at the London Olympics. I received another medal from the President of Pakistan for my extraordinary services while working with the United Nations and both achievements are the greatest honours of my life to date.

(Project Management MSc, 2008)



Headshot of alumna Carol Rivas Women's History Month - Dr Carol Rivas blog
11 March 2022

The second female pioneer of our Women’s History Month campaign is Dr Carol Rivas (Zoology BSc, 1981; Medical Sociology PhD, 2012), Professor of Health and Social Care at University College London (UCL). 

Photo of alumnus, Avenesh Mahtani, at his graduation Alumni profile - Avenesh Mahtani blog
9 March 2022

Knowing that many large multinationals were German, studying German gave me a better insight into their organisational cultures, which allowed me to better understand business from an Anglo-Germanic perspective.

(Business Management BSc with German, 2010)

Alumni profile - Christine Ohuruogu blog
8 March 2022

Winning the Olympic Gold is probably the highest thing to achieve on the totem pole of achievements but I try to not see it as 'career highs' as such. As every medal has its own story. It’s nice to have a career which is like an adventure where, you just have a real combination and mix of different things that have happened, be it good or bad.

(Law LLB, 2019)

Headshot of alumna Surraya Chowdhury Alumni profile - Surraya Chowdhury blog
4 March 2022

I work within the UK Vaccine Network in the International Directorate of the Department of Health and Social Care. I love my job and the real-world impact it has. Our programme funded the MERS vaccine technology which was repurposed with funding from others to develop the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. 

(Neuroscience BSc, 2020)


Photo of alumna, Cathy Hayward, holding her debut novel, The Girl in the Maze, with two hands. The book is obscuring the bottom half of her face and she is standing in front of a dark green background which compliments the book cover. Alumni profile - Cathy Hayward blog
3 March 2022

I’ve always loved writing. Whether it was essays at university, the features when I was a journalist, or copywriting for PR, writing has always been the most enjoyable part of any work.

(English and History BA, 1997)


Headshot of alumnus Dr Nick Prior. Alumni profile - Dr Nick Prior blog
2 March 2022

I’m no stranger to battling mental illness myself, and one of the big reasons for creating Minderful is that I don’t want others to go through some of the experiences that I’ve had.

(Medicine MBBS, 2017)

Alumni profile - Vidette Adjorlolo blog
1 March 2022

As an entrepreneur starting my business, this is probably the brokest I've ever been, but it feels like I've exchanged the money I was earning for a very different quality of life where I have more freedom of my time and I have ownership of what I'm building. I create things that I enjoy creating and I get to work with people I really like. 

(Law and European Law LLB, 2017)

Headshot of alumnus Trevor Witton Alumni memoir - Trevor Witton blog
24 February 2022

Trevor Witton studied BSc Geography and graduated in 1977. He reflects on his time at Queen Mary as an undergraduate student and shares how the University still has a special place in his heart. 

A head and shoulders photo of alumna, Melissa Mahmud. She is wearing a grey long-sleeved top and is sat in front of an indoor brick wall and is smiling at the camera. Alumni profile - Melissa Mahmud blog
22 February 2022

People always ask me why I decided to study German, and being a South-Asian woman, there is a misconception that we tend to study science or business-related subjects. However, I want to demonstrate how this language can interest anyone, regardless of their background.

(German and Linguistics BA, 2020)


Headshot of alumna Judy Kingaby Alumni profile - Judy Kingaby blog
18 February 2022

During my first degree I started an internship with an international investment group that focused on renewable energy investments. As I was exposed to the importance of funding for these green projects, I became enamoured with the financial side of our work. I knew that the School of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary was held in high esteem and would be able to support my academic growth in Corporate Finance.

(Biology BSc, 2019; Corporate Finance MSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumna Arielle Nylander Alumni profile - Arielle Nylander blog
16 February 2022

We need to show more people of colour, trans folks, people with disabilities and people in non-traditional relationships. Queer culture is very rich and full of nuance because we have to actively chart our own paths, and we should be proudly showing that face to the world.

(Health Systems and Global Policy MSc, 2016)

Forensic Mental Health Alumna - Makayla Ross Alumni profile - Makayla Ross blog
14 February 2022

Originally a film production graduate from Southern California, Makayla shares her experience of finding an academic interest in forensic psychology and her present career in NHS psychological services.

(Forensic Mental Health MSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumnus, Kamran Khan Alumni profile - Kamran Khan blog
10 February 2022

When the role I am in now came up, it felt like a sign - firstly because it was within the sector that I had my heart in but had yet to pursue, and secondly, because I was much more secure in my queer identity and I felt that being able to work at an organisation that affirms, supports, and advocates for LGBTQ+ people, was something I had to focus on.

(French and Geography BA, 2008)

Headshot of alumna, Olivia Herlihy Alumni profile - Olivia Herlihy blog
8 February 2022

I joined the London Ambulance Service in 2007 after assisting with a medical emergency outside my home. I realised that a paramedic’s job and a broadcast journalist’s job had many similarities. Both professions had to be skilled at questioning people to find out exactly what happened, they were both fast paced jobs that involved highly emotional scenarios, and both involved being constantly out talking to people. I was good at looking after people and dealing with emergencies, which I hadn’t realised was a skill not all people have.

(English with Russian BA, 2003)


Headshot of alumnus Wilson Young Alumni profile - Wilson Young blog
7 February 2022

Coming out has been a tremendous act of self-love and I am honoured to know and support others who are in a similar process.

(Theoretical Physics BSc, 2016)

Headshot of alumnus Aqeel Rafiq Alumni profile - Aqeel Rafiq blog
4 February 2022

Being an intern at eBay during my third year set me up perfectly for working life and taught me a lot about discipline. I have always been passionate about working in big companies that promote good culture, hence why I love working at eBay.

(Computer Science with Industrial Experience BSc, 2015)

Headshot of alumnus Vijay Gill Alumni profile - Vijay Gill blog
2 February 2022

Being Queer, I get to contribute to the active shifting of perceptions toward the Queer community. I represent a community consisting of hundreds of millions of the most vibrant and eccentric people. We get to challenge the norm and define what is acceptable. We’re not only survivors but also thrivers.

(Computer Science with Industrial Experience BSc, 2019)

MSc Physician Associate Studies alumni Rooben Nithiananthan Alumni profile - Rooben Nithiananthan blog
31 January 2022

The beauty of being a Physician Associate is that we can rotate amongst specialities throughout our career, providing us with the ability to grasp new practical skills and knowledge from a vast range of specialties.

(Physician Associate Studies MSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumna, Maryam Sohail Alumni profile - Maryam Sohail blog
18 January 2022

The powerful thing about mentorship is that you get an insight into another’s life experiences and thoughts, without having to be in the same shoes. It teaches you empathy, broadens your horizon and keeps you open-minded. 

(Business Management BSc, 2013)

Karen Ng - PhD Alumna Oral Cancer Studies 2019 Alumni profile - Dr Karen Ng Lee Peng blog
14 January 2022

Dr Karen Ng Lee Peng moved from Malaysia to complete her PhD at the Institute of Dentistry between 2014 – 2019 and is now working in the role of a Senior Research Officer.

(Oral Cancer Studies PhD, 2019)

Headshot of alumna, Kayleigh Benoit Alumni profile - Kayleigh Benoit blog
13 January 2022

With my brand, the mission is that regardless of where you're from, what your background is, what your race is, what your hair type is, it doesn't matter, there's a place for you.

(English and Drama BA, 2008)


Royal guards marching outside Buckingham Palace Queen Mary alumni recognised in the New Year Honours List 2022 blog
12 January 2022

Ten members of the Queen Mary alumni community have been named in the New Year Honours List 2022. The honours mark the achievements and service of remarkable people in public life across the UK and we are delighted that our former students stand among the individuals who have been recognised.

Headshot of alumnus Musa Bukhari Alumni profile - Musa Bukhari blog
7 January 2022

The findings from my dissertation showed that Islamic architecture utilises a plethora of mathematical concepts ranging from Wallpaper groups to Symmetry rules and so on. The results leave the reader pondering what came first – mathematics or architecture?

(Mathematics with Finance and Accounting BSc, 2020)

Alumni profile - Goshilla Maroam blog
5 January 2022

What I like the most about my job is the fact that I must constantly keep abreast of the evolution of the market both locally and internationally and to analyse its impact on the performance of funds and securities. The market is now very dynamic especially with the massive use of technological tools and understanding how financial assets react to news is very interesting!

(Investment and Finance MSc, 2019)

Headshot of alumna Sarah Persov Alumni profile - Sarah Persov blog
21 December 2021

Being a female backend Software Engineer can sometimes be daunting. However, as the world progresses, so does tech, and I’ve had incredibly wholesome discussions with non-female people who are very passionate about making the industry more welcoming, as well as them calling out people who have had unconscious bias. 

(Computer Science BSc, 2019)

Headshot of Principal and President Colin Bailey End of year message from Queen Mary's President and Principal to our alumni blog
18 December 2021

As the end of 2021 fast approaches, Professor Colin Bailey CBE, President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London, highlights some of our key achievements this year. He also thanks our alumni community for their ongoing support. Watch Colin's video message to alumni.

Headshot of alumna, Sandeep Saib Alumni profile - Sandeep Saib blog
14 December 2021

Building relationships with personal advisors and lecturers and becoming part of the Queen Mary alumni family, really helps build your professional network and ability to work collaboratively.

(Business Management BSc, 2010)


Alumni profile - Judge John Russell Finch OBE blog
14 December 2021

The then Bailiff nominated me [for an OBE] in 2017, not wanting it to appear as a retirement gift. I got it at the Palace from HM the Queen, in a very pleasant ceremony. There are not many spaces on the Channel Island list, so I was fortunate. It is a comfort to me that Anne was able to watch a DVD of the investiture and Tom also attended in person. The arrangements are excellent, you and your guests are made most welcome and put at your ease. It is not an occasion to have your trousers fall down! The only big regret is that neither of my parents were alive to see it.

(Law LLB, 1971)

Alumnus Terence Michael Egbelo backpacking in New Zealand Alumni profile - Terence Michael Egbelo blog
10 December 2021

The unique situation of completing a masters during a pandemic seemed to bring my coursemates and I together; our course, being a conversion MSc, was the start of a big change for all of us, each coming from a distinct, non-computer science background. 

(Data Science and Artificial Intelligence MSc, 2021)

Headshot of alumnus, Dr John Goodyear Alumni profile - Dr John Goodyear blog
7 December 2021

Embarking on new research terrain and exploring new cutting-edge ideas was always a thrill, as was sharing such knowledge to peers and undergraduate students. These “Eureka” moments, particularly in the target language, are among my most cherished experiences during my PhD at Queen Mary.

(German Language and Literature PhD, 2012)


Headshot of alumna Maryanne Maira Alumni profile - Maryanne Maira blog
3 December 2021

Working full-time and studying part-time was very stressful to say the least, and I found that my lecturers cared about my situation and would offer great support when needed. This made my experience overall at Queen Mary amazing.

(Computer Science MSc, 2020)

Mr Malcolm Jenkins former Dental staff and student Alumni Remembered - Mr Malcolm Jenkins blog
30 November 2021

Remembering Mr Malcolm Jenkins, beloved member of staff and former student of Dentistry - a piece by Mr William Lloyd

Alumni profile - Eghosa Giwa-Osagie blog
30 November 2021

My choice for my master’s course was a very interesting one which I remain grateful for. I knew I was going to do a master’s degree after my ACCA as I was already living in London at the time, but I had no idea what course to pursue. I was looking more at Accounting related courses at the time because that was basically all I knew – Accounting! However, one of my final ACCA courses was heavily skewed towards finance/investment, and I found this very interesting. I immediately started looking out for courses with a mix of finance and investment.

(Investment and Finance MSc, 2008)

Dame Margaret Seward former student of Dentistry Alumni Remembered - Dame Margaret Seward blog
30 November 2021

An appreciation by Professor Paul Wright

Serpil Djemal Book - Dental Trauma Book Review - Dental Trauma: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management by Serpil Djemal blog
30 November 2021

A review by Dr Asma Qureshi (Dentistry BDS, 2006), President of Barts and The London Dental Club

Headshot of alumnus Aqeel Rafiq Aqeel Rafiq - Islamophobia Awareness Month profile blog
29 November 2021

I think it's important people are educated on racism; in the Quran Allah tells us: "O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another (49:13)." We should embrace diversity and different faiths - it is what makes us unique today. 

(Computer Science with Industrial Experience BSc, 2015)

Headshot of alumna Dilani Selva Dilani Selvanathan – International Day of Persons with Disabilities testimonial. blog
29 November 2021

Your disability doesn’t have to define you or stop you from doing anything you set your mind and heart to in life. I have chosen to embrace my disabilities as they make me unique, and I feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I do succeed as I know I have had to work that extra bit harder.

(Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) BSc, 2021)

Alumni profile - Rida Hussain blog
28 November 2021

What I love about MYH is that it gives the Muslim youth the opportunity to receive judgment-free advice on issues they may face.  The fact that the helpline is confidential helps to empower younger Muslims in getting the help that they would perhaps otherwise not be comfortable seeking. For this reason I see MYH as providing an essential service to our community and am honoured to be part of such an amazing organisation. 

(Law LLB, 2018)

Martin Hudson BEM - Alumnus Barts 1965 Alumni profile - Dr Martin Hudson BEM blog
24 November 2021

Dr Martin Hudson is a retired aviation consultant. Dr Hudson is founder of Holmes Chapel Music Society and in 2021 was honoured with a British Empire Medal for his services to music.

(Medicine MBBS, 1965)

Alumni profile - Yasmin Hoque blog
22 November 2021

As I got older, I felt that being in a profession was essential to provide a voice to minority groups and underrepresented members of society. However, I was the eldest and no one before me in our family had been to university


(Law LLB, 2005)

Headshot of alumnus Hasan Agha Alumni profile - Agha Hasan blog
22 November 2021

Unfortunately, the issue of Islamophobia is a dominant and rampant menace in our society today. Working as a researcher in Parliament, the statistics and figures show that Muslims experience various issues much more harshly than their white counterparts.

(Sustainable Energy Systems MSc, 2018)

Alumni profile - Yiling Yu blog
16 November 2021

I started my very first entrepreneurship project in 2015, when I was a sophomore in college. It didn’t work out for the long term but I was able to gain a lot of insights into the business world.


(Wealth Management MSc, 2019)

Alumni profile - Hussain Syed blog
15 November 2021

Islamophobia Awareness Month is a fantastic opportunity for the Muslim community to educate the wider community about the impact of Islamophobic hate crime and discrimination on British Muslims in the UK. I urge everyone reading this post to take time this month to read through some of MEND’s resources on Islamophobia or speak to their Muslim friends and colleagues about Islamophobia.


(Law with History LLB, 2020)

Headshot of alumnus Bradley Cooper-Barnard Alumni profile - Bradley Cooper-Barnard blog
12 November 2021

In my role I combine my passion for physics and technology to solve real world problems for our clients. We make use of state-of-the-art algorithms and processing techniques to form high resolution images of the subsurface of the Earth.

(Astrophysics BSc, 2018; Astrophysics MSc, 2019)

Headshot of alumna Sultana Azmi Alumni profile - Sultana Azmi blog
11 November 2021

It might make people uncomfortable to discuss Islamophobia and its existence in society, but it is something that we cannot and should not ignore anymore. 

William and Pamela Boulton on their wedding day A letter from alumnus Mr William Boulton (History, French and Latin BA, 1952) blog
11 November 2021

We recently received a letter from Mr William Boulton (History, French and Latin BA, 1952) which although sadly informed us of his wife’s passing, also included details of their life together and their affiliation with Queen Mary College (as Queen Mary was formerly known). We couldn't resist sharing their beautiful love story. 

Headshot of alumnus, Grant Tregonning Alumni profile - Grant Tregonning blog
9 November 2021

The academic and professional staff were really supportive throughout my BSc, so I knew they would be great mentors to support me in my postgraduate studies. I developed a strong bond with them, my peers and the uni. It still feels like I am ‘coming home’ when I visit campus.

(Environmental Science BSc, 2015; Integrated Management of Freshwater Environments MSc, 2016)

Headshot of alumna, Madeleine Levy Alumni profile - Madeleine Levy blog
28 October 2021

My book is a beacon of hope for Autistic individuals and their carers, as it promotes the message that individuals with long-term health conditions can achieve great things in society.

(English and Drama BA, 2011)

National Mentoring Day logo National Mentoring Day 2021 blog
26 October 2021

Today, the 27 October 2021, is National Mentoring Day and this year we have teamed up with our Careers and Enterprise team to recognise and celebrate a handful of alumni and non-alumni who are involved with and have been involved with our QMentoring scheme at Queen Mary. 

Headshot of alumna Gloriose Hitimana Gloriose Hitimana - alumni profile blog
25 October 2021

I believe we need more of a cultural representation of African people in techbolgoy sector. This work leans on those of African-heritage themselves to collaborate to represent on the world stage I know and trust they can do.

(Artificial Intelligence MSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumna, Keshia East Alumni profile - Keshia East blog
22 October 2021

I love being half Ghanaian; I really embrace and love my culture. My mum was born and bred in Ghana, so when I was growing up, she made sure to teach me the language, culture and how to make the best Ghanaian dishes. I’m so lucky that she taught me these things. Whenever someone meets me and sees how integrated I am into both of my cultures, it gives me great joy!

(History BA, 2013)


Parsa Nazari headshot Student recipient profile - Parsa Nazari blog
20 October 2021

Parsa Nazari is a third-year medical student at Barts and The London. He was born in Iran and moved to London with his family at age 3. Parsa is a recipient of the Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence for high academic attainment supported by our generous alumni.

Headshot of alumna Natasha Olutayo Alumni profile - Natasha Olutayo blog
18 October 2021

There isn’t a one size fits all solution to all the issues faced by the Black community unfortunately because we are living in a system that has taken hundred of years to build. It may take just as long to tear it down, but I think that the process to get there will involve a lot of Black people and communities reclaiming their power and changing our mindset.

(Computer Science BSc, 2017; Computer Science MSc, 2018)

Headshot of alumnus, Tomiwa Owolade Alumni profile - Tomiwa Owolade blog
18 October 2021

[My book] is a critique of a tendency to conflate the experiences and cultures of the black British population with the black American population. Obviously, there are instances when comparisons are valid, but the assumption, which I found pervasive after the Black Lives Matter protests last year, that we can analyse black Britain through an American lens, is reductive.

(English BA, 2018)

Headshot of alumna Grace Issahaque Alumni profile - Grace Ama Issahaque blog
18 October 2021

To mark Black History Month and its 2021 theme, Grace Ama Issahaque reflects on why she is 'Proud to Be' in regards to her education and career, her country, and the inspiring individuals who have come before her and who will follow in her footsteps in the legal sector. 

(Computer and Communications Law LLM, 2017)

Headshot of alumna, Sadiqah Musa Alumni profile - Sadiqah Musa blog
12 October 2021

I am a co-founder of Black in Data. I work on data strategic projects and provide actionable insights that impact decision making to increase revenue. The data world is new, fresh, and young, which fuels my passion to see more people that look like me in the industry.

(Environmental Science BSc, 2005)

Headshot of alumna Maria Carmona Alumni profile - Maria Mercado blog
10 October 2021

We interviewed Maria for World Mental Health Day: "According to Mind, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, and often we aren’t coping with these challenges in healthy ways. In light of the severe impact the pandemic has also had on our wellbeing, it's imperative that people have access to practical tools to help keep a sense of balance and stability within their physical and mental health."

(Marketing MSc, 2012)

Headshot of alumnus Jon Stevens Alumni profile - Jon Stevens blog
8 October 2021

In my job I get to travel across south east England visiting a variety of sites from construction projects that are having their environmental impact assessed, to potential sites for redevelopment where land remediation needs to be put in place. I regularly look into geology and hydrogeology and work closely with our ecologists.

(Freshwater and Marine Ecology MSc, 2019)

Joseph Thompson headshot Student recipient profile - Joseph Thompson blog
7 October 2021

Joe is a medical student at Barts and The London. He is from Dorset and moved to London to study Medicine. Joe was awarded an Annual Fund Scholarship of Excellence supported by our alumni. Read on to find out how alumni support helped Joe. 

Headshot of alumnus Ayotunde Rufai Alumni profile - Ayotunde Rufai blog
6 October 2021

Fashion has always been an expression of a community and/or individuals who represent a community. You cannot separate the two, and to get people to buy into any idea you need to make them feel a part of a community. For Jendaya, our aim to do luxury “The African way” means that our culture is one of our differentiators; the African identity is vibrant and fashion-forward which translates into our clothing and our branding. 

(Biology BSc, 2014)

Alumni profile - Tolu Ojo-Williams blog
5 October 2021

In a world edging towards polarising extremes, recalling history is crucial to remind us of times past which mirror contemporary times, in order for the global community to avoid making the same errors as before. So, for me Black History Month is an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come as a society, celebrating the growth and freedom that has been claimed through that journey, and amplifying the voices of those who continue to win victories for us in their everyday lives. Black History Month is an intentional time to appreciate and educate each other. 


(Law LLB, 2016)

Headshot of alumnus Dr Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu Alumni profile - Dr Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu blog
1 October 2021

As part of my role at NASA, I am responsible for designing, building, managing, and delivering a robotics system to Mars. I feel extremely fortunate to work for an organisation where our work genuinely impacts the whole world. NASA and space exploration is making technology and innovation accessible to everyone!

(Avionics BEng, 1991)

Mehdi Azmayesh headshot Alumni Profile - Mehdi Azmayesh blog
30 September 2021

I look back on my experience at Queen Mary as one of the fondest periods of my life to date. I made friendships that will last a lifetime, I’ve overcome challenges that have made me a stronger person, grappled with maturing and having to make difficult decisions, and, of course, enjoyed the process of studying and obtaining my degree. 

(Politics BA, 2016)

Staff Professor Peter Kopelman Former Staff Remembered - Professor Peter Kopelman (1951-2021) blog
29 September 2021

Peter Kopelman had a most distinguished and varied career as a physician, educator and an international research worker in the subject of obesity. He led the governance of three medical schools and finally served as Vice-Chancellor of the University of London.

Alumni profile - Simon Gao blog
28 September 2021

I love my experience of living in London for study, mostly living in the campus. The residential services and resources were brilliant. I think it’s quite rare to be provided with this level of residential support among universities located in London. What surprised me, in a good and fun way, was the level of security against the fire. It’s understandable and highly appreciated.


(Management of Intellectual Property MSc, 2014)

Headshot of alumna Maria Carmona Alumni profile - Maria Carmona blog
27 September 2021

My role is a great opportunity for me to build a positive culture around innovative projects and sustainable solutions in the fight against climate change.

(Astrophysics BSc, 2017)

Headshot of alumnus, Hussain Khan Alumni profile - Hussain Khan blog
21 September 2021

This is one of the most hectic and exciting times to be in politics. You have the Covid-19 Pandemic, the US presidential elections, global human rights violations, and a huge international shift in how people work and conduct business. It is a crazy time to be in politics, but that’s what keeps me going.

(International Business and Politics MSc, 2020)

Hussain Gondal head shot Student story - Hussain Gondal blog
15 September 2021

Hussain Gondal is an Accounting and Finance student at Queen Mary University of London. He accepted a place to study at QMUL after obtaining A*, A* and B in his A-Levels (Economics, Philosophy and Politics). He lives in east London and is the first in his family to go to university. Hussain is one of the recipients of the Annual Fund Scholarship supported by our alumni and friends of the university.

Alumni profile - Kelvin Wong blog
14 September 2021

Having served as the Malaysian alumni ambassador for the past 7 years, I have grown a passion for helping prospective students in understanding Queen Mary better and connecting alumni for career opportunities. I understand the importance of networking and I am dedicated to help my fellow alumni and students to network with each other.

(Law LLB, 2013)

Headshot of alumnus Dr Peter Holt Alumni profile - Dr Peter Holt blog
10 September 2021

The highlight of my career was being able to straddle all the legs of the 3-legged academic stool - teaching, clinical care and research. I have truly loved my career, a love that was only a little less than my love of spouse and children.

(Medicine MBBS, 1954)

Headshot of alumnus, Jose Bencosme Zayas Alumni profile - José Bencosme Zayas blog
7 September 2021

I dream of creating educational institutions for performance artists in my country. I also dream of better working conditions for my colleagues and future generations. I hope that all the performances and projects I create or participate in, always speak to the audiences as testimonies of our times. Some of these things might take five or ten years… some I might never see. The peak is giving my best for a better arts ecosystem in my immediate reality.

(Theatre and Performance MA, 2018)


Headshot of alumnus Michael Larrick Alumni profile - Michael Larrick blog
3 September 2021

I love learning, problem solving, and a good creative challenge. This is what led me to international law and arbitration in particular, because it presents challenges that really excite me. And if you are intellectually engaged, that makes it easier to provide genuine, quality representation.

(Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2020)

Headshot of alumnus Andy Kempchinsky Alumni profile - Andy Kempchinsky blog
1 September 2021

I chose Queen Mary for the conversion programme, which allows people without backgrounds in engineering to integrate into the field. The horizons of my knowledge were expanded by my degree. 

(Biomedical Engineering MSc, 2020).

Dentistry Alumna Martina Olivieri Alumni profile - Martina Olivieri blog
26 August 2021

The beauty of a career in dentistry is that it opens countless opportunities. I have colleagues who have not only gone on to be general dentists, but also marketing assistants, researchers, university professors and many more. The variety of options means I do not feel restricted, and know I can tailor my career to exactly what I want.

(Dentistry BDS, 2020)

Queen Mary Accounting student Student story - Abdinasir Ibrahim blog
25 August 2021

Abdinasir is an Accounting and Management student at Queen Mary. Abdinasir was awarded an Annual Fund Scholarship and shared how the award supported him during his first year at University.

Queen Mary Annual Fund Scholarship recipient (2020-2022)

Headshot of alumnus, Jim Hoare Alumni profile - Jim Hoare blog
24 August 2021

I had wanted to study history almost from when I first went to school. In 1961, I was offered a place at the University of Nottingham and at Queen Mary College (QMC). To be honest, I knew little about either, but QMC seemed the more prestigious – and it was in London. I never regretted my decision. 

(History BA, 1964)

Headshot of alumnus Muhammad Umer Alumni profile - Muhammad Umer blog
23 August 2021

I would strongly recommend Biomedical Sciences to any aspiring medic due to the course being very broad and having a unique medical component that not many other institutions can offer. I secured my place at Queen Mary via clearing and it has been the best experience of my life.

(Biomedical Sciences BSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumna, Alexandra Millman Alumni profile - Alexandra Millman blog
17 August 2021

I’m quite proud of being able to work in Paris (for the time being!) I come to work every day and speak in two different languages, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to exercise my brain and my professional interests in this capacity.

(International Relations (Paris) MA, 2020)


Headshot of alumnus Yongyuth Yuthavong Alumni profile - Yongyuth Yuthavong blog
16 August 2021

When I first started working in Thailand, there was virtually no support for scientific research and scientific policy was virtually non-existent. I therefore thought that I should devote my effort to these issues as well as technical work.

(Chemistry BSc, 1966)

Headshot of alumna, Eliza Yachimowicz Alumni profile - Eliza Yachimowicz blog
11 August 2021

After receiving my BS in Communications in the US, I wanted to gain a better understanding of marketing and eventually transition into more of a marketing/business-focused career. I also wanted to take the opportunity to live abroad and experience life outside of the US. Queen Mary felt like the perfect balance of those two things. I gained a tremendous amount of life experience while also getting an MSc degree at a Russell Group institution. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity.

(Marketing MSc, 2020)

Headshot of alumnus, Anis Islam Alumni profile - Anis Islam blog
4 August 2021

I had always wanted to study in London and Queen Mary had the most liberal course options which explored Geography from non-western perspectives. They are also the only Russell Group university in London with a campus and they had some of the best field trip options in the country!

(Geography BA, 2018)

Headshot of alumna Phebian Odufuwa Alumni profile - Phebian Odufuwa blog
2 August 2021

My main goal in life is to use my knowledge and expertise in botany and bioinformatics to create meaningful and impactful solutions for the climate/environmental challenges facing the human populace in contemporary times.

(Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation MSc, 2019)


Headshot of alumna, Rebecca Dooley Clearing alumni profile - Rebecca Dooley blog
29 July 2021

Clearing turned an awful situation on its head and provided me with a way to not be held back by missing my grades. I am so thankful Clearing was available as an option, and that it was such an easy process, given the stressful circumstances!

(History BA, 2013)


Alumni profile - Iria Giuffrida blog
27 July 2021

Some people are very clear from early on that they are going to be lawyers – I was not one of them. Law was a means to an end; I like structure, and I’ve always liked solving problems, although I would be lying if I said I was aware of it at the time. It just felt like the kind of degree that trains you for ‘the real world’. Whether you want to be a lawyer or not, studying Law teaches you a rigorous way of thinking, of questioning things, of trying to build logical arguments, which can serve you well whatever career you pursue.


(English and European Law LLB, 2001; Law PhD, 2009)

Headshot of alumna Elena Pedrini Alumni profile - Elena Pedrini blog
27 July 2021

My academic path has been heavily focused on statistics, data analytics and machine learning as well as programming, and what I do in my job is basically all of this. I feel very lucky that I have found job opportunities in the field that I’m passionate about and that I’ve studied many years for.

(Big Data Science MSc, 2019)

Headshot of alumna, Sebolelo Gebhardt Alumni profile - Sebolelo Gebhardt blog
22 July 2021

I never thought I would live in Switzerland, learn how to speak French, or really enjoy a career as an investment professional! I made plans but I was open to deviations along the way. In the words of Joseph Campbell, “we must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

(English and Drama BA, 2010)


Queen Mary SCBS students Student story - Rasheed Uddin blog
21 July 2021

Rasheed is a Biology student at Queen Mary University of London and a recipient of the William Spilsbury Scholarship. The award is supported by the late Mr William Spilsbury, BA German 1960, who kindly left the University a gift in his Will to support students in hardship.


Headshot of alumna, Paige Dixon Alumni profile - Paige Dixon blog
13 July 2021

The best thing about working in heritage management is that I am always learning something new. New research is always being conducted and new information is always coming to light. I find that even if I think that I know all there is to know about a subject in history, there is always something new to learn, or a different perspective to consider.

(Heritage Management MA, 2020)


Headshot of alumnus Eathan Plaschka Alumni profile - Eathan Plaschka blog
13 July 2021

I always thought the best route to learning from an international and diverse community was to completely immerse myself in one. And, there was no better place to do such a thing other than at Queen Mary. I had always wanted to complete my studies in the UK, and I knew that I could benefit from the experience of studying alongside many other international students.

(Mechanical Engineering BEng, 2020)

Headshot of alumnus Franck Ulrich Alumni profile - Franck Ulrich Zahou Koula blog
8 July 2021

I am very proud and honoured to be part of the Queen Mary University of London global alumni community. I still have my graduation photo fixed somewhere at home, so that every visitor can see, and so that it can motivate my younger relatives!

(Mathematics, Business Management and Finance BSc, 2006)

Headshot of alumnus Majeed Lashari Alumni profile - Majeed Lashari blog
7 July 2021

Studying on a Chevening Scholarship at Queen Mary was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Being chosen as Queen Mary’s Chevening Chapter leader is an honour. Personally, it has already helped me relive many precious moments from one of the best years of my life.

(Public International Law LLM, 2017)

Chandni Patel headshot Student story - Chandni Patel blog
7 July 2021

Chandni is a final year medical student at Barts and The London. She is one of the students to receive the Scholarship for Excellence this year funded by our generous Barts and The London alumni.

Alumni profile - Shahida Pervin blog
6 July 2021

 At the CPD, I got involved in studies crucial for the Bangladesh economy, including estimating women’s unpaid contribution to the economy, Bangladesh’s graduation from LDC, reviewing macroeconomic and social indicators of the country, etc.


(Economics MSc, 2018)

Headshot of alumna Margarett Devitt Life in Halls - Margaret Devitt blog
1 July 2021

As part of our ongoing 'Life in Halls' series, alumna Margaret Devitt (History BA, 1961) reflects on her time living in halls and her overall university experience from 1958-1961. 

Headshot of alumnus Paul Eguia Alumni profile - Paul Eguia blog
1 July 2021

Beside my job as a Sustainable Sourcing Strategy Manager, my partner Eva and I have just bought a farm for our agroecosystem. As conservationists, we felt that the best contribution we could bring to biodiversity conservation was to help the mentality shift for land use and food production. This project was only made possible by our scientific approach and education.

(Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation MSc, 2018). 

Students on Mile End Campus Student Story: Henry Weaver blog
30 June 2021

I’m so grateful to be awarded an Alumni-funded Scholarship. The funds have helped me survive this difficult time and enabled me to keep eating, pay rent and buy my study resources. 

Henry Weaver, QMUL Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2020-

Headshot of alumnus John Lucas Life in Halls - John Lucas blog
30 June 2021

As part of our newly launched and ongoing 'Life in Halls' series, alumnus John Lucas (Economics and Geography MSc, 1968) takes the opportunity to reflect on what it was like to live in Creed Hall during his master's degree and how his time in Halls has greatly influenced his subsequent career. 

Queen Elizabeth II waving Queen Mary alumni recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021 blog
24 June 2021

We are thrilled to announce that eight Queen Mary alumni were recently named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. The honours acknowledge the outstanding achievements of people across the UK, and we are delighted that members of our alumni community stand among the 1,129 individuals who have been recognised.

Headshot of alumna Laura Hartley Women in Tech - Laura Hartley blog
22 June 2021

There is a gender gap in the tech industry and we're hoping to help change this by launching an ongoing ‘Women in Tech’ series which will shine a spotlight on female-identifying alumni working in this industry. Today's feature is Laura Hartley (Associate Student, 2010), Manager, Enterprise Security Advisory & Awareness at National Australia Bank. 

Alumni profile - Hilary Stewart-Jones blog
22 June 2021

I began my knowledge and interest in the gambling sector whilst at Ladbrokes which at that time ran betting shops, casinos and racetracks across multiple jurisdictions. The industry is unique; it is highly regulated but is evolving and inventive.


(Law LLB, 1982)

Headshot of alumnus Shaylaan Auzine Alumni profile - Shaylaan Auzine blog
21 June 2021

My degree has helped me to fulfil my ambition to be an aeronautical engineer and gain a wealth of knowledge about various scientific contributions to the aircraft industry through modules such aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and propulsion.

(Aerospace Engineering MEng, 2014)

Ines Sousa headshot Student Story - Ines Sousa blog
17 June 2021

Ines is a fourth-year medical student at Barts and The London. She is currently doing her intercalated year on BSc Neuroscience. Ines is a recipient of the Scholarship for Excellence award this year for high academic attainment. These awards are supported by our generous alumni.

Headshot of alumna Jasneet Taak Women in Tech - Jasneet Taak blog
17 June 2021

There is a gender gap in the tech industry and we're hoping to help change this by launching an ongoing ‘Women in Tech’ series which will shine a spotlight on female-identifying alumni working in this industry. Today's feature is Co-Founder of Accelerate and Graduate Software Developer, Jasneet Taak (Physics BSc, 2019).

Headshot of alumna, Kim Yudelowitz Alumni profile - Kim Yudelowitz blog
16 June 2021

I decided to take on a Comparative Literature module and instantly enjoyed it. I really felt like I had found my calling. The modules were so diverse and broad, giving me a chance to read such an exciting range of literature.

(Comparative Literature BA, 2019)


Alumni profile - Mert Ergörün blog
8 June 2021

After completing my master’s degree in Business Finance, I came back to Turkey to run our family business which was focused on manufacturing of pharmaceuticals for animal healthcare. One year later, due to some industry related reasons, we have sold our shares in the company and that was a turning point in my life. As I had spent one year in QMUL and been exposed to its multicultural and diverse environment, the most important thing for me was to work in a place in which I could have the chance to communicate with people from different cultures.


(Business Finance MSc, 2013)

Headshot of Zhixin Yeo Student Story - Zhixin Yeo blog
8 June 2021

Zhixin is a final year medical student at Barts and The London. She is originally from Singapore and came to study in the UK. Zhixin is the first in her family to study medicine. She is one of the students to receive the Scholarship for Excellence this year funded by our generous Barts and The London alumni.

Headshot of alumna, Teona Mango Alumni profile - Teona Mango blog
8 June 2021

Studying at Queen Mary taught me that changes are possible and social change is a team effort. I may not be able to change the world but changing the mindset of a small group of people is still a success and one step closer to the end goal.

(Politics and International Relations BA, 2019)

Headshot of alumna Ene Audu Alumni profile - Ene Audu blog
7 June 2021

I feel fortunate to have started out in a company that shares the idea that there needs to be equity as well as equality. I see so many strong women who I look up to and this motivates me to showcase what I can do. I am seen first for my value and not as a woman who happens to be in tech.

(Computer Science with Business Management BSc, 2016; Accounting and Management MSc, 2017)

Alumni Remembered - Jak Kissell blog
3 June 2021

This obituary summarises the life and work of James Alistair Kissell, known affectionately to his friends as 'Jak'. Jak studied English at Queen Mary College and graduated in 1961. 

QMUL Students on campus Student story - Inaya Zaman blog
2 June 2021

Inaya is a first-year History student at Queen Mary University of London. She accepted her place to study after completing her A levels in History, Maths and Physics. Inaya grew up in East London. She is the first in her family to go to university.

Inaya Zaman (BA History 2020- )
Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipient (2020-2022)

Headshot of alumna Raluca Semenescu Women in Tech - Raluca Semenescu blog
1 June 2021

There is a gender gap in the tech industry and we're hoping to help change this by launching an ongoing ‘Women in Tech’ series which will shine a spotlight on female-identifying alumni working in this industry. Today's feature is Raluca Semenescu (Creative Computing BSc, 2020), UX/UI Designer at TikTok. 



Headshot of alumna Abeera Mohammad Alumni profile - Abeera Mohammad blog
1 June 2021

I find it amazing knowing that I have helped make an impact to bring a treatment to patients who have so little options out there. Making treatments available quickly can literally be the difference of life and death for someone, especially in the oncology (cancer) space, so it can be a motivator when you are doing the analysis to ensure it is delivered quickly and to a high quality.

(Mathematics and Statistics BSc, 2016) 

Diana Hysenaj headshot Student story - Diana Hysenaj blog
26 May 2021

Diana is a first-year Politics and International Relations student at Queen Mary University of London. Diana is of Albanian heritage and one of six siblings in her family. She attended a state school in Newham and within the first generation in her family to go to university. 

Diana Hysenaj, Annual Fund recipient (2020-2022)

Alumni profile - Fran Ridout blog
25 May 2021

Professor Nigel Spencer from Queen Mary, two other co-collaborators from outside Queen Mary, and I got together to make a podcast about legal careers. The whole idea is about diversity and democratising knowledge about the industry. We want an individual who doesn’t have a family member or family friend in Law to have as many insights into the profession as someone who does. We have episodes on different topics which might interest our listeners.


(Law LLB, 2006)

Headshot of alumna, Harriet Reed Alumni profile - Harriet Reed blog
18 May 2021

I have always been passionate about history, museums and the past lives of objects. Working at the V&A has been a privilege, not only in terms of its collection, but to collaborate with colleagues equally as passionate about history and public engagement.

(History BA, 2013)

Alumnus Dan Harrold holding a tortoise Alumni profile - Dan Harrold blog
17 May 2021

In terms of my career so far, I have been fortunate enough to have helped with the conservation of endangered species and with improving the welfare and nutrition of captive animals within zoological institutions such as Zoological London Society (ZSL).

(Zoology BSc, 2015)

Headshot of alumnus Nadiur Rahman Alumni profile - Nadiur Rahman blog
17 May 2021

Climate change is an issue close to my heart and I believe we as humans are responsible for sustainable living to safeguard future generations. At Carnot Ltd, I believe we have found a new method of sustainably producing energy capable of meeting the growing demands of the human race.

(Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Experience MEng, 2018)

Headshot of alumna, Maisie Hall Alumni profile - Maisie Hall blog
13 May 2021

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses and are often misunderstood and misrepresented in society and the media. I really wanted to be part of a charity that was dedicated to helping everyone regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or background. 

(English BA, 2018)

Headshot of alumna Rawan Hassan Alumni profile - Rawan Hassan blog
13 May 2021

Across the globe, 2020 saw a rise in the acknowledgement of human right violations, with many suffering disproportionally at the hands of unjust governments and a pandemic. Carrying on with the theme of amplifying voices, I started a petition against the inhumane treatment of migrant groups in Cyprus and mobilised a community of athletes to pledge unprecedented mileage to raise funds for drastically needed aid in Yemen.

(Psychology BSc, 2019)

Headshot of alumna, Lara Conboy Alumni profile - Lara Conboy blog
12 May 2021

There is a huge demand for language graduates. Not only are they able to show off their linguistic abilities, but they have also developed unique interdisciplinary skills, ranging from communication and project management, through to creative thinking and a high level of writing.

(French and German BA, 2019)

Headshot of alumna, Charlotte Watson Alumni profile - Charlotte Watson blog
11 May 2021

I think it’s really important to acknowledge that it will have been exceedingly hard for most people to maintain good mental health for the duration of the last year, and that struggling is a normal response to a set of circumstances which can be massively challenging and have been, for some people, traumatic.

(Politics BA, 2016)


Alumni profile - Yakama Manty Jones blog
11 May 2021

As an entrepreneur Dr. Jones is the Chief Executive Officer of Peninsular Innovative Group, an indigenous company operating in the shipping and manufacturing industries in Sierra Leone. The company is also one of the leading manufacturers of consumables under the brand 'Crystal Clear’ where they currently produce products such as water, detergent powder, carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices.


(Economics and Finance MSc, 2010)

Queen Mary Student in East London Student Story - Reshma Begum blog
11 May 2021

Reshma is a first-year History student at Queen Mary and is one of this year’s Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipients.

Reshma Begum, Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipient 2020

Headshot of alumnus Vidura Fonseka Alumni profile - Vidura blog
10 May 2021

I was part way into my third year and heading towards a failure when the University agreed to give me a year out so that I could prioritise my mental health. Mental health affects us all, therefore it’s something we all need to address openly in society. Acceptance is the first step in normalising admitting that we need help.

(Aerospace Engineering MEng, 2012)

Krishan Patel Graduation photo Alumni profile - Krishan Patel blog
5 May 2021

Dr Krishan Patel qualified in Medicine in 2019 and is currently works as an F2 Doctor. Krishan shared with us his experience working as a Student Explainer during his time at Barts and The London and how that has helped his career now. 

(Medicine, MBBS, 2019)

Headshot of alumnus, Alistair Hatch Alumni profile - Alistair Hatch blog
4 May 2021

I look back on my time at Queen Mary very fondly. It opened my eyes to everything I wanted from an experience away from home comforts and taught me the values of being respectful, reflective, and understanding of those around me. It really did shape who I have become today.

(History BA, 2002)

Alumni profile - Zoe Chen blog
27 April 2021

It is not your job to impress everyone, if you are constantly worried about what people think of you, you will never get to where you need to be in life and end up stuck with the consequences of your own actions. Make a conscious effort to make autonomous decisions, remember to have fun and shape the future you want for yourself.


(Law LLB, 2019)

Headshot of alumna Justine Tizzard Alumni profile - Justine Tizzard blog
27 April 2021

I was headhunted on LinkedIn by Chatteris Educational Foundation in Hong Kong to start working for them in January 2020. Since then, I have been based in the beautiful city of Hong Kong working as a STEM Project Coordinator. My work is very interesting and difficult to explain to people because every day is very different.

(Chemistry BSc, 2018)

Headshot of alumns Vijay Modaher Alumni profile - Vijay Modaher blog
22 April 2021

On A-level results day I was shocked to see that I had missed my entry grades by one. Fortunately, I was still offered a place and I ended up completing a degree that was two grades higher than my A-levels, which just goes to show that A-levels are your ticket to university, but not necessarily a reflection of your true ability.

(Mathematics MSci, 2015)

Headshot of alumnus, Daniel Robson Alumni profile - Daniel Robson blog
22 April 2021

My experience at Queen Mary gave me the first-hand experience that I draw upon every day in my job. I have lived so many of the experiences that our students are and can advise them from a genuine place. It gave me connections which have been a source of support ever since.

(Film Studies BA, 2012)


Headshot of Matthew Robertson Alumni profile - Matthew Robertson blog
21 April 2021

Matthew Robertson graduated with a degree in History and Postgrad in Management at Queen Mary. He is now a Senior Executive in Efficio Consultancy. Matthew told us about his time at Queen Mary, his career till date and why he decided to support our students during the pandemic. 

Headshot of alumnus, Andrew Hyams Alumni profile - Andrew Hyams blog
20 April 2021

I love helping charities and non-profits raise money, recruit new supporters or hone their messages. I get a real sense that by supporting them it can transform the impact for people who are less fortunate than me.

(History of Political Thought and Intellectual History MA, 2013)

Headshot of alumnus Juan Carlos Fernández Gomez Alumni profile - Juan Carlos Fernández Gómez blog
16 April 2021

I used my time at Queen Mary to build the technology that I’m currently trying to deploy within my company, SmartMaze. This company focuses on software development and the implementation of IoT solutions to improve the performance of public transportation in developing cities.

(Internet of Things MSc, 2019)

Alumni profile - Supaset Sothonsirimongkol blog
15 April 2021

I would like to share my knowledge related to risk management and investment management to those who are interested in saving money and gaining financial freedom. I also plan to become a mentor or part-time lecturer at a university. I want to contribute back to the society and my country.

Headshot Alexander Choybsonov Student Story: Alexander Choysbonov blog
14 April 2021

Alexander is an Economics, Statistics and Mathematics student at Queen Mary. He is a mature student and lives in East London. Alexander is a recipient of an alumni-funded scholarship and told us how the award made a difference to his university experience. 

Headshot of alumna Maeve McMahon Alumni profile - Maeve McMahon blog
14 April 2021

For me, statistics is one of the most important and rewarding parts of the Civil Service. We provide impartial and reliable information on data that the government holds. Without our publications, the public wouldn’t know how many Covid vaccines have been given or how many people have lost work since lockdown. Or, indeed, how many babies are named Oliver and Olivia every year!

(Psychology PhD, 2019)

Headshot of alumna, Amy Sargeant Alumni profile - Amy Sargeant blog
13 April 2021

My time at Queen Mary really helped me to work out what I was interested in and what I wanted to do as a career. The opportunity to be able to learn about film theory and history, as well as practical filmmaking, really solidified my interest in documentary as a whole and also influenced how I go about making films today.

Headshot of alumnus Simon Mills Alumni profile - Simon Mills blog
12 April 2021

My Engineering degree has meant that I have ended up in locations that resemble those found in a James Bond movie. I have visited places like CERN, and a power station in Scotland that's ¼ of a mile underneath a mountain with giant hydroelectric turbines - both seem like being in a villain’s lair!

Headshot of alumnus Andrew Proctor Alumni profile - Andrew Proctor blog
8 April 2021

On arrival at Queen Mary College as it was known back then, I was fascinated by the interface between biology and chemistry. After graduation I explored various avenues including clinical biochemistry and biology lecturing before finding food science, which was a perfect fit for my interests and background.

Headshot of alumna, Katie Momber Alumni profile - Katie Momber blog
6 April 2021

The experience of studying in a new country was amazing, the friendships I made were particularly close, and Western Australia is breathtakingly beautiful; I don’t know that I would have had reason to go there if not for the exchange.

Headshot of alumna Nada Issa Alumni profile - Nada Issa blog
1 April 2021

I am proud to be an engineer. I enjoyed studying engineering and I love working in the industry; I get a real sense of fulfillment from designing buildings that have a positive impact on both people’s lives and on the environment. 

Headshot of Symron Kaur Student Story: Symron Kaur blog
31 March 2021

Symron is a first-year Psychology student at Queen Mary University of London. She grew up in east London and attended a state school. Symron was awarded the Annual Fund Scholarship this year and shared with us how alumni gifts have supported her. 

Headshot of alumna Tola Alade Alumni profile - Tola Alade blog
31 March 2021

As a Data Scientist who is passionate about what she does on a day to day basis, I am able to share my passion with others with the hope of inspiring younger generations by sharing insights into how Mathematics can be used to build very cool applications to solve problems across a wide range of industries.

Headshot of alumna, Lauren Arch Alumni profile - Lauren Arch blog
29 March 2021

I saw a presenter workshop for my favourite online radio at the time and applied on a complete whim with zero radio experience. To my surprise, I got selected, and from there everything changed for me and I became dead set on working in radio full time.

Headshot of alumna, Annie Andoh Alumni profile - Annie Andoh blog
29 March 2021

The beauty of working in social media is that the industry is always changing, and the way people consume content continues to evolve. My interests very much lie with seeing these changes and being creative with how we connect with people.

Westfield College financier, Ann Dudin Brown Women's History Month - alumnae philanthropists blog
27 March 2021

Today's Women's History Month post shines a spotlight on two alumnae donors: Dr Beatrice Worthing (French BA, 1936; PhD, 1950) and Miss Sally Sainsbury (History BA, 1962). 


Headshot of alumna Parveen Kumar Women's History Month - Professor Dame Parveen Kumar DBE blog
26 March 2021

The eighth pioneer of our Women’s History Month campaign is Professor Dame Parveen Kumar DBE, BSc, MD, DM, DSc, DEd, FRCP, FRCPE, FRCPI, FRCPG, FRCPath, FIMA, FICG (Medicine MBBS, 1966), Emerita Professor of Medicine and Education at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. 

Headshot of alumnus Harry Walmsley Alumni profile - Harry Walmsley blog
26 March 2021

I was a senior registrar at Kings College Hospital on a year’s rotation to Brighton when I had a major crash on the A23 colliding with a lamppost. I spent 3 weeks on ICU and 5 months in hospital and had my right leg amputated above the knee, major reconstruction of my left knee and 92 units of blood during my time in hospital. My wife was told that I had a 50:50 chance of surviving. 

Headshot of alumna, Costanza Casati Alumni profile - Costanza Casati blog
26 March 2021

Characters are what matters the most when you’re writing a book. If you don’t understand your characters deeply, feel and care for them, then no one else will.

Students on the streets during the non-cooperation movement of 1970 Celebrating 50 years of Bangladeshi Independence - Alumni story blog
25 March 2021

Bangladesh 50 is an exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Bangladesh. The exhibition will explore the impact of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, and the experience of the Bangladeshi community, many of whom came to settle in Tower Hamlets. In this blog post, English alumna, Sabiya Khatun, talks about how getting involved with the exhibition as a Citizen Researcher resonated with the interests she was able to explore during her degree and why members of the Queen Mary community should go and see it.

Alumna Victoria Kemp at graduation Alumni profile - Victoria Kemp blog
24 March 2021

During my PhD I had the pleasure of working in a naturally hyper-diverse landscape, but I also witnessed the devastating conversion of this landscape for cash crops. After seeing habitat destruction and the effect on local ecosystems, I was interested to find a way to help mitigate this impact, with a focus on developing sustainable, local food systems. This is how Pea-Fu was born.

Headshot of alumnus, Marjan Nur Alumni profile - Marjan Nur blog
24 March 2021

London is the most amazing city I have ever been to. Because of the nature of my job and traveling being a passion of mine, my interest has taken me to 38 countries, and among them I have found, and still find, London the most vibrant, multicultural, and welcoming. No matter where you are from, you will be able to find the little version of your country in this city.


Nayomi graduation picture Alumni Donor profile - Nayomi Kasthuriarachchi blog
24 March 2021

Nayomi Kasthuriarachchi graduated with a degree in Statistics, Computing, Operational Research and Mathematics with Management Studies from Queen Mary University of London in 2001. She is now self-employed and works part-time as a Financial Consultant. She told us about her time at Queen Mary and why she decided to support students during the Pandemic.

Alumni profile - Siti Kasim blog
23 March 2021

When I first came back to Malaysia in 2004, I had no idea about the existence of our indigenous people. This subject is not taught in our schools. No one talks about them. I joined the Human Rights Committee under the Bar Council in 2007 and that’s when I realised there are many human rights issues in Malaysia. I started visiting the villages of the Orang Asli, which is the word for the peninsula indigenous people, and I learnt about the issues, and I saw who they are.

Headshot of alumna Gurjeet Kahlon Alumni profile - Gurjeet Kahlon blog
19 March 2021

The journey to my degree was very difficult. I was never great at maths and had multiple maths teachers (all male) who told me I shouldn’t pursue physics as I wouldn’t be able to handle it. At the time, I was too timid to address it, but it wasn’t fair and I definitely wouldn’t stand for it now. I dealt with the discrimination I faced by proving my maths teachers wrong.

Headshot of Asma Khalil Women's History Month - Professor Asma Khalil Elboraey blog
17 March 2021

The third pioneer of our Women’s History Month campaign is Professor Asma Khalil Elboraey (Medicine MD, 2009).

Headshot of alumnus Henry Preston Alumni profile - Henry Preston blog
17 March 2021

My role is to provide support to the UK's current Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) fleet through post irradiation evaluation of fuel and graphite. This involves designing and planning lab experiments and I also perform underwater video inspections of spent fuel in power station cooling ponds, across the AGR sites in the UK, to support continued safe operation.

Headshot of alumnus, Matt Kay Alumni profile - Matt Kay blog
16 March 2021

Under different circumstances, I would never have been able to go and see what an all-female sumo wrestling dojo in Japan looks like, but because I was making a film, I was able to spend time with these really inspirational, amazing women.

Alumni photo - Shayan Ashajei Alumni profile - Shayan Ashjaei blog
15 March 2021

I graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry back in 2019 as one of the first cohorts of Physician Associates, which are relatively new in the NHS.

Headshot of alumna Ibilola Amao Alumni profile - Dr Ibilola Amao blog
12 March 2021

My focus sectors are male-dominated ones such as the Energy, Power, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas Industries. I have challenged the perception that women cannot build successful careers in these male-dominated industries as CEO of my own business, and I mentor and empower future generations of women to do the same.

Alumni profile - Richard Learwood blog
9 March 2021

I started a project with Tower Hamlets, the university and Barclays to give the Mile End Road a makeover. Tower Hamlets were keen to be involved because they saw the road as the public face of the borough and the university and local business saw the benefits too. So the plan was that I was going to be employed for a year by Tower Hamlets to oversee the scheme, but six weeks before the end of my term as President, central government redirected the funds away from Tower Hamlets and I was jobless!

Headshot of alumna, Heidi Cheng Alumni profile - Heidi Cheng blog
9 March 2021

I grew up in a city that puts a lot of emphasis on English and where there is a great demand for English teachers. When I visited London for the first time as a tourist at 16, I was hosted by a local British family. Being able to be understood by native English speakers was such a cool feeling and it really fueled my interest in English learning and teaching further. 

Professor Rosemary Wyse as a student at Queen Mary College Women's History Month - Professor Rosemary Wyse blog
8 March 2021

The third pioneer of our Women’s History Month campaign is Professor Rosemary Wyse (Physics and Astrophysics BSc, 1977). Rosemary is an astrophysicist, Alumni Centennial Professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Johns Hopkins University, and Queen Mary Honorary Graduate.

Headshot of alumna Ella Haines-Kelvin Alumni profile - Ella Haines-Kelvin blog
8 March 2021

I work alongside research practitioners, research nurses and doctors in the Early Phase Oncology Trials Team, facilitating Phase I & II trials for new experimental cancer medicines often tested for the first time in humans for a wide variety of cancer types. Offering patients a lifeline with experimental treatments and knowing that our work will translate to widescale clinical benefits if the drug in question is a long-term success is very rewarding!

Headshot of alumna Miranda Burns Alumni profile - Miranda Burns blog
3 March 2021

I have loved radio since day dot. Whilst at Queen mary, I joined Quest as a new hobby; I started off with two shows a week and threw my all into them. In April 2018, after having covered with Rob Howard on and off for the last year, I was asked if I’d like to relocate to Brighton and launch a Capital there - obviously I said yes! 

Headshot of alumnus, Joshua Leigh Alumni profile - Joshua Leigh blog
2 March 2021

I think the thing that surprised me most, was myself. From learning to deal with and overcome my anxieties, to writing a detailed and comprehensive thesis, I was challenged throughout the MSc process and was able to rise to each challenge and ultimately succeed with my work, which lead me into pursuing research at PhD level. 

Alumna Jane Hill, VP Communities Tiana Dinard-Samuel and Professor Rainbow Murray Alumni Angles: A conversation with BBC newsreader, Jane Hill blog
1 March 2021

We are absolutely delighted to announce that on Thursday 25 February, the Alumni Engagement Team launched our flagship engagement series ‘Alumni Angles’ to showcase the talent in the Queen Mary alumni community.

Student profile - Liam Langlois blog
25 February 2021

Queer individuals have been and are virtually present in every instance of society. Acknowledging their past and future contributions is fundamental firstly because they play a role in innovations and progress just like anyone else and because gender and sexual orientations only constitute a part of their identities.

Headshot of alumna Adaeze Siwoniku Alumni profile - Adaeze Siwoniku blog
24 February 2021

There needs to be obvious visibility of women in STEM roles in all different hierarchical positions so that women aspiring to pursue STEM based careers have role models that they can see themselves reflected in. There also needs to be more of an effort to engage young women at secondary school level (and earlier) and once women do break into STEM based careers, there needs to be more of an effort to reduce barriers in the early stages of their careers.

Headshot of alumnus, Mitch Harris Alumni profile - Mitch Harris blog
23 February 2021

It’s astonishing to look at the contribution LGBTQ+ people have made throughout history, and to know that many of them have only been acknowledged in recent years. I think we need to continue to find and highlight those people that have made extraordinary contributions that enable us to live as we do today.

Headshot of alumna, Beth Watton Alumni profile - Beth Watton blog
22 February 2021

I am deeply passionate and committed to debunking both the myth and the reality, that the arts are an exclusive, elitist realm, accessible to and for a very white, privileged audience. My work gives me the perfect opportunity, space and platform to do this and that is what I enjoy most about it.

Headshot of alumnus Sam Miles Alumni profile - Sam Miles blog
19 February 2021

Although my PhD was about a specific thing: dating apps on mobile phones for gay men in London, the questions that it interrogates are much wider. The answers I pursued were about how we use technology for our everyday social and sexual lives and how we rationalise this technology use. 

Alumni profile - Kerri Dixon-Jones blog
18 February 2021

Although Mental Health Law is a world away from the type of work I do now, that role was fundamental in teaching me about people and hard work and I am forever grateful for my manager Kate for her mentorship and friendship. It was the training Kate gave me that has made me successful in each role I have had since.

Headshot of alumna, Zoe Adams Alumni profile - Zoe Adams blog
17 February 2021

As a Teaching Fellow, I prepare and deliver content for Language & Health Communication, as well as supervise the students’ final research projects. This was a module that I designed as a PhD candidate in 2016, so it’s great to return and be the course convenor!

Virtual group meeting Santander Student Online Self-Development Programme blog
17 February 2021

Queen Mary University of London are thrilled to be taking part in the Student Online Self-Development Programme, powered by Santander Universities UK in collaboration with Sporting Edge. 19 Queen Mary students are participating in this programme and will have the chance of winning a £10,000 Santander Development Grant! 

Headshot of alumnus, Dr Ben Walters Alumni profile - Dr Ben Walters blog
16 February 2021

There have been people in every society and every period of history whose experiences of gender identity and sexual desire aren’t contained by the fixed categories our culture thinks of as ‘straight’ and ‘cisgender’. Queerness is a normal, natural and consistent part of human life. Acknowledging, celebrating and learning from that would benefit everybody in society.

Headshot of alumnus Jeremy Curtis talking at a space conference Honorary Graduate profile - Jeremy Curtis blog
15 February 2021

I have never been aware of many LGBTQ+ people in the space sector, but I think this has been due to reticence about bringing personal matters to work. I have been out at work for many years and cannot recall a negative reaction from a colleague. I talk about my husband and take him to work social events and he is always greeted with enthusiasm by my workmates.

Headshot of alumnus Helgi Johannsson Alumni profile - Helgi Johannsson blog
15 February 2021

I think there is still a way to go for equality, and we cannot be complacent. What can we do to further it now?

Photo of alumni couple Lillian and Omair on their wedding day Qupid Love Story - Lillian Reza and Omair Raja blog
11 February 2021

In her own words, alumna Lillian Reza narrates her love story with alumnus Omair Raja, telling her audience how "Omair and I have been inseparable since the very first time we met. We connected through our shared love of Medicine, History and Politics" and how "this year, we are lucky to be celebrating fifteen years of being together and four years of married bliss."

Headshot of alumna Raghad Zuraiki Alumni profile - Raghad Zuraiki blog
11 February 2021

One of my long-term goals is to use my AI knowledge and skills to contribute to the technological developments in the healthcare sector to help fill in the need for available professionals which many disadvantaged countries are not able to provide. I also aspire to contribute towards making education available to everyone around the world, which unfortunately isn't possible right now due to a lack of funding, lack of proper educational materials, and lack of trained teachers.

Photo of Dr Anthony James Alumni profile - Anthony James blog
10 February 2021

The journey of self-discovery for LGBT+ people is often a stressful and scary time, but one benefit of all the soul searching that comes with this is the development of a deep understanding and self-awareness of out characters, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses.

Headshot of alumna Samerah Saeed Alumni profile - Samerah Saeed blog
9 February 2021

Personally, I find the most exciting part of being a surgical trainee is learning how to operate. It is always a great feeling to have learnt or improved upon a skill. However, the most satisfying and humbling feeling is being able to contribute to a person’s wellbeing, or at least being able to support them in a time of difficulty. I am very honoured to have been able to work for the NHS throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Headshot of alumna, Laila El azhary Alumni profile - Laila El azhary blog
9 February 2021

There are a lot of things I learned while making this film. I got to understand some of the struggles that Kurdish people face. I got to learn about their history which is not something we are taught in schools. I also learnt about the frequent misrepresentation of them as a community.

Headshot of alumna Charlotte Byrne Alumni profile - Charlotte Byrne blog
8 February 2021

There is still so much work to be done. While representation has grown over the last ten years or so, and it’s fantastic to see, I still believe there is a danger of tokenism and queer-baiting across the media... Give us complex trans characters in video games or gay couples in mainstream romance fiction - not a minor queer character to tick boxes, or a shot of a girl/girl kiss in a film trailer that might just be a symbol of a platonic friendship!

Alumni profile - Abby Crawford blog
7 February 2021

 I grew up with such limited information about the history of the LGBTQ+ community, and I wasn’t ever given the opportunity to learn about the impact and contributions of LGBTQ+ people at school. If we don’t include LGBTQ+ people in our shared history, it essentially erases people from the narrative, and this sends such a strong message to young people that ‘people like you don’t matter’.

Headshot of alumna, Kana Alam Alumni profile - Kana Alam blog
5 February 2021

I loved the people on my course – some of them have become my best friends and we are still in touch with one another. There was something really comforting and inspiring about being friends with people who care about the same stuff as you, and at the time, climate change wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. It also somehow seemed like Queen Mary just brought the nicest people together, and that made the whole experience so enjoyable.

Maria Volunteering in Peru Student Story: Maria Vittoria blog
3 February 2021

"My name is Maria and I grew up in Rome, Italy. I completed my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary University and now studying Medicine at Barts and The London. I’m a recipient of the Scholarship for Excellence funded by our alumni. I want to share how the generous award supported by student journey."

Headshot of alumna, Evie Lewis Alumni profile - Evie Lewis blog
1 February 2021

My current research is very much informed by and carries on from my MA dissertation. Following on from my research into literary linguistic and formal experimentalism, I am now exploring the limits of discourse and language, and am interested in novels that have silences, gaps, or absences at the centre of their narrative – the expressive potential of this but also its limitations.

Headshot of alumna, Annabelle Sami Alumni profile - Annabelle Sami blog
1 February 2021

One of the best things about studying in London, and specifically in the East End, is that I was studying with, and being taught by, a diverse group of people. East London has a rich history of migration and revolutionary resistance which makes it an exciting and inspiring place to live and explore. 

Headshot of alumnus Aaron West Alumni profile - Aaron West blog
31 January 2021

LGBTQ+ History Month is first and foremost an opportunity to educate on the issues we have faced and continue to face as a community. While history is in the name, it is all about the present. This is more important than ever, as policy-makers are increasingly swayed by misinformation. LGBTQ+ history month is a great way of reaching and teaching these people to get the change we need and deserve.

Headshot of alumnus Dhanushka Hapuarachchi Alumni profile - Dhan Hapuarachchi blog
28 January 2021

In my role as Service Delivery Manager: On-Wing Services (Europe) at Rolls-Royce, I am based at London Heathrow airport, close to our operational base, and I lead a team of twenty-four aero engine mechanics and one service operations officer. We have a global planning team which operates 24/7 as the department covers the globe, but my region is mainly Europe.

Headshot of alumna, Lucy Dear Alumni profile - Lucy Dear blog
27 January 2021

The variation in the course helped me to explore and identify my voice as an artist and what I care about which has been central to my practice as an applied theatre practitioner ever since. 

Headshot of alumna, Roxy Baker Alumni profile - Roxy Baker blog
26 January 2021

In challenging times such as the one we are living through, being able to connect with people is vital. A historical understanding of the Holocaust reminds us of the importance of this, and what types of events could happen and what types of humans we could be if we choose division and radicalism over tolerance, and homogeneity over diversity. 

Headshot of alumna, Dr Victoria Grace Walden Alumni profile - Dr Victoria Grace Walden blog
25 January 2021

The thing I most enjoyed about my PhD was the ever-expanding community it exposed me to, from colleagues and peers at Queen Mary, many of whom I have retained friendships with, to wider academic and professional networks. It gave me the confidence to reach out to institutions working in Holocaust and genocide memory and education to form partnerships that we hope will push forward socio-cultural change. 

Headshot of alumnus Bhavin Borkhatria Alumni profile - Bhavin Borkhatria blog
25 January 2021

I thoroughly enjoy seeing nervous patients and watching them grow in confidence.

Headshot of alumna, Eleanor Krawczyk Alumni profile - Eleanor Krawczyk blog
20 January 2021

Filmmaking was completely new to me, but the Documentary Practice module was a revelation, and I was not prepared for how much I loved it. We were taught both the theory of documentary as well as weekly workshops teaching us the vocation itself; learning to use the equipment was something I took to a lot more than I expected! 

Headshot of alumna, Phoebe Cousins Alumni profile - Phoebe Cousins blog
18 January 2021

Queen Mary has shaped the way I think about the past, the future and my confidence in myself and what I can achieve through dedicating time, passion and knowledge to the things I’m truly interested in.

Headshot of alumnus Seye Odukogbe Alumni profile - Seye Odukogbe blog
15 January 2021

In its first year Cycle to Class, the company I founded, gave out just over 350 bicycles, and today, we’ve impacted over 3,000 lives, worked with more than 20 communities in rural places, and trained over 500 children how to cycle and do basic maintenance of bicycles.

Roy Bo Wang Student Story: Roy Bo Wang blog
13 January 2021

"I’m incredibly grateful to the alumni who made this award possible. I hope you realise that this award has made a big difference to my academic development and will enable me to achieve more. Your generosity does not go unnoticed and makes a huge difference in a student's university experience. You have inspired me to give back in the future."

Roy Bo Wang, Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence recipient 2019-2020

Front of Buckingham Palace Queen Mary alumni recognised in the New Year Honours List 2021 blog
12 January 2021

We are delighted to announce that nine Queen Mary alumni have been recognised in the 2021 New Year’s Honours list. The honours mark the outstanding achievements and service of extraordinary people across the UK and we are proud that members of our alumni community have been acknowledged once again for their significant contributions to their respective fields.

Alumni profile - Fahmida Ashiq blog
11 January 2021

Fahmida Ashiq shares her journey from working as a lawyer to being a full-time artist, receiving commissions from royal families, working with interior designers and the wider impact she aims to have on the world.

Headshot of alumnus Professor Andrew Pollard Alumni profile - Professor Andrew Pollard blog
11 January 2021

Read our interview with alumnus Professor Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, to gain an insight into the development of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which has now been given regulatory approval and is being rolled-out to the most vulnerable people in the UK and globally. Professor Pollard also reflects on his time at Barts and his fondness for mountaineering.

Student doing clinical skills Student Futures: Surgical Skills for Students blog
6 January 2021

“In September 2020, I attended a Surgical Skills for Students course, held at King’s College Hospital and hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons. The course objectives were to learn safe methods of performing simple surgical techniques and have hands-on experience in practising these techniques. Support from alumni has helped fund this course which I’m grateful for.”

Hana Mahmood, 4th Year Medicine 

Headshot of alumna, Lotte Veale Alumni profile - Lotte Veale blog
4 January 2021

If I could go back and do it all again, I would. I have gained so much knowledge in only one year and didn’t want it to end! It’s such a great place to study, and the course was faultless. If you’re unsure, don’t be – just do it.

Headshot of alumna Raluca Semenescu Alumni profile - Raluca Semenescu blog
17 December 2020

Currently, I am part of the Speech, Audio and Music Intelligence team in Europe for TikTok. I am mostly involved in music technology projects, where I collaborate with developers, data scientists and music producers to deliver new products for ByteDance.

Headshot of alumna, Megan Roberts Alumni profile - Megan Roberts blog
15 December 2020

Queen Mary gave me the starter skills for community engagement that I still use every day – it introduced me to different communities that are incredibly like the ones I engage with today, and it gave me the confidence to understand what a community wants, and what they need.

Headshot of alumna Shamima Akter Queen Mary Emergency COVID-19 Fund- Shamima Akter's message blog
14 December 2020

The Queen Mary Emergency COVID-19 Fund aims to support students financially as well as emotionally during the global crisis. Shamima Akter, our elected President of Queen Mary Students’ Union 2020, shared why this Fund is crucial for our students during this very challenging time. 

Headshot of alumna Charlotte Andrews-Briscoe Alumni profile - Charlotte Andrews-Briscoe blog
11 December 2020

I work as a Research Associate at the Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide. At the moment we are working on a report about women who are sentenced to death for drug offences – which, shockingly, is the fastest-growing death-punishable offence globally.

Headshot of alumna, Eleni Sophia Alumni profile - Eleni Sophia blog
9 December 2020

I had published my first poetry collection a year before starting my degree and I never knew how well it would do. By the middle of my first year, my collection, Good Morning to Goodnight, had reached number three on Amazon’s best-seller list and I had been tagged in a photo of my book with the caption, ‘the book that saved my life’. That was the clicking moment when I realised how many people I was actually helping.

Alumni profile - Dr MJ Rowland-Warmann blog
7 December 2020

I’m an idealist. I always wanted to build a remarkable practice where patients are cared for to an extremely high standard. I also wanted to create a place where clinicians would feel excited about their work. Seven years on we’ve certainly achieved those aims.

Student on Laptop Supporting our students through the COVID-19 pandemic blog
7 December 2020

Amidst a second national lockdown in the UK, Queen Mary’s Development and Alumni Engagement Team launched the Queen Mary Emergency COVID-19 Fund, to ensure that regardless of what is going on around them, students have the support that they need to not only continue their studies but to thrive. 

Headshot of Principal and President Colin Bailey End of year message from Queen Mary's President and Principal to all alumni blog
4 December 2020

With the end of 2020 in sight, Professor Colin Bailey CBE, President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London, shares some of the positive things that happened during this challenging year at our University and among our alumni community. Watch Colin's video to alumni.

Headshot of alumnus John Plas Alumni profile - John Plas blog
4 December 2020

During my final year on my Periodontology Programme, there was an opportunity to be featured on Channel 4 National Television as part of their “Be your Own Doctor” Show. This episode of the show was about self-assessment of oral hygiene, self improvement in brushing and periodontal treatment planning. This episode was filmed at the Ground Level Clinic of Bart’s Dental Institute!

Shabiha Islam headshot Student Story: Shabiha Islam blog
2 December 2020

Shabiha is a Law student studying at Queen Mary University of London. She is the eldest of three siblings and the first in her family to go to university.

Shabiha Islam, Queen Mary University of London Annual Fund Scholarship

Headshot of alumna, Gemma Esvelt Alumni profile - Gemma Esvelt blog
1 December 2020

I had always dreamed of living in the UK, so I thought it was time to do something new and chase my dreams.I was looking for a degree which combined both theory and practical learning. I was really drawn to the work experience side of this degree with internships offered in different departments at Historic Royal Palaces.

Headshot of alumna, Emily Rose Yates Alumni profile - Emily Rose Yates blog
30 November 2020

I love anything that’s quite investigative and explorative, and I’m lucky that anything to do with travel and accessibility, or current disability issues, is often exactly that. Wherever possible, I use my lived experience as a wheelchair user to add an authentic viewpoint to whatever I’m writing on.

Headshot of alumna, Zara Stone Alumni profile - Zara Stone blog
24 November 2020

On any given day, I might be traveling to Silicon Valley to interview a humanoid A.I. robot, typing furiously on my laptop, testing out the latest virtual reality headset, or taste testing a $900 bite of lab-grown meat. My work is a mixture of interviewing, researching, writing and rewriting, with product testing, world travel, and drones thrown in. 

Headshot of alumna Shamima Akter Alumni profile - Shamima Akter (Part Two) blog
23 November 2020

Shamima completed part one of her alumni profile as part of our Welcome Week 2020 campaign in which she touched upon her time and studies at Queen Mary and her current role as President of the Students’ Union. Read part one of Shamima’s profile.

Part two of Shamima’s alumni profile is dedicated to Islamophobia Awareness Month and Shamima’s identity as a Muslim woman.”

Headshot of student Sara Omar Student profile - Sara Omar blog
20 November 2020

As part of our Islamophobia Awareness Month campaign, we interviewed Sara Omar, Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Diaspora Speaks.

Headshot of alumnus Charles Knowles Alumni profile - Charles Knowles blog
20 November 2020

The hat I have worn the longest is being a surgeon, followed by my research hat... The other hats I now wear are as a semi-professional musician. I have also been recruited as the lead for colorectal at the new Cleveland Clinic London which will be opening next year behind Buckingham Palace.

Jannat-Ul-Ferdous Student Story: Jannat-Ul-Ferdous Chomon blog
19 November 2020

Jannat is a History student at Queen Mary University of London and a recipient of the Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship. This award is supported by the late Ms Sally Sainsbury, BA History 1962, who kindly left the University a gift in her Will to support History students. Jannat told us what this award means to her. 

Omar Hassan at Grounded Cafe, Queen Mary Student Story: Omar Hassan Abdi blog
18 November 2020

Omar is a final-year BSc Computer Science student. He’s from Stratford, east London and is the first in his family to go to university. Omar comes from a single-parent household which is why he was hoping to attend a Russell Group university in London to further his prospects in life. When he found out he’d successfully secured a place to study at Queen Mary he was thrilled to begin his course.

Headshot of alumnus Nathan Benitez Alumni profile - Nathan Benitez blog
18 November 2020

I actually launched afoodible at Queen Mary during Freshers’ Fair and one of the reasons for this was the Green Mary campaign here and also the fact that it was during my first year of university and on campus that I was really struck with a vision for the direction I wanted afoodible to take... Afoodible allow users to better manage their food diary, to waste less food and to save more money.

Headshot of alumna, Alissa Timoshkina Alumni profile - Alissa Timoshkina blog
17 November 2020

The knowledge that I gained at Queen Mary is at the heart of what I do, even if it takes on so many different guises, from a PhD in Soviet Holocaust cinema to a podcast about motherhood and food. 

Headshot of student Sawdah Bhaimiya Student profile - Sawdah Bhaimiya blog
16 November 2020

As part of our Islamophobia Awareness Month campaign, we interviewed Sawdah Bhaimiya, Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Diaspora Speaks.

Headshot of alumnus Jamie Crummie Alumni profile - Jamie Crummie blog
13 November 2020

Too Good to Go was a very lean operation when we first started; we were bootstrapping and cutting costs at any opportunity but from the off we went all in, it was a full time career and we had the luxury of being able to support ourselves through very modest means. For example, my co-founder and I shared a bedroom in the early days!

Headshot of alumna Moneeka Thakur Alumni profile - Moneeka Thakur blog
11 November 2020

I feel like even in the discussion of diversity and inclusion, Muslim representation tends to be on the outskirts, which is a problem. What do you do when you’re on the periphery of the periphery? By engaging with texts from the Muslim community, Muslim writers are able to take control of their own narrative which readers are then able to explore.

headshot of Abukar Awes Student Story: Abukar Awes blog
11 November 2020

Abukar is an MSci Mathematical Sciences student. He is from the neighbouring borough Newham and is a keen board-games enthusiast. Abukar tells us how an alumni-funded bursary has improved his university experience.

Abukar Awes, Queen Mary and Westfield Alumni Bursary

Headshot of alumnus, Louis Gondy Alumni profile - Louis Gondy blog
10 November 2020

Every single environmental challenge in the world has repercussions and implications amongst all disciplines you can think of: politics, law, economics, engineering, biology, physics, etc. Being an Environmental scientist means that you ought to be a mediator amongst all those stakeholders while facing the most difficult world challenges known to mankind. 

Headshot of alumnus, Sheroy Zaq Alumni profile - Sheroy Zaq blog
9 November 2020

My work has the possibility to alter the life of someone who is far less fortunate than I am, to such an extent that it may well result in ensuring that they are not sent back to their persecutor. In my view, the notion of fulfilling a humanitarian purpose through my career is what excites me.

Headshot of alumnus Dr Imran Farooq Alumni profile - Dr Imran Farooq blog
6 November 2020

When I left Barts I had no research publications, but after nine years, I have published more than sixty research papers (with 30+ total impact factor) and book chapters that have acquired over six hundred citations... I was also the recipient of the IAU, College of Dentistry’s competitive “Best Researcher Award” in 2017.

Alumni profile - Hristian Markov blog
3 November 2020

We started discussing how most of the people at university were getting vacation schemes in large part because they had a friend who had already done one and gave them all the dos and don’ts. We thought that was rather unfair and started thinking about how we could level out the playing field. That's how we ended up creating Congrapps - the portal where you can access the successful applications and cover letters of the people who made it to your dream job! 

Student Futures: BBC Step Into Tech course blog
3 November 2020

"Back in September 2019 I received the good news of being selected for the BBC Step Into Tech course. Fast forward to June 2020, I have successfully completed the course thanks to the Annual Fund! Support from alumni financed this opportunity, which meant that I could complete this course with ease and without worry."

Mehnaz Ahmed, BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science

Headshot of alumna Zahra Nia Alumni profile - Zahra Arjomand Nia blog
1 November 2020

On my Instagram (@zniazniaznia) and my TikTok (ZahraScience), I’m passionate about producing “Clever Content” - content that will basically leave you a little smarter and more knowledgeable about our world... I make content on the science behind relatable topics in life such as dating, beauty and lots more. I really want others to see science as fun and relatable and not just a subject at school that you need to pass.

Headshot of alumna, Chipo Meke Alumni profile - Chipo Meke blog
29 October 2020

I learnt a lot about Los Angeles during the Urban Futures: Los Angeles and Las Vegas module. It was truly eye-opening understanding the history of blue vs white collar workers and also issues such as environmental racism – I had never heard of this before. This was very far removed from the glitz and glamour I had imagined in LA and it became a reality as our lecturer walked us through Skid Row.

Headshot of Queen Elizabeth Queen Mary alumni recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2020 blog
29 October 2020

We are absolutely delighted to announce that eleven Queen Mary alumni were recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list earlier this month. The honours recognise the outstanding achievements of people across the United Kingdom and out of the 1,495 individuals recognised, our alumni shine bright.

Headshot of alumna, Mercy Muroki Alumni profile - Mercy Muroki blog
27 October 2020

In my role as Commissioner, I hope to be able to contribute to moving the dial on how we understand and tackle ethnic disparities. I believe Britain is the best place for people from ethnic minority groups, but I also believe we still have a lot of work to do until we tackle some of the unjustified socioeconomic disparities that still exist in society.

Headshot of alumna, Deanna Lyncook Alumni profile - Deanna Lyncook blog
22 October 2020

In the wake of the global resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, I felt that it was important for my community to see themselves as more than just the victims of racism within society. I felt like I could uplift and educate with my podcast and that’s exactly what I set out to do.

Headshot of alumnus Courtney Wynter Alumni profile - Courtney Wynter blog
22 October 2020

I wish there was more emphasis on the importance of people from the Caribbean during the World Wars, as well as their experience in the UK following their migration during the Windrush era. While it’s important for students to learn about the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S., it’s also essential for them to be aware of the Civil Rights Movement here in the UK and events such as the Bristol Bus Boycott in 1963.


Headshot of alumna Efe Uwadiae Alumni profile - Efe Uwadiae blog
22 October 2020

I would like people to know more about Marianne Jean-Baptiste, who was the first black British actress to be nominated for an Academy Award. Bearing in mind the Oscars have been around for nearly one hundred years, the first Black British woman wasn’t nominated until 24 years ago, and that’s a very important disparity. This is because British people often conflate African-American and Black-British struggles, however when it comes to the arts we have to note the significant disparities between the two groups’ successes. 

Students presenting for 'Open Up' Project Student Futures: Barts and The London 'Open Up' Project blog
20 October 2020

The Annual Fund helped Sathyam Sharma, a third-year Dentistry student, carry out his project 'Open Up’' He told us about his project and how the generosity of alumni donations has made a difference to his university experience. 

Alumni Profile - Ololade Adesanya blog
20 October 2020

For me, intersectionality is about inclusion. It is how different aspects of diversity interplay to disadvantage or to advantage a person (advantage a person because we often forget that white is an ethnicity and male is a gender so we shouldn't be excluding them from conversations around inclusion). According to the theory, often times, people are not disadvantaged just because they fall within a specific diversity bucket but due to a combination of factors.

Read Ololade's original profile from June 2020.

Aditi Vaidya and her sister on top of Mt Everest Alumni profile - Aditi Vaidya blog
16 October 2020

We took a glance at the breath-taking view from the top [of Mt Everest] and we were filled with complete awe... As we returned to India, we came across the fact that we are the second sisters in the world to reach the summit which made our parents and everyone around us even prouder and happier.

Headshot of alumna, Ama Badu Alumni profile - Ama Badu blog
13 October 2020

I love to ask people when they first saw themselves in books. For many of us, it isn’t until university that we really see ourselves in literature in the curriculum... This is why I’m in children’s publishing, because even if only one child picks up a book I have championed, and sees themselves, their family and their community reflected in those pages, that is everything.

Headshot of alumna Jasneet Taak Alumni profile - Jasneet Taak blog
9 October 2020

Accelerate is a student-led outreach STEM initiative, primarily focusing on educating BAME students (although not limited to this demographic) who are pursuing STEM based degrees and related career paths. Our educational platform encompasses useful tips and advice, updating students on career opportunities and mentoring the leaders of tomorrow.

Headshot of alumnus, Gavin Lewis Alumni profile - Gavin Lewis blog
7 October 2020

I am now privileged – I wasn’t born with it, I earned it – but it doesn’t matter how you get it, if you have it, it’s my belief that it’s your responsibility to use it to lift up others ... For every challenging period where you’re having to work evenings and weekends and giving up family time, out of the blue you might just get an email that says “you made a difference to me” and “thank you” which makes it worthwhile.

Roshan Patel at BDSA Student Story: Roshan Patel blog
6 October 2020

“Hi, I’m Roshan Patel and I’m a dentistry student at Barts and The London. Both of my parents work for the NHS which inspired me to study Dentistry! I was awarded the Scholarship for Excellence last year funded by our kind alumni of the university.”

Headshot of alumnus Dr Harry Hothi Alumni profile - Dr Harry Hothi blog
5 October 2020

I’m now the Implant Science Fellow at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) where I lead the engineering research into understanding why knee, hip and spine implants fail. I’m also the Engineering Director of the London Implant Retrieval Centre (LIRC) which continues to have a particular focus on metal hip replacements. Outside of this, I’m also one of the co-founders of DiscoverPhDs!

Headshot of alumnus Kayode Adegbola Alumni profile - Kayode Adegbola blog
2 October 2020

I spent a couple of years practicing at my family legacy law firm, and then joined the public sector – I was the second employee at the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, a $70m job creation fund established by the Lagos State Government... I also made an attempt at elective politics in 2018, and I might try again in the future.

Headshot of alumnus Mat Robathan Alumni profile - Mat Robathan blog
30 September 2020

We caught up with alumnus and newly elected Students' Union VP Barts and The London, Mat Robathan (Global Public Health BSc, 2019): "I will spend my year in office fighting for, defending and modernising the BL identity... Part of this will involve increasing representation within our curricula, practices and staff so everyone feels represented and welcome within Barts and The London."

Headshot of alumnus, Neil Shah Alumni profile - Neil Shah blog
29 September 2020

I’m most proud of contributing to the development of people I have worked with and seeing them succeed, the brands I have been part of growing, and the deep connections I’ve been able to make all over the world as a result of working at a multinational company like Diageo. 

Headshot of alumnus Abdullah Alharoun Alumni profile - Abdullah Alharoun blog
28 September 2020

I realised that going back home and giving back to my community by applying my multidisciplinary education and international exposure, would be the more meaningful career choice. At that time in Kuwait a new slate of legislative reforms were taking place including the laws regulating competition, securities, direct investment as well as new companies’ law. 

Headshot of alumna Claire Meadows Alumni profile - Claire Meadows blog
25 September 2020

My career path began quite logically but has taken a few plot twists in recent years!... After over twenty-seven years in teaching, the time came to take a career break, so I fulfilled a lifelong ambition and became a full-time martial arts instructor.

Headshot of alumnus, Bilal Khan Alumni profile - Bilal Khan blog
24 September 2020

Studying politics at Queen Mary gave me the opportunity to further research and understand how politics influences economic decision-making, and further piqued my career interests of becoming a political figure.

Student Story: Amelia Elamradi blog
23 September 2020

Amelia is a BSc Biology Student at Queen Mary University of London and she is the first in her family to go to university. Amelia is a recipient of the Annual Fund Scholarship and she told us how alumni support made a difference to her university experience.

Amelia Elamradi, Queen Mary Annual Fund Scholarship 2019-2022

Headshot of alumnus, Gabriel Krauze Alumni profile - Gabriel Krauze blog
21 September 2020

Booker Prize long-listed author and English alumnus, Gabriel Krauze, discusses the themes of morality, beauty and trauma in his debut novel, Who They Was, the challenges of being labelled a “gangster” in the media, and how his passion for literature made him realise he needed to do something constructive with his life.

Headshot of alumna Pareemala Mauree #TogethernessThursdays blog post - Pareemala Mauree blog
20 September 2020

Today's #TogethernessThursdays blog post features alumna Pareemala Mauree (Comparative and International Dispute Resolution LLM, 2019) and her plight to raise awareness of how the Covid-19 pandemic and recent ecological disasters are threatening her home country of Mauritius. 

Headshot of alumnus Paul Clements Alumni profile - Paul Clements blog
19 September 2020

To be in the newsroom at the time an era-defining story breaks is exhilarating; I was there for the credit crunch, the expenses scandal... I was even thinking about putting my coat on and going home for the night when, in January, Harry and Meghan announced they were quitting the royal family (we pretty much tore up the next day's newspaper on the spot). 

Headshot of alumna Shamima Akter Alumni profile - Shamima Akter (Part One) blog
15 September 2020

As part of Welcome Week 2020, we caught up with alumna and newly elected President of the Students' Union, Shamima Akter (Computer Science and Multimedia BSc, 2020): "One of my main aims this year is to be able to lead the union through a global pandemic. I think surviving this year and making sure we stay true to our values and who we are as an organisation is a massive priority."

Headshot of alumnus Konstantinos Bozas Alumni profile - Konstantinos Bozas blog
15 September 2020

I have now been working at Amazon for eight months... I am helping sellers actively find deficiencies in their products and then helping them to re-advertise their products in our marketplace... employees of Amazon are constantly encouraged to explore different opportunities within the company. Seeing as Amazon is so big, there is the option to move between different departments and job roles.

Headshot of alumnus Cameron Storey Alumni profile - Cameron Storey blog
14 September 2020

As part of Welcome Week 2020, we caught up with alumnus and newly elected Students' Union VP Humanities & Social Sciences, Cameron Storey (Economics and Politics BSc, 2020): "I think what I really hope to achieve this year is to really make the most of the fact that my role is entirely new. I have the opportunity to determine how the role will look for years to come and I really hope I can set the bar for the role going forward."

Headshot of alumna Tiana Dinard-Samuel Alumni profile - Tiana Dinard-Samuel blog
14 September 2020

As part of Welcome Week 2020, we caught up with alumna and newly elected Students' Union VP Communities, Tiana Dinard-Samuel (Film Studies and Hispanic Studies BA, 2020): "In this role I get to look out for the welfare of all of our communities and liberation groups such as BAME students, LGBT+ students, women students and international students and I’m so glad we have a role now dedicated to supporting them."

Headshot of alumnus Julian Robinson Alumni profile - Julian Robinson blog
12 September 2020

Most of the newer buildings on campus were completed whilst I was here either as Project Manager or Project Director... My first project was the Student Residences by the canal and the last thing was the big Student Village and the Medical College in Whitechapel. I am very proud of most of the projects I was involved with. The buildings I commissioned and oversaw were really quite significant and they won awards, thus lifting the whole kudos of Queen Mary.

Headshot of alumna Isabel Biggs in front of her bookcase. #TogethernessThursdays blog post - Isabel Biggs blog
10 September 2020

Alumna Isabel Biggs (English BA, 2019) created the blog post ‘The Post-It Plot: Micro-Journaling During Lockdown’, to help those suffering with mental ill health during lockdown. Isabel has kindly consented to us sharing her blog post in full.

Aisha Sesay on Queen Mary campus Student Story: Aisha Sesay blog
8 September 2020

Aisha is a BEng Chemical Engineering student at Queen Mary. She is the eldest of three siblings and first in her family to go to university. 

Aisha Sesay, Annual Fund Bursary recipient 2019-2022

Headshot of alumnus Dr Raja Awais Ali Alumni profile - Dr Raja Awais Ali blog
4 September 2020

My story is being rejected twice and then doing another degree and then finally getting in to study Dentistry. However, I then had to raise £36,000 to make my dream a reality... my story is testimony to anyone who has a vision or a goal – you can achieve it, you just have to put your mind to it and put yourself out there.

Headshot of alumna, Lucy Sofroniou Alumni profile - Lucy Sofroniou blog
1 September 2020

I started Queen Mary at such a pivotal moment in my life and it has become a place of so many great memories for me. It was such a positive experience, both academically and personally - I'll always look back on those three years so fondly.

Headshot of alumna Dr Daminda Attanayake Alumni profile - Dr Daminda Attanayake blog
28 August 2020

I have been the Team Physician to National Hockey and Netball teams and the Contingent Doctor for the Commonwealth Games 2018 in Australia. I am currently working as the Chief Medical Officer to the Sri Lanka Cricket team and as the medical representative to the International Cricket Council from Sri Lanka.

Headshot of alumna, Bekeme Masade-Olowola Alumni profile - Bekeme Masade-Olowola blog
25 August 2020

My work has put me in board and other leadership positions, including becoming the first West African on the board of the leading sustainability standard-setter, the Global Reporting Initiative, Amsterdam, and the Nigerian version of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Business Coalition for Sustainable Development Nigeria.

Weronika Martyna headshot Student Story: Weronika Martyna blog
25 August 2020

"My name is Weronika and I’m a second-year Dentistry student at Barts and The London. I’m so pleased to be awarded the Scholarship for Excellence this year funded by our generous alumni. Thank you for your support!"

Headshot of alumna Um-E-Aymen Babar Alumni profile - Um-E-Aymen Babar blog
21 August 2020

In regards to the fundraising campaign Um-E-Aymen Babar launched to financially support her MPhil at Cambridge: I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and shared the link. Money should never be a barrier to education and this campaign has made me want to help other young people in a similar situation.

Headshot of alumnus Prajith Rakunathan Alumni profile - Prajith Rakunathan blog
19 August 2020

I remember when I was younger saying to my friends whilst playing several hours of Fifa and Halo on my Xbox that it would be so cool to work for the likes of a Microsoft. I look back now and that still hasn’t changed, technology is so engrained in our lives and being involved in a company that is on the bleeding edge keeps me on my toes. 

Headshot of alumnus Nizam Kabir Alumni profile - Nizam Kabir blog
14 August 2020

I work for one of the UK’s largest Health and Safety Distributors, Arco. I manage a team of 8 planners, responsible for maintaining the supply of health and safety products sourced from all over the world... working in supply chain is a constant battle for equilibrium. 

Headshot of alumna, Bryna Teli Alumni profile - Bryna Teli blog
11 August 2020

“I was looking for a course that would help me explore global markets and development of international business and was particularly interested in the world economy and the dynamics of development. I figured understanding this would go a long way in building my foundation of working abroad.” 

Uswah in Ground Cafe Student Story: Uswah Naseem blog
11 August 2020

Uswah is a BA Law and Politics student. She accepted a place to study at Queen Mary after obtaining A*, A* and B in her A-Levels (Politics, English Literature and Geography). Uswah is the eldest of three siblings and is the first in her family to go to university. 

Uswah Naseem, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2019-2022

Headshot of alumna Sonia Goodman Clearing alumni profile - Sonia Goodman blog
10 August 2020

I got my insurance university choice, but was adamant that I wanted to study in London. I was delighted to see that Queen Mary University of London was in the Clearing and Adjustment list... Dr Kirsteen Anderson invited me to the University for a friendly and informative conversation about the course. As I walked around the University, I immediately knew it was the right environment for me... my experience was truly unforgettable!

Headshot of alumnus Nabil Al-Kinani Alumni profile - Nabil Al-Kinani blog
9 August 2020

Just because you studied something, it doesn’t mean you have to conform to the limits of your degree. I studied biomedical sciences and I work in construction and property, and one of my biggest projects delivered is in literature (Authors of the Estate: Chalkhill Edition). Don’t limit yourself.


Headshot of alumna, Bismeh Shafi Alumni profile - Bismeh Shafi blog
5 August 2020

“The MA from Queen Mary has allowed me to segue into my field of interest. I am currently working at The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a Pakistan-based NGO that provides education to more than 250,000 under-privileged children across Pakistan.”

Kin Liu headshot Student Story: Kin Liu blog
28 July 2020

"I’m Kin Liu, a Medical student at Barts and The London. I’m the eldest of 3 siblings and the first in my family to go to University."

Kin Chang Liu, Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence recipient 2019-20

Headshot of alumna Rose Vincent Alumni profile - Rosie Vincent blog
27 July 2020

"I love the balance that I have from my two jobs. Sometimes I will be sat at a desk and managing many tasks in the morning but then in the evening I will be jumping around as an animal and helping young people to have fun.”

Headshot of alumnus, Yashvardhan Rana Alumni profile - Yashvardhan Rana blog
23 July 2020

I have, and shall always maintain unconditionally, that my year as an LLM student at Queen Mary was easily one of the best years of my life. It gave me a lot more than just a degree. [...] Intellectually, it consistently challenged me to simultaneously learn and unlearn - amplifying my personal growth and helping me develop a broader view and perception of which I would previously not have considered myself capable.

Headshot of alumnus, Oliver Davis Alumni profile - Oliver Davis blog
21 July 2020

While I was still doing my masters, I got my job as the Regional Organiser here in Tower Hamlets. It was very much the contacts, the networks and the exposure that I gained through my degree that was all part of one direct line to where I am now. 

Headshot of alumna Lovena Kureemun Alumni profile - Lovena Kureemun blog
19 July 2020

Coming from an island in the Indian Ocean which is remote to many places around the world has made me become an explorer by nature. I always like to discover new things and new methods of doing things differently. The course at Queen Mary not only satisfied my passion for science and engineering but also my desire to explore new cultures as students all around the world enrol on this specific course. 

Headshot of alumnus, Anterleen Singh Alumni profile - Anterleen Singh blog
15 July 2020

Studying at Queen Mary really helped me develop and build my network with various people from different backgrounds. As well as deepening my knowledge of finance, it helped me to gain international exposure and interact with people belonging to different cultures, which really changed my perspective on life.

Headshot of alumna, Marissa Landy Alumni profile - Marissa Landy blog
14 July 2020

Being an actor is the most thrilling job imaginable. The fact that I get to travel around the world whilst always doing new projects is luxurious. It is a very tough and competitive environment but the moment you get into that rehearsal room or on stage, it all becomes worth it.

Aisha Sohail at Ground Cafe Student Story: Aisha Sohail blog
14 July 2020

Aisha is a BSc Computer Science and Management student. She accepted a place to study at Queen Mary University of London after obtaining 3As in her A Levels (Sociology, Politics and English Literature). Aisha is from the London Borough of Newham As the eldest of three siblings, she is the first in her family to go to university.

Aisha Sohail, Queen Mary Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2019-2022

Headshot of alumna Dinara Punchihewa Alumni profile - Dinara Punchihewa blog
13 July 2020

Inspired by the lives of the women and men around me, I began the ‘Punchi Actors’ initiative; a non-profit organisation that not only shares my passion with children who love acting, but also gives these children from different financial and social backgrounds the opportunity to build on, and follow their dreams.

Headshot of alumna Aniththa Ragunathan Alumni profile - Aniththa Ragunathan blog
8 July 2020

Amazon is full of opportunity - it is a great place to work and to learn something new every day. I have always used Amazon to purchase products but I never knew how it felt to actually be part of Amazon. After joining Amazon, I realised that there is a much bigger picture that shaped the way Amazon is now. From FC associates working hard to make customers happy to us recruiting great talents to work for Amazon - we are all working as part of a team and I love it.

Headshot of alumna, Roberta Rhyse Alumni profile - Roberta Rhyse blog
7 July 2020

Roberta Rhyse Kirosingh graduated from Queen Mary in 2019 with a bachelors degree in Politics and International Relations. She is the founder of The Simple Press and works as an Executive Westminster Manager for a Member of Parliament, as well as a Policy Researcher.

Headshot of alumna Mya Medina Alumni profile - Mya Medina blog
5 July 2020

After graduating, I tried a couple of different career paths, both in PR and journalism, but even then, I was tutoring after work or on weekends because I loved it so much. When I met Alex, Tutor House’s CEO and Founder, I was astounded by his commitment to making tutoring accessible to everyone (regardless of their financial situation).

Headshot of alumnus Hassan Shaigan Alumni profile - Hassan Shaigan blog
4 July 2020

The Professors of Arbitration at Queen Mary are globally well-known. Anyone who not only excels in his/her field but who is also brilliant at teaching and spreading knowledge is the perfect person to study from and Queen Mary had many of these said faculty members.

Headshot of alumnus Edmond Ng Alumni profile - Edmond Ng blog
1 July 2020

There is absolutely no justification to discriminate, verbally abuse or physically assault anyone due to their race, ethnic origin, or on any ground. Chinese and East Asians are as likely to be infected by Covid-19 as anyone else in the world. Racism spreads like a virus... Virus does not respect any border, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. I call on all communities to unite to spread our compassion and empathy rather than hate and division to defeat Covid-19.

Headshot of alumna, Olga Kravchenko Alumni profile - Olga Kravchenko blog
30 June 2020

Olga Kravchenko graduated with a degree in Drama from Queen Mary in 2016. She is now CEO of Musemio, a virtual reality app that connects children with content from museums around the world and seeks to turn them into museumgoers of the future.

Micheal Bridson on a Canoe Donor Story: Michael Bridson blog
30 June 2020

Michael Bridson is a Queen Mary alumnus. He studied BA History and graduated in 1956. He is now a retired Personnel manager living in Surrey. He told us about his time at Queen Mary and why he chose to support the Annual Fund

Headshot of alumnus Arzaam Bhatti Alumni profile - Arzaam Bhatti blog
28 June 2020

Home for me is Pakistan. However, the excellent alumni network, as well as the Queen Mary faculty, always makes their presence felt in every part of the world and I never feel far away from the institute. Once a Queen Mary alumnus always a Queen Mary alumnus!

Headshot of student Gemma Stokes Student Pride profile - Gemma Stokes blog
25 June 2020

Identifying as a queer, cisgender woman, Pride is essential to me in many ways. In my mind, Pride is more than just the annual march (although the parade is incredibly uplifting). I look to incorporate Pride into every aspect of my life and identity, in order to be more unashamedly myself and maybe even inspire others along the way.

Headshot of alumnus Lewis Corner Alumni profile - Lewis Corner blog
23 June 2020

Pride to me means having the freedom to live as your true self. Too many people are forced to conceal parts of their identity for fear of rejection or discrimination. We need to cultivate a society that embraces different identities from a young age, allowing people to grow up with confidence, security and an acceptance that difference is beautiful. 

Headshot of alumna Vicky Norton Alumni profile - Vicky Norton blog
22 June 2020

The key selling point for me was the modular system Queen Mary offered. That was quite rare back then, and it enabled me to take linguistics classes and also marketing classes. I loved learning more about the theory of language, and am very proud of that ‘with Linguistics’ in my degree!

Headshot of alumna Jade Tolley Alumni profile - Jade Tolley blog
21 June 2020

I get to work with a wide range of brilliant, hugely successful authors. I've had the privilege of working on Elton John’s autobiography, which has definitely been a career highlight... In ten years' time I’d definitely like to see myself in a senior role within publishing, with lots more experiences to draw from, and even more brilliant books to work on!


Headshot of alumnus Lewis Thomas Alumni Pride Profile - Lewis Thomas blog
16 June 2020

To me, Pride means unapologetic authenticity and visibility. The LGBTQ+ community is actually quite an elusive concept to describe as it encompasses so many different people with so many different experiences. But at its core, for me, the LGBTQ+ community represent unity in the face of adversity.

Headshot of alumnus Dr Mir Yasir Umair Alumni profile - Dr Mir Yasir Umair blog
12 June 2020

My wife and I were looking for a Masters opportunity to pursue together and we both felt that Queen Mary was the right place to continue onto postgraduate study... we had to adapt to studying in an alien place which was memorable in all aspects.

Headshot of student Hannah Cragg Student pride profile - Hannah Cragg blog
8 June 2020

To me, Pride is all about activism and celebrating who we are. It's really important, both as a historian but just as a member of the LGBT community as well, that the first Pride was a riot. We owe the rights we enjoy today thanks to trans women of colour. So amongst all the music and the rainbows and the parades, it's important to celebrate where we came from.

Headshot of alumna Angela Inwood Alumni profile - Angela Inwood blog
7 June 2020

I studied my degree as a mature student, so began with some trepidation... However, I soon bonded with the small English & History cohort, the majority of whom were also mature students and I really appreciated that we were supportive of each other. That said the young students were also great to be with, providing me with a different viewpoint. 

Dominic Morey Student Story: Dominic Morey blog
2 June 2020

Dominic is a 4th-year student studying Medicine at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. He holds a First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science and was awarded a Distinction in MSc Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology.

Dominic Morey, Medicine, Annual Fund Hardship Bursary recipient 2019-20

Headshot of alumna Raveesha Gupta Alumni profile - Raveesha Gupta blog
30 May 2020

Studying and living in a different country was a life changing experience. It teaches you to get along with people from different backgrounds and gives you a much broader perspective in life...  I love how culturally diverse Queen Mary is, I made friends from all around the world.

Headshot of alumnus Dr Rizwan Ullah Alumni profile - Dr Rizwan Ullah blog
27 May 2020

My time and study at Barts improved me not only from a scholarly point of view, but also helped me to utilise my experiences for the betterment of my students both here in Pakistan and abroad... I  found Barts' facilities, student support and London’s diverse cultural environment made adjusting as an international student very easy.

Headshot of alumnus Dr Ernest Odhiambo Alumni profile - Dr Ernest Odhiambo blog
25 May 2020

The pandemic has also spurred innovation in me. As I write this, I am in the middle of preparing for a presentation of a Ventilator which we have designed and made from scratch using local materials together with a team of 7 colleagues from the departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Nairobi.

The first five teaching staff at Westfield College in 1888 #TogethernessThursdays: Westfield College blog
23 May 2020

Queen Mary University of London merged with Westfield College in 1989. Westfield College, like Queen Mary, was founded to provide higher education for a community with less educational opportunities: women.

Headshot of alumna Kia Abdullah Alumni profile - Kia Abdullah blog
22 May 2020

After university, I worked in tech for three years, but my first love won out eventually. I took a 50% pay cut to take a writing role at Asian Woman magazine... since then I've started my own website, Atlas & Boots, and written for publications like The New York Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph, and published a novel with HarperCollins with the next one out in 2020. It’s certainly been an interesting journey!

Caroline Olabisi Student Story: Caroline Olabisi blog
17 May 2020

Caroline is a medical student at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is the first in her family to study medicine. Caroline was awarded the Annual Fund Hardship Bursary thanks to the generosity of our alumni, to support her in her final year of study. 

Caroline Olabisi, Annual Fund Hardship Bursary recipient 2019-20

Headshot of alumnus Ray Canham Alumni profile - Ray Canham blog
15 May 2020

To a large degree, Queen Mary chose me. At the time (1961) admission to university degree programs was far from automatic; only 5% of high school graduates went on to study at universities. When the academic year began, I was delighted to find that the class size was small—14 students; seven male and seven female—all of whom were very compatible despite differences in age and experience.

Headshot of alumna Sabrine Shaw Alumni profile - Sabrine Shaw blog
13 May 2020

With my love for all things media paired with my passion for story-telling and interviewing, I decided to create my own podcast - Shaw Me Your Way. Having grown up in Dubai and continued my education in London, I knew I could create a diverse platform of people who are happy to share their journeys into their businesses, artistry, careers and more.

Headshot of alumna Neha Patel Alumni profile - Neha Patel blog
12 May 2020

I am the co-founder of Your999 Limited, an app/platform launched in 2015 for the general public to use in all sorts of emergencies. For example, in response to the global fight against coronavirus, we have put together a resource that people around the world can use to find the most up to date information.

Headshot of alumna Shivani Reddy Alumni profile - Shivani Reddy blog
10 May 2020

At Fairtrade, I worked on a wide range of issues (fairer prices for banana farmers; public-private partnerships; gender equality in agricultural supply chains; Sustainable Development Goals; modern slavery; post-Brexit trade policy…). After almost four years, I decided that I wanted to see if I could make an impact on people’s lives from inside a large company so I moved to Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP).

President and Principal Colin Bailey A special message from Queen Mary's President and Principal to our alumni blog
7 May 2020

Professor Colin Bailey CBE, President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London, addresses our global alumni community about the University's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch Colin's video to alumni

London Auxiliary Fire Service on Queen Mary College’s campus during World War 2 #TogethernessThursdays: WW2 blog
6 May 2020

This #TogethernessThursday we thought we’d remind you of how the University community has worked together in the past and continued to function even in extraordinary circumstances.

jesse grainger 2.0 Student Story: Jesse Grainger blog
6 May 2020

Jesse Grainger is completing a Joint Honours programme in BA Hispanic Studies and Politics at Queen Mary University of London. He lives in Tower Hamlets and is the first in his family to go to university. He told us how support from our kind alumni made a difference to his studies. 

Jesse Grainger, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2019

Class of 2020 - Welcome to our Global Alumni Community! blog
2 May 2020

Did you know that your Queen Mary journey doesn’t end when you graduate? We, the Alumni Engagement Team, are here to help you maintain a lifelong connection to your University and to each other. Once you graduate, you automatically become part of our global network of almost 180,000 alumni based in over 160 countries around the world.

Headshot of alumnus Dr Nilesh R. Parmar Alumni profile - Dr Nilesh R. Parmar blog
30 April 2020

Dr Nilesh R. Parmar is one of a few dentists in the UK to have a degree from all three London Dental Schools: "about 80% of my work is implant dentistry. One thing I love about implants is if you lose your front tooth, I can replace it in such a way that nobody would ever know it isn’t real, even if they get really close to you."

Headshot of alumna Corinna Boldini Alumni profile - Corinna Bordoli blog
25 April 2020

As CEO of your own company you learn every day. This is certainly the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur... Another rewarding aspect is that of building long lasting and like-minded connections and partnerships. I see creativity as a social phenomenon where other people's ideas, especially when different, enrich you and help you create. 

Architectural design for The People's Palace #TogethernessThursdays: The People's Palace blog
21 April 2020

The history of Queen Mary University of London and the legacy of its predecessor institutions contain many examples of communities coming together to support each other. Queen Mary's Archives team shines a light on one such example: The People's Palace.

Headshot of alumna Emma Hedington Alumni profile - Emma Hedington blog
17 April 2020

I hadn’t necessarily considered the publishing industry as a career path whilst at university, and I wasn’t particularly aware of academic publishing, but I’ve been in this industry ever since... I’ve worked my way up at various companies... I’m pretty sure all my friends are bored of me talking about working with NASA now!

Sadad Mahir 2 Student Story: Sadad Mahir blog
8 April 2020

Sadad is a BSc Accounting and Management student. He accepted a place to study at Queen Mary after obtaining A, A and B in his A Levels (Economics, History and, Government and Politics). Sadad is a former care leaver and lives in Newham.

Sadad Mahir, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2019

Headshot of alumna Zsofi Szemerédy Alumni profile - Zsófi Szemerédy blog
6 April 2020

I didn’t speak English particularly well when I came here... Queen Mary has given me the language skills and the courage to be confident in my everyday working life... My undergraduate studies were all about building foundations, pretty solid ones at that, to move forward and be able to follow my dreams. My degree truly opened up the world.

Headshot of alumnus Raymond Poon Alumni profile - Raymond Poon blog
2 April 2020

During my first year of University, I attended the University of London Officers’ Training Corps (ULOTC) and underwent military training. I got to see HMS Bulwark and a Royal Marine Landing Craft, which gave me an appreciation of the type of work engineers do to aid the UK’s naval warfare force. I never expected to end up in the defence industry, but I guess my experience in the ULOTC gave me the kick for it.

Headshot of alumna Fizza Ali Alumni profile - Fizza Ali blog
26 March 2020

I am currently working as a corporate legal trainee lawyer for commercial and transactional practice in one of the biggest and renowned law firms in Pakistan. In the nearby future, I look forward to playing an active role in enhancing the quality and standard of legal practice in Pakistan!

Headshot of former student Sami Sidhom The Sami Sidhom Award blog
25 March 2020

Sami Sidhom was a BA (Hons) History student at Queen Mary University of London and aspired to become a lawyer after completing his education. He was only in his first year, when he tragically passed away, at the age of 18.

Headshot of alumna Marissa Joseph Alumni profile - Marrisa Joseph blog
20 March 2020

When my work was commissioned by Palgrave Macmillan it was a touching moment. Much of my research is framed around understanding what the Macmillan brothers did back in the nineteenth century. Now I have become a Macmillan author, I feel like I have joined an illustrious club!

Headshot of alumna Diana Akanho Alumni profile - Diana Akanho blog
9 March 2020

I am a Committee Member for Women in Data UK. The vision of the organisation is to create gender parity within STEM subjects through presentations and talks. We like to talk about how ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ and to make women realise that there are women working in certain roles and careers that they may have thought were previously off limit to them. I will always act as an advocate for gender parity where possible so as to make a pathway for women in certain careers. 

Headshot of alumna Dr Hannah Thompson Alumni profile - Dr Hannah Thompson blog
6 March 2020

Being named on BioBeat’s annual 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness report, a report which highlights the trailblazers and trendsetters shaping the future of the UK life sciences sector, was such a lovely achievement which recognised my role in working with patients and oncologists to help develop’s artificial intelligence platform for treatment monitoring of cancer... As for my future career, I look forward to a wide range of opportunities with the healthcare, environment and people sectors, helping to grow businesses and make a difference to the world.

Headshot of alumna Jaspreet Kaur Alumni profile - Jaspreet Kaur, aka Behind the Netra blog
2 March 2020

Since 2015, I have been performing my spoken word on stages across the UK, aiming to tackle issues related to gender discrimination, mental health stigma, the postcolonial immigrant experience, taboo issues within the South Asian community and much more. I have met lots of inspirational women from a range of different industries and backgrounds. This network of inspirational women is continuing to grow and we all support and guide one another.

Headshot of alumna Julie Fleck Alumni profile - Julie Fleck blog
27 February 2020

The work that I did to make London 2012 ‘the most accessible Olympic and Paralympic Games ever’ has definitely been the highlight of my career. The policies and planning guidance I had written for the London Plan were applied to the planning proposals for the Olympic venues and parkland so that all the designers were obliged to consider the needs of disabled people from the very beginning of the design process.

Headshot of alumnus Pedram Kordrostami Alumni profile - Dr Pedram Kordrostami blog
23 February 2020

I am currently working as a junior doctor in one of London’s hospitals. I am also the founder of AfterDrink which is a supplement designed to support alcohol-related health and co-founder of a canned water company promoting a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. I spend the time I have off from work growing these businesses with support from friends and family.

Headshot of alumnis Dr Milad Shadrooh, aka The Singing Dentist Alumni profile - Dr Milad Shadrooh, aka The Singing Dentist blog
19 February 2020

My nurse got in touch with our local press and they came and did a piece on me, which then triggered The Metro, BBC news and ITV London news to feature me...Two weeks later Good Morning Britain asked me to cover a dental story...I’ve now done This Morning like 3 or 4 times, Good Morning Britain 3 times and Sky News.

Headshot of alumna Shamim Ara Alumni profile - Shamim Ara Chowdhury blog
17 February 2020

For the past four and a half years I’ve been living in Istanbul and working as a foreign correspondent for the Turkish English-language news channel, TRT World. During this time I have reported from all over Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Some of the stories I’ve covered include the 2017 Rohingya refugee crisis from inside the camps in southern Bangladesh; the Syrian war, both from inside Syria and from the Turkish border; the fight against ISIS in Iraq; the rise of communal violence in Sri Lanka; Donald Trump’s first tour of Asia; the French yellow-vest protests, (when I got tear-gassed on the Champs Elysees!); The 2019 Spanish elections; the siege of Marawi by ISIS in the Philippines and much, much more.

Selfie of Gulnoor and Matt Jones Qupid Love Story - Matt & Gulnoor Jones blog
14 February 2020

In their own words, married alumnus and alumna Matt and Gulnoor Jones narrate their love story, telling their audience how they have "essentially grown up together" and "moulded into separate complementary halves of a whole."

Photo of alumni couple Joy and Barry Hall Qupid Love Story - Joy Hall & Barry Hall blog
12 February 2020

In their own words, alumna Joy Hall and alumnus Barry Hall narrate their love story, telling their audience how "over thirty years after we first met we were married with our three daughters as bridesmaids. Next year we will celebrate our silver wedding anniversary."

Headshot of alumna Karen Chilver Alumni profile - Karen Chilver blog
10 February 2020

I would encourage current and future graduates to consider nursing as a career. It’s seen as low status and poorly paid, but we really need well-educated, compassionate nurses who can make a real difference. My life would be much poorer without nursing. People say “how can you do that, it must be so depressing”, but it’s the opposite. It has given me so much.

Headshot of alumnus Marcus Chown Alumni profile - Marcus Chown blog
10 February 2020

I have stroked bats (they purred) behind the scenes on channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. I have given a talk in a glass-bottomed boat in a shark tank at Brighton sea life centre. I have been on a train through the Australian outback on a book tour and I have been chased off of BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends by legendary rock drummer Ginger Baker, who didn’t like me mentioning the term “big bang”...

Alumnus Alex Berill proposing to alumna Jade Harvey Qupid Love Story - Jade Harvey and Alex Berrill blog
10 February 2020

In her own words, alumna Jade Harvey narrates the love story of herself and her fiancé and soon to be husband, Alex Berrill. The happy couple are due to get married July 25, 2020 at a remote mountain lodge in BC, Canada where they now live.

Graduation photo of alumna Katherine Tinoco Reyes Qupid Love Story - Katherine Tinoco Reyes & Andreas Beckwith blog
10 February 2020

In his own words, alumnus Andreas Beckwith shares his alumni love story and how despite not meeting his wife and fellow alumna at Queen Mary, the University did play a role in their relationship, to the extent that their baby daughter will "no doubt be encouraged to continue the family tradition and study at Queen Mary at some point in the future!"   

Headshot of alumna Dr Lochana Nanayakkara Alumni profile - Dr Lochana Nanayakkara blog
5 February 2020

After completing specialty training, I came back to Barts as a Consultant and I have been here for the last sixteen years. I know every single person in this building really well and they know me, so being President of our dental alumni felt like it would be such an honour. It is also the first time we have had a Director of Dental Education for BartsHealth, so this is an exciting opportunity for me to raise the profile of the amazing education that goes on in the Dental Hospital.

Headshot of student Adiba Khan Future alumna mini profile - Adiba Khan blog
3 February 2020

Following the publication of alumnus Navjot Sawhney's profile, humanitarian engineer and co-founder of The Washing Machine Project, we caught up with current BEng Biomedical Engineering student and part-time Design Engineer for Nav's project, Adiba Khan. Stay tuned for part two of Adiba's profile once she has graduated!

Headshot of alumnus Navjot Sawhney Alumni Profile - Navjot Sawhney blog
31 January 2020

The humanitarian engineer who co-founded The Washing Machine Project, a social enterprise dedicated to designing and distributing a manual hand-cranked washing machine to displaced and low-income people around the world. "Engineers around the world have the power and responsibility to bring about change; small scale inventions will truly transform the lives of people in need."

Headshot of alumna Winsome Yuen Alumni profile - Winsome Yuen blog
27 January 2020

Former intern for, and now full-time Software Engineer at, Spotify - "By the time graduation was round the corner I had already contributed in improving the premium pages user interface to increase conversion rate and I was working on the worldwide free 3-month trial campaign across all of Spotify Premium plans." 

Headshot of Zeeshan Nazar at work at BT Alumni profile - Zeeshan Nazar blog
23 January 2020

I am living proof that BAME individuals can go anywhere they want – we just need to go into recruitment and career processes with the right mind-set and be willing to adapt and overcome. I can now recognise that the setbacks along my journey to my current role as a Commercial Management Graduate for BT, were in fact setups. They enabled me to build a resilient and impenetrable mind-set. 

Queen Mary Staff at the Annual Fund Bake Sale A Gift For The Future blog
22 January 2020

We would like to thank everyone for showing their support for our A Gift ForThe Future campaign. From buying mouth-watering, home-baked goodies to spinning the wheel at Winter Graduation, staff and students have successfully raised £283 for the Annual Fund - thank you! 

Headshot of alumnus William Sung Alumni profile - William Sung blog
21 January 2020

Today I am a Professional Executive and Business Coach and CEO of my own company Wilosophy, however, I also have nearly twenty years' worth of experience working with HSBC - at one stage as a General Manager I had 9000 people reporting to me!

Headshot of alumna Leila Alamadadi Alumni profile - Leila Alimadadi blog
17 January 2020

Within my first six months working at Queen Mary, I was lucky enough to go on a few big trips, including a two week trip to South East Asia. I had the opportunity to go to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia – I went to all of the capital cities... being thrown in at the deep end has given me the confidence to know that I can go anywhere and do these kind of events by myself.

Headshot of alumnus Dr Simon Fleming Alumni profile - Dr Simon Fleming blog
13 January 2020

I was a medical student during the 7/7 bombings and I was at the Royal London when the major incident was declared and all of the patients started coming in. That day confirmed that I wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon; I saw the way the ‘pods that day were cool, calm and collected whilst fixing people and making decisions... I also lead the internationally renowned anti-bullying, undermining and harassment campaign known as #HammerItOut.

Headshot of Dena Al Thani Alumni profile - Dr. Dena Al Thani blog
10 January 2020

Designing technology to change people's lives is fascinating. The pleasure of doing applied research is that you can see the impact of your work quite fast. I am currently leading a number of research projects in the field of assistive technology and accessibility. These projects serve two groups of users: the blind, and children with an autism spectrum disorder.

Headshot of alumnus Jorge Da Cruz Alumni profile - Jorge Figueiredo Da Cruz blog
7 January 2020

In the context of moving abroad to work in Thailand, I believe Queen Mary prepared me to work in an unfamiliar environment with different people from different backgrounds. Due to its highly multicultural nature, Queen Mary taught me to embrace differences and to use them productively and efficiently at work. For example, I have led regional projects in Asia with teams from different countries and consolidated each team’s perspective on a particular issue.

Students at the telephone campaign training weekend Telephone Campaign 2019 blog
18 December 2019

This November, we had our ninth Telephone Campaign. We are thrilled to announce that our campaign was a huge success thanks to our incredibly generous alumni!

Headshot of alumna Zlatina Jekova Alumni Profile - Zlatina Jekova, aka La Elegantia blog
18 December 2019

Through my blog, I want to show my audience all the incredible places around the world that I travel to, but because I am just as interested in fashion, I always take a lot of different outfits with me to expand my audience’s perspective on fashion too.

Headshot of alumnus Moj Taylor Alumni profile - Moj Taylor blog
13 December 2019

The main transferable skill I took away from my University experience was emotional intelligence: understanding and interacting with diversity of culture, religion, gender and creative ideas – not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s fine. I also liked being thrust into an environment where everything is questioned and where you were supported from day one to experiment with the person you wanted to be – personally and professionally. 

Headshot of alumna Elena Baldwin Alumni profile - Elena Baldwin blog
9 December 2019

There's a patient at the end of my supply chain and it’s about them and the people that I work with to make it happen which makes my job so worthwhile. Knowing that I have made and can make a difference to someone else’s life is a great achievement. 

Headshot of alumnus Hal Dubuisson Alumni profile - Hal Dubuisson blog
6 December 2019

It feels amazing to have developed a product that has the potential to help doctors and paramedics save people’s lives – I really like the fact that design can have such a positive impact. My aim is to carry on innovating in emergency and trauma design.

Headshot of alumna Helen Buckley Alumni profile - Helen Buckley blog
3 December 2019

One of the scariest things as an author is knowing that people will read your work and critique it, so to have such positive feedback on my debut novel Star in the Shadows, feels really overwhelming. As an author, I am able to completely immerse myself in my character’s lives. As I write, I feel like I’m there with them.


Headshot of alumna Ruth Mensah Alumni profile - Ruth Mensah blog
28 November 2019

I wanted to experience working within the Higher Education sector and as I had such a positive experience whilst studying at Queen Mary, I thought it would be a great next step to enhance my career development by working within the Careers and Enterprise department in the programme team!

Headshot of alumna Mina Leung Alumni profile - Mina Leung blog
25 November 2019

I’m a dentist but I work with people with additional needs, for example, anxious patients, housebound patients and people with special needs like autism and learning difficulties. Also marginalised communities like homeless people and travelling communities.

Headshot of alumnus David Pakozdi Alumni profile - David Pakozdi blog
22 November 2019

I am from Budapest, Hungary, and I knew I wanted to work in an industry related to economics early on. London, as a location to study, seemed a natural choice because of its worldwide reputation as the ultimate financial capital of Europe and one of the most important global hubs. I also liked that despite being in London, Queen Mary has a proper campus with plenty of green spaces nearby.

Co-founders of Miniver Theatre Alumni profile - Miniver Theatre Company blog
20 November 2019

"It all started when we took a show up to the Fringe with QMTC, we really enjoyed all aspects of the show, from the creation of the piece to the final performances. We decided this was something we wanted to continue beyond Queen Mary, once we had both graduated. So the two of us decided to set up our own company so we could continue making theatre independently."

Headshot of alumna Shola Lee in New York Alumni profile - Shola Lee blog
15 November 2019

My friend and I established our own online publication called The Simple Press in 2018; it is an independent outlet that makes everyone’s voice heard. We have a team of incredible writers, each with a unique voice and viewpoint, who we help to find new leads and article opportunities and offer guidance where possible. 

Headshot of alumnus Peter Halprin Alumni profile - Peter Halprin blog
11 November 2019

In my primary role, I am a Partner in the New York office of Pasich LLP. My Grandmother and my Grandfather were both lawyers and had their own legal practice together; my Father is a retired Judge and my Sister is a prosecutor in Boston so I guess you could say that there is something in our blood!

Telescope in Queen Mary's observatory Winning space competition entries for 'An evening with astronaut Michael Foale' blog
8 November 2019

On Wednesday the 6th of November, as part of Queen Mary’s new Public Lecture series, former NASA astronaut Michael Foale, veteran of six space missions and survivor of the worst crash in spaceflight history, was invited to share his stories at the Perrin Lecture Theatre, Blizard Institute. The Alumni Engagement Team ran a competition to offer complimentary tickets to our alumni.

Photo of alumni couple Leandro & Sofia outside Queens' Building Joint Alumni Profile - Leandro & Sofia blog
5 November 2019

We met when we were 17 and we had always wanted to study abroad together. When we achieved a scholarship to study here, our dream came true. Overall Queen Mary, the University and its location, offered us the full package.

Headshot of alumna Niva Thiruchelvam Alumni profile - Niva Thiruchelvam blog
1 November 2019

As a civil servant for HM Treasury, it's really motivating to work on issues knowing that the solution can have a positive impact on millions of people’s lives - I'm currently working on tackling climate change!

Headshot of alumnus Jack Baldan Alumni profile - Jack Baldan blog
28 October 2019

I got to interview former White House staff as part of my masters, which was based on the re-election of Bill Clinton in 1996. My professor Mark White encouraged me to not be afraid to reach out to people at that kind of level.

Headshot of alumna Zoe Rutland Alumni profile - Zoë Rutland blog
25 October 2019

So much goes into the planning and laying out of a book that seeing it all come together beyond what you expected makes agonizing over the tiny details worth it ... the first book I worked on was advertised on the underground for a Christmas campaign and it was a really cool feeling to see it on my commute!

Alumnus Barry Lui Alumni profile - Barry Lui blog
21 October 2019

As a QMentor, being a part of the crucial transition for graduates who have just come out of university is highly appealing to me, especially as I can distinctly remember how scary it is taking the leap into the world of work. I’ve been there and I started in this exact same University.

Headshot of alumna Kajal Kumar Alumni profile - Kajal Kumar blog
18 October 2019

The field of economics is male dominated and it becomes more so as you progress to higher levels, but the profession is trying hard to attract more women. I hope that the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences which was given to a woman, inspires other women to enter the profession like I have. 

Lecture theatre holding the SPiCE conference Student Futures: Barts and The London SPiCE conference blog
15 October 2019

Your very generous donations enabled a group of Barts and The London students, to hold their very own on-campus conference. A grant of £2,000 from the Annual Fund helped us put together a day of presentations to over 50 delegates – it was a very successful day thanks to your support!

Headshot of alumna Angelica Hill Alumni profile - Angelica Hill blog
11 October 2019

I feel privileged to be working at one of the world’s greatest newspapers at a time of unprecedented turmoil and political challenge. It excites me to be in what feels like the epicentre of breaking news and great minds. The beauty of working in Product Management is that there really isn’t a typical day.

Headshot of alumnus Filotas-Georgios Niarchos Alumni profile - Filotas-Georgios Niarchos blog
2 October 2019

Queen Mary helps you discover new opportunities and take a deeper look at a great variety of jobs that I, personally, could never have imagined were possible in my hometown. Not only my studies, but also the entrepreneurial environment at Queen Mary, gave me the opportunity and motivation to begin my own companies. 

Alumna Isabel Overton Alumni profile - Isabel Overton blog
27 September 2019

The town I grew up in and the school I went to really lacked diversity, so coming to Queen Mary and experiencing real multiculturalism and inclusivity was such a positive experience for me. Exposure to different ethnicities and religions helped me build my awareness and become a better person.

Mile End Canal Rahul Krishna - My tribute to London, my second home. blog
24 September 2019

A poem by our alumnus Rahul Krishna about his experience of living and studying in London. Rahul did his Masters in Law in the 2017-2018 academic year. 

Alumnus Elliott Daley in theatre costume Alumni profile - Elliott Ajai-Ajagbe Daley blog
20 September 2019

As a freelancer, I can commit to a project, give it my all as I know it can't last forever, and I have to get what I can while giving all I am to the finite experience. I've travelled around the world and directed theatre in forests in Portugal, villages in Africa and schools and theatres around the world performing at the V&A, TedX and the Olympics.

SMD Students Donor Story: Liz Green blog
15 September 2019

Liz graduated in the late 90s but remains close with Barts and The London and decided to give back to the University in one of our telephone campaigns. She kindly shared many memories of her time here and why she supports today’s students.

Elizabeth Green, Pathology with Basic Medical Sciences, 1997

Headshot of alumni donor Andrew Popperwell Donor story: Andrew Popperwell blog
15 August 2019

Andy graduated in the 1970s but remains very close with Queen Mary and has been giving back to the University since our first ever telephone fundraising campaign! He kindly shared many memories of his time here and why he supports today’s students.

Andrew Popperwell, BSc Physics, 1974

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Tasqeen Ahmed blog
1 August 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019, who graduated last week from Queen Mary University of London. To round off our graduation campaign, we spoke to School of Biological and Chemical Sciences / School of Medicine and Dentistry alumna Tasqeen Ahmed, who has some fantastic advice for graduates, considering a career in the Civil Service.

Tasqeen Ahmed, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Campaign for Science and Engineering
(Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics MSc, 2016)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Weicheng Hung blog
26 July 2019

As Graduation week draws to a close, we spoke with School of Economics and Finance Alumnus, Weicheng Hung who discussed his career journey since graduating from Queen Mary in 2016 and also focusses on his Masters in Banking for those graduating this year, who are considering Postgraduate study.

Weicheng Hung, Associate, Mizuho
(Banking MSc, 2016)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Emma Black blog
25 July 2019

In celebration of today’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) Graduation ceremony, we spoke to alumna Emma Black, who graduated 3 years ago with a BSc in Biology. Emma talks about her experience on the graduate scheme at EY and offers some helpful advice to this year’s graduates.

Emma Black, FS Assurance Audit Senior, EY
(BSc Biology, 2016)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Anum Ahmed blog
24 July 2019

We were lucky enough to talk with School of English and Drama alumna, Anum Ahmed, 5 years after her own graduation and find out where her degree has taken her and also collect some valuable tips for 2019 Graduates to take on-board. 

Anum Ahmed, Senior LGBT Policy Officer, Government Equalities Office
(English BA, 2014)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Trisha Mason blog
22 July 2019

Ahead of today’s School of Languages, Linguistics and Film Graduation ceremony, we spoke to Queen Mary alumna, Trisha Mason, who a year ago attended her own graduation. Trisha explains how her time at Queen Mary helped on her rapid journey into the corporate world and has some advice for this year’s graduates.

Trisha Mason, VIP Relations Executive, Informa
(French with Business Management BA, 2018)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Paul Loveridge blog
21 July 2019

In support of those graduating this week,  we spoke to active Alumni Volunteer, Paul Loveridge, 20 years after he graduated from Queen Mary with a Law Degree. Paul provides insight into his career journey since 1999 and some tips for those graduating in 2019.

Paul Loveridge, Senior Legal Counsel, HSBC
(Law LLB, 1999)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Cassio Mosse blog
17 July 2019

We spoke to Cassio Mosse, Alumni Ambassador for Brazil, about how his time at Queen Mary University of London helped him forge a career as an Intellectual Property, Fashion and Social Media Lawyer.

Cassio Mosse, Partner, MOSSE IP, Fashion and Social Media Law
(Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2015)

Student story: Meklt Abura blog
15 July 2019

Meklt is a Human Geography student. She accepted a place to study at Queen Mary after successfully completing her A Levels in Geography, Economics and Maths.

Meklt Abura, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2018

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Helen Hagos blog
27 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Helen Hagos
(Mechanical Engineering MEng, 2011)

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Sandya Abrar blog
23 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Sandya Abrar
(Sustainable Energy Engineering BEng, 2013)

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Zakiyyah Auchoybur blog
23 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Zakiyyah Auchoybur
(Biomedical Engineering with Industrial Experience BEng, 2018)

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Dr Yun Li blog
23 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Dr Yun Li
(Electronic Engineering PhD, 2016)

Student story: Sameeha Goni blog
15 June 2019

Sameeha is a Geography and Business Management student at Queen Mary. She grew up in East London. 

Sameeha Goni, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2018

Student story: Bheatriz Elsas blog
15 May 2019

Bheatriz is a third-year medical student at Barts and The London. She is the youngest of six siblings and the first in her family to go to university outside of her native country. 

Bheatriz Elsas, Hardship Bursary recipient 2018

Student story: Tara Frazer blog
15 April 2019

Tara is a first-year History student at Queen Mary and is one of this year’s Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipients.

Tara Frazer, Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipient 2018

Donor and student recipient story: Priya Patel blog
15 March 2019

Priya Patel is a recent Queen Mary graduate. She completed her mathematics degree in 2017 and began working at J. P Morgan shortly after.

Priya Patel, Graduation Hardship Fund recipient 2017

Student story: Hamzah Azam blog
15 February 2019

Hamzah is a BEng Chemical Engineering student at QMUL. He accepted his place to study after completing in A levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry. He grew up in East London with three of his siblings.

Hamzah Azam, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2018

Expeditions Fund story: Natasha Wilding blog
15 January 2019

The Annual Fund helped Natasha travel to Bangladesh during 2018 summer to carry out healthcare research and volunteer with Selfless Charity.

Natasha Wilding, Medical student

Telephone Campaign 2018 blog
15 December 2018

This November, our wonderful team of student callers got in touch with our alumni for our eighth telephone fundraising campaign.

Donor story: Rosemary Rayner blog
2 November 2018

Dr Rayner is a Barts and The London alumna. She studied Medicine at the Royal London Hospital Medical College and graduated in 1981. She is now a retired paediatrician.

Rosemary Rayner, The London Hospital Medical College, Class of 1981

Student story: Kanesha Edwards blog
15 September 2018

Kanesha is a BSc Psychology student at Queen Mary University of London. She is from Hackney, East London and is the first in her family to go to University.

Kanesha Edwards, Queen Mary & Westfield Alumni Bursary recipient 2017

Student story: Sajid Ahmed blog
15 August 2018

Sajid is a BSc Economics, Statistics and Mathematics student. He accepted a place to study at QMUL after obtaining A*, A* and B in his A Levels (Maths, Further Maths and Economics). Sajid is from Newham and as the eldest of four siblings is the first in his family to go to university.

Sajid Ahmed, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2017

Student story: Ali Bahaci blog
5 June 2018

Ali is a BSc Biochemistry student. He is the first in his family to attend university.

Ali Bahaci, Queen Mary & Westfield Alumni Bursary recipient 2017

Student story: Ahsan Bashar blog
19 April 2018

Ahsan is a BSc Pure Mathematics student. He accepted a place to study at QMUL after obtaining A*, A and B in his A levels (Maths, Further Maths and Geography). Ahsan is from Newham and as the eldest of his siblings is the first in his family to go to University. 

Ahsan Bashar, Annual Fund Bursary 2017

Scholarships for Excellence blog
21 November 2017

Our alumni provided 20 Scholarships for Excellence. These were awarded to students in the School of Medicine and Dentistry for high attainment and academic merit. Gemma and Eduardo, are two recipients of this award; read on to find out how your support helped them.

Student story: Nazeefah blog
12 July 2017

Nazeefah is a BSc Psychology student in Queen Mary University of London. She is the first in her family to go to University.

Nazeefah, Annual Fund bursary recipient

Student Story: Jessica Daly blog
18 April 2017

Jessica Daly is a History student in Queen Mary University of London. She lives in Bow, East London.

Jessica Daly, Annual Fund Bursary recipient

Papia Kabir on Queen Mary Campus Student story: Papia Kabir blog
29 March 2017

Papia Kabir is a History and Politics student. She is originally from the East End and attended Central Foundation Girls School in Bow. She studied History, Geography, Sociology and Psychology for A-levels and achieved 3 As and a B.

Papia Kabir, History Scholarship recipient 2016-2019

Donor story: Oyedola Osilaja, BSc Economics blog
10 March 2017

Dola completed his Economics degree in 2014 and is already giving back to help other student at Queen Mary. We asked him why he decided to makea a gift to the University in his Will.
Oyedola Osilaja, BSc Economics, Class of 2014

Student story: Kevin Gurung blog
22 February 2017

Kevin is a Medicine student at Barts and The London. He is originally from Nepal but moved to Reading, aged ten, with his parents and brother.

Kevin Gurung, Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence recipient

Student Futures story: Liam Fallon, BEng Mechanical Engineering blog
7 February 2017

QMUL work experience led to a job in New York for Liam Fallon

"My name is Liam and I am pleased to say I am now a Queen Mary University of London graduate, having graduated last summer. I come from South Africa originally but grew up in the UK so it is London I mostly call home. I live with my mother who lectures English and my sister who studies in London."

Student Story: Jake Webber blog
26 January 2017

Hi all, I’m Jake Webber and I’m a third-year student studying Theoretical Physics. I come from Suffolk originally and now live just outside of Enfield with my family.

Jake Webber, Annual Fund recipient

Student story: Georgina Smart blog
1 December 2016

"I’m Georgina, a Medicine student at Barts and The London and I’m also a mum."
Georgina Smart, Barts and The London Harship Bursary recipient

QMUL Observatory blog
22 November 2016

During the Annual Fund Telephone Campaign in 2013, our generous alumni helped support the School of Physics and Astronomy purchase a high-quality telescope to benefit QMUL Astrophysics students, staff, local school groups and astronomy societies.

Student story: Angelo Ruggiero blog
7 November 2016

My name is Angelo Ruggiero and I've just started my final year in Economics and Business. I’m from a small Italian town called Vallo della Lucania but when I was twelve my parents decided to move to London with me, my twin brother and younger brother.

Angelo Ruggerio, Annual Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement 

Benedicta headshot Student story: Benedicta Sarfo-Adu blog
28 October 2016

Benedicta studied Medicine and medical education in Barts and the London. She is from East London and was born in Ghana.

Benedicta Nadia Sarfo-Adu, Barts and The London Annual Fund Hardship Bursary recipient

headshot of Oliwia Wasik Student story: Oliwia Wasik blog
14 October 2016

My name is Oliwia and I’m a third-year International Relations student. I’m really proud to have the chance to speak to you all as you also studied here. You and I probably share similar experiences of student life. I wonder if you remember your time here as I do?

Oliwia Wasik, QMUL Annual Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Performance

Student story: Mohzma Hussain blog
30 September 2016

Mohzma is a Medicine student in Barts and The London. She is from Burnley, she is the oldest amongst her siblings and the first to go to University.

Mohzma Hussain, Barts and The London Annual Fund Hardship Bursary recipient

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