Alumni profile - Fizza Ali blog
26 March 2020

I am currently working as a corporate legal trainee lawyer for commercial and transactional practice in one of the biggest and renowned law firms in Pakistan. In the nearby future, I look forward to playing an active role in enhancing the quality and standard of legal practice in Pakistan!

The Sami Sidhom Award blog
24 March 2020

Sami Sidhom was a BA (Hons) History student at Queen Mary University of London and aspired to become a lawyer after completing his education. He was only in his first year, when he tragically passed away, at the age of 18.

Alumni profile - Marrisa Joseph blog
20 March 2020

When my work was commissioned by Palgrave Macmillan it was a touching moment. Much of my research is framed around understanding what the Macmillan brothers did back in the nineteenth century. Now I have become a Macmillan author, I feel like I have joined an illustrious club!

Alumni profile - Diana Akanho blog
9 March 2020

I am a Committee Member for Women in Data UK. The vision of the organisation is to create gender parity within STEM subjects through presentations and talks. We like to talk about how ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ and to make women realise that there are women working in certain roles and careers that they may have thought were previously off limit to them. I will always act as an advocate for gender parity where possible so as to make a pathway for women in certain careers. 

Alumni profile - Dr Hannah Thompson blog
6 March 2020

Being named on BioBeat’s annual 50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness report, a report which highlights the trailblazers and trendsetters shaping the future of the UK life sciences sector, was such a lovely achievement which recognised my role in working with patients and oncologists to help develop’s artificial intelligence platform for treatment monitoring of cancer... As for my future career, I look forward to a wide range of opportunities with the healthcare, environment and people sectors, helping to grow businesses and make a difference to the world.

Alumni profile - Jaspreet Kaur, aka Behind the Netra blog
2 March 2020

Since 2015, I have been performing my spoken word on stages across the UK, aiming to tackle issues related to gender discrimination, mental health stigma, the postcolonial immigrant experience, taboo issues within the South Asian community and much more. I have met lots of inspirational women from a range of different industries and backgrounds. This network of inspirational women is continuing to grow and we all support and guide one another.

Alumni profile - Julie Fleck blog
27 February 2020

The work that I did to make London 2012 ‘the most accessible Olympic and Paralympic Games ever’ has definitely been the highlight of my career. The policies and planning guidance I had written for the London Plan were applied to the planning proposals for the Olympic venues and parkland so that all the designers were obliged to consider the needs of disabled people from the very beginning of the design process.

Alumni profile - Dr Pedram Kordrostami blog
23 February 2020

I am currently working as a junior doctor in one of London’s hospitals. I am also the founder of AfterDrink which is a supplement designed to support alcohol-related health and co-founder of a canned water company promoting a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. I spend the time I have off from work growing these businesses with support from friends and family.

Alumni profile - Dr Milad Shadrooh, aka The Singing Dentist blog
19 February 2020

My nurse got in touch with our local press and they came and did a piece on me, which then triggered The Metro, BBC news and ITV London news to feature me...Two weeks later Good Morning Britain asked me to cover a dental story...I’ve now done This Morning like 3 or 4 times, Good Morning Britain 3 times and Sky News.

Alumni profile - Shamim Ara Chowdhury blog
17 February 2020

For the past four and a half years I’ve been living in Istanbul and working as a foreign correspondent for the Turkish English-language news channel, TRT World. During this time I have reported from all over Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Some of the stories I’ve covered include the 2017 Rohingya refugee crisis from inside the camps in southern Bangladesh; the Syrian war, both from inside Syria and from the Turkish border; the fight against ISIS in Iraq; the rise of communal violence in Sri Lanka; Donald Trump’s first tour of Asia; the French yellow-vest protests, (when I got tear-gassed on the Champs Elysees!); The 2019 Spanish elections; the siege of Marawi by ISIS in the Philippines and much, much more.

Qupid Love Story - Matt & Gulnoor Jones blog
14 February 2020

In their own words, married alumnus and alumna Matt and Gulnoor Jones narrate their love story, telling their audience how they have "essentially grown up together" and "moulded into separate complementary halves of a whole."

Qupid Love Story - Joy Hall & Barry Hall blog
12 February 2020

In their own words, alumna Joy Hall and alumnus Barry Hall narrate their love story, telling their audience how "over thirty years after we first met we were married with our three daughters as bridesmaids. Next year we will celebrate our silver wedding anniversary."

Alumni profile - Karen Chilver blog
10 February 2020

I would encourage current and future graduates to consider nursing as a career. It’s seen as low status and poorly paid, but we really need well-educated, compassionate nurses who can make a real difference. My life would be much poorer without nursing. People say “how can you do that, it must be so depressing”, but it’s the opposite. It has given me so much.

Alumni profile - Marcus Chown blog
10 February 2020

I have stroked bats (they purred) behind the scenes on channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. I have given a talk in a glass-bottomed boat in a shark tank at Brighton sea life centre. I have been on a train through the Australian outback on a book tour and I have been chased off of BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends by legendary rock drummer Ginger Baker, who didn’t like me mentioning the term “big bang”...

Qupid Love Story - Jade Harvey and Alex Berrill blog
10 February 2020

In her own words, alumna Jade Harvey narrates the love story of herself and her fiancé and soon to be husband, Alex Berrill. The happy couple are due to get married July 25, 2020 at a remote mountain lodge in BC, Canada where they now live.

Qupid Love Story - Katherine Tinoco Reyes & Andreas Beckwith blog
10 February 2020

In his own words, alumnus Andreas Beckwith shares his alumni love story and how despite not meeting his wife and fellow alumna at Queen Mary, the University did play a role in their relationship, to the extent that their baby daughter will "no doubt be encouraged to continue the family tradition and study at Queen Mary at some point in the future!"   

Alumni profile - Dr Lochana Nanayakkara blog
5 February 2020

After completing specialty training, I came back to Barts as a Consultant and I have been here for the last sixteen years. I know every single person in this building really well and they know me, so being President of our dental alumni felt like it would be such an honour. It is also the first time we have had a Director of Dental Education for BartsHealth, so this is an exciting opportunity for me to raise the profile of the amazing education that goes on in the Dental Hospital.

Future alumna mini profile - Adiba Khan blog
3 February 2020

Following the publication of alumnus Navjot Sawhney's profile, humanitarian engineer and co-founder of The Washing Machine Project, we caught up with current BEng Biomedical Engineering student and part-time Design Engineer for Nav's project, Adiba Khan. Stay tuned for part two of Adiba's profile once she has graduated!

Alumni Profile - Navjot Sawhney blog
31 January 2020

The humanitarian engineer who co-founded The Washing Machine Project, a social enterprise dedicated to designing and distributing a manual hand-cranked washing machine to displaced and low-income people around the world. "Engineers around the world have the power and responsibility to bring about change; small scale inventions will truly transform the lives of people in need."

Alumni profile - Winsome Yuen blog
27 January 2020

Former intern for, and now full-time Software Engineer at, Spotify - "By the time graduation was round the corner I had already contributed in improving the premium pages user interface to increase conversion rate and I was working on the worldwide free 3-month trial campaign across all of Spotify Premium plans." 

Alumni profile - Zeeshan Nazar blog
23 January 2020

I am living proof that BAME individuals can go anywhere they want – we just need to go into recruitment and career processes with the right mind-set and be willing to adapt and overcome. I can now recognise that the setbacks along my journey to my current role as a Commercial Management Graduate for BT, were in fact setups. They enabled me to build a resilient and impenetrable mind-set. 

A Gift For The Future blog
22 January 2020

We would like to thank everyone for showing their support for our A Gift ForThe Future campaign. From buying mouth-watering, home-baked goodies to spinning the wheel at Winter Graduation, staff and students have successfully raised £283 for the Annual Fund - thank you! 

Alumni profile - William Sung blog
21 January 2020

Today I am a Professional Executive and Business Coach and CEO of my own company Wilosophy, however, I also have nearly twenty years' worth of experience working with HSBC - at one stage as a General Manager I had 9000 people reporting to me!

Alumni profile - Leila Alimadadi blog
17 January 2020

Within my first six months working at Queen Mary, I was lucky enough to go on a few big trips, including a two week trip to South East Asia. I had the opportunity to go to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia – I went to all of the capital cities... being thrown in at the deep end has given me the confidence to know that I can go anywhere and do these kind of events by myself.

Alumni profile - Dr Simon Fleming blog
13 January 2020

I was a medical student during the 7/7 bombings and I was at the Royal London when the major incident was declared and all of the patients started coming in. That day confirmed that I wanted to be an orthopaedic surgeon; I saw the way the ‘pods that day were cool, calm and collected whilst fixing people and making decisions... I also lead the internationally renowned anti-bullying, undermining and harassment campaign known as #HammerItOut.

Alumni profile - Dr. Dena Al Thani blog
10 January 2020

Designing technology to change people's lives is fascinating. The pleasure of doing applied research is that you can see the impact of your work quite fast. I am currently leading a number of research projects in the field of assistive technology and accessibility. These projects serve two groups of users: the blind, and children with an autism spectrum disorder.

Alumni profile - Jorge Figueiredo Da Cruz blog
7 January 2020

In the context of moving abroad to work in Thailand, I believe Queen Mary prepared me to work in an unfamiliar environment with different people from different backgrounds. Due to its highly multicultural nature, Queen Mary taught me to embrace differences and to use them productively and efficiently at work. For example, I have led regional projects in Asia with teams from different countries and consolidated each team’s perspective on a particular issue.

Telephone Campaign 2019 blog
18 December 2019

This November, we had our ninth Telephone Campaign. We are thrilled to announce that our campaign was a huge success thanks to our incredibly generous alumni!

Alumni Profile - Zlatina Jekova, aka La Elegantia blog
18 December 2019

Through my blog, I want to show my audience all the incredible places around the world that I travel to, but because I am just as interested in fashion, I always take a lot of different outfits with me to expand my audience’s perspective on fashion too.

Alumni profile - Moj Taylor blog
13 December 2019

The main transferable skill I took away from my University experience was emotional intelligence: understanding and interacting with diversity of culture, religion, gender and creative ideas – not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s fine. I also liked being thrust into an environment where everything is questioned and where you were supported from day one to experiment with the person you wanted to be – personally and professionally. 

Alumni profile - Elena Baldwin blog
9 December 2019

There's a patient at the end of my supply chain and it’s about them and the people that I work with to make it happen which makes my job so worthwhile. Knowing that I have made and can make a difference to someone else’s life is a great achievement. 

Alumni profile - Hal Dubuisson blog
6 December 2019

It feels amazing to have developed a product that has the potential to help doctors and paramedics save people’s lives – I really like the fact that design can have such a positive impact. My aim is to carry on innovating in emergency and trauma design.

Alumni profile - Helen Buckley blog
3 December 2019

One of the scariest things as an author is knowing that people will read your work and critique it, so to have such positive feedback on my debut novel Star in the Shadows, feels really overwhelming. As an author, I am able to completely immerse myself in my character’s lives. As I write, I feel like I’m there with them.


Alumni profile - Ruth Mensah blog
28 November 2019

I wanted to experience working within the Higher Education sector and as I had such a positive experience whilst studying at Queen Mary, I thought it would be a great next step to enhance my career development by working within the Careers and Enterprise department in the programme team!

Alumni profile - Mina Leung blog
25 November 2019

I’m a dentist but I work with people with additional needs, for example, anxious patients, housebound patients and people with special needs like autism and learning difficulties. Also marginalised communities like homeless people and travelling communities.

Alumni profile - David Pakozdi blog
22 November 2019

I am from Budapest, Hungary, and I knew I wanted to work in an industry related to economics early on. London, as a location to study, seemed a natural choice because of its worldwide reputation as the ultimate financial capital of Europe and one of the most important global hubs. I also liked that despite being in London, Queen Mary has a proper campus with plenty of green spaces nearby.

Alumni profile - Miniver Theatre Company blog
20 November 2019

"It all started when we took a show up to the Fringe with QMTC, we really enjoyed all aspects of the show, from the creation of the piece to the final performances. We decided this was something we wanted to continue beyond Queen Mary, once we had both graduated. So the two of us decided to set up our own company so we could continue making theatre independently."

Alumni profile - Shola Lee blog
15 November 2019

My friend and I established our own online publication called The Simple Press in 2018; it is an independent outlet that makes everyone’s voice heard. We have a team of incredible writers, each with a unique voice and viewpoint, who we help to find new leads and article opportunities and offer guidance where possible. 

Alumni profile - Peter Halprin blog
11 November 2019

In my primary role, I am a Partner in the New York office of Pasich LLP. My Grandmother and my Grandfather were both lawyers and had their own legal practice together; my Father is a retired Judge and my Sister is a prosecutor in Boston so I guess you could say that there is something in our blood!

Winning space competition entries for 'An evening with astronaut Michael Foale' blog
8 November 2019

On Wednesday the 6th of November, as part of Queen Mary’s new Public Lecture series, former NASA astronaut Michael Foale, veteran of six space missions and survivor of the worst crash in spaceflight history, was invited to share his stories at the Perrin Lecture Theatre, Blizard Institute. The Alumni Engagement Team ran a competition to offer complimentary tickets to our alumni.

Joint Alumni Profile - Leandro & Sofia blog
5 November 2019

We met when we were 17 and we had always wanted to study abroad together. When we achieved a scholarship to study here, our dream came true. Overall Queen Mary, the University and its location, offered us the full package.

Alumni profile - Niva Thiruchelvam blog
1 November 2019

As a civil servant for HM Treasury, it's really motivating to work on issues knowing that the solution can have a positive impact on millions of people’s lives - I'm currently working on tackling climate change!

Alumni profile - Jack Baldan blog
28 October 2019

I got to interview former White House staff as part of my masters, which was based on the re-election of Bill Clinton in 1996. My professor Mark White encouraged me to not be afraid to reach out to people at that kind of level.

Alumni profile - Zoë Rutland blog
25 October 2019

So much goes into the planning and laying out of a book that seeing it all come together beyond what you expected makes agonizing over the tiny details worth it ... the first book I worked on was advertised on the underground for a Christmas campaign and it was a really cool feeling to see it on my commute!

Alumni profile - Barry Lui blog
21 October 2019

As a QMentor, being a part of the crucial transition for graduates who have just come out of university is highly appealing to me, especially as I can distinctly remember how scary it is taking the leap into the world of work. I’ve been there and I started in this exact same University.

Alumni profile - Kajal Kumar blog
18 October 2019

The field of economics is male dominated and it becomes more so as you progress to higher levels, but the profession is trying hard to attract more women. I hope that the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences which was given to a woman, inspires other women to enter the profession like I have. 

Student Futures: Barts and The London SPiCE conference blog
15 October 2019

Your very generous donations enabled a group of Barts and The London students, to hold their very own on-campus conference. A grant of £2,000 from the Annual Fund helped us put together a day of presentations to over 50 delegates – it was a very successful day thanks to your support!

Alumni profile - Angelica Hill blog
11 October 2019

I feel privileged to be working at one of the world’s greatest newspapers at a time of unprecedented turmoil and political challenge. It excites me to be in what feels like the epicentre of breaking news and great minds. The beauty of working in Product Management is that there really isn’t a typical day.

Alumni profile - Filotas-Georgios Niarchos blog
2 October 2019

Queen Mary helps you discover new opportunities and take a deeper look at a great variety of jobs that I, personally, could never have imagined were possible in my hometown. Not only my studies, but also the entrepreneurial environment at Queen Mary, gave me the opportunity and motivation to begin my own companies. 

Alumni profile - Isabel Overton blog
27 September 2019

The town I grew up in and the school I went to really lacked diversity, so coming to Queen Mary and experiencing real multiculturalism and inclusivity was such a positive experience for me. Exposure to different ethnicities and religions helped me build my awareness and become a better person.

Rahul Krishna - My tribute to London, my second home. blog
24 September 2019

A poem by our alumnus Rahul Krishna about his experience of living and studying in London. Rahul did his Masters in Law in the 2017-2018 academic year. 

Alumni profile - Elliott Ajai-Ajagbe Daley blog
20 September 2019

As a freelancer, I can commit to a project, give it my all as I know it can't last forever, and I have to get what I can while giving all I am to the finite experience. I've travelled around the world and directed theatre in forests in Portugal, villages in Africa and schools and theatres around the world performing at the V&A, TedX and the Olympics.

Donor Story: Liz Green blog
15 September 2019

Liz graduated in the late 90s but remains close with Barts and The London and decided to give back to the University in one of our telephone campaigns. She kindly shared many memories of her time here and why she supports today’s students.

Elizabeth Green, Pathology with Basic Medical Sciences, 1997

Donor story: Andrew Popperwell blog
15 August 2019

Andy graduated in the 1970s but remains very close with Queen Mary and has been giving back to the University since our first ever telephone fundraising campaign! He kindly shared many memories of his time here and why he supports today’s students.

Andrew Popperwell, BSc Physics, 1974

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Tasqeen Ahmed blog
1 August 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019, who graduated last week from Queen Mary University of London. To round off our graduation campaign, we spoke to School of Biological and Chemical Sciences / School of Medicine and Dentistry alumna Tasqeen Ahmed, who has some fantastic advice for graduates, considering a career in the Civil Service.

Tasqeen Ahmed, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Campaign for Science and Engineering
(Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics MSc, 2016)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Weicheng Hung blog
26 July 2019

As Graduation week draws to a close, we spoke with School of Economics and Finance Alumnus, Weicheng Hung who discussed his career journey since graduating from Queen Mary in 2016 and also focusses on his Masters in Banking for those graduating this year, who are considering Postgraduate study.

Weicheng Hung, Associate, Mizuho
(Banking MSc, 2016)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Emma Black blog
25 July 2019

In celebration of today’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) Graduation ceremony, we spoke to alumna Emma Black, who graduated 3 years ago with a BSc in Biology. Emma talks about her experience on the graduate scheme at EY and offers some helpful advice to this year’s graduates.

Emma Black, FS Assurance Audit Senior, EY
(BSc Biology, 2016)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Anum Ahmed blog
24 July 2019

We were lucky enough to talk with School of English and Drama alumna, Anum Ahmed, 5 years after her own graduation and find out where her degree has taken her and also collect some valuable tips for 2019 Graduates to take on-board. 

Anum Ahmed, Senior LGBT Policy Officer, Government Equalities Office
(English BA, 2014)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Trisha Mason blog
22 July 2019

Ahead of today’s School of Languages, Linguistics and Film Graduation ceremony, we spoke to Queen Mary alumna, Trisha Mason, who a year ago attended her own graduation. Trisha explains how her time at Queen Mary helped on her rapid journey into the corporate world and has some advice for this year’s graduates.

Trisha Mason, VIP Relations Executive, Informa
(French with Business Management BA, 2018)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Paul Loveridge blog
21 July 2019

In support of those graduating this week,  we spoke to active Alumni Volunteer, Paul Loveridge, 20 years after he graduated from Queen Mary with a Law Degree. Paul provides insight into his career journey since 1999 and some tips for those graduating in 2019.

Paul Loveridge, Senior Legal Counsel, HSBC
(Law LLB, 1999)

Graduation 2019: Alumni Profile - Cassio Mosse blog
17 July 2019

We spoke to Cassio Mosse, Alumni Ambassador for Brazil, about how his time at Queen Mary University of London helped him forge a career as an Intellectual Property, Fashion and Social Media Lawyer.

Cassio Mosse, Partner, MOSSE IP, Fashion and Social Media Law
(Intellectual Property Law LLM, 2015)

Student story: Meklt Abura blog
15 July 2019

Meklt is a Human Geography student. She accepted a place to study at Queen Mary after successfully completing her A Levels in Geography, Economics and Maths.

Meklt Abura, BA Human Geography

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Helen Hagos blog
27 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Helen Hagos
(Mechanical Engineering MEng, 2011)

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Sandya Abrar blog
23 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Sandya Abrar
(Sustainable Energy Engineering BEng, 2013)

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Zakiyyah Auchoybur blog
23 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Zakiyyah Auchoybur
(Biomedical Engineering with Industrial Experience BEng, 2018)

International Women in Engineering Day 2019: Dr Yun Li blog
23 June 2019

In celebration of International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June 2019, we spoke to alumnae who are now working in the Engineering field.

Dr Yun Li
(Electronic Engineering PhD, 2016)

Student story: Sameeha Goni blog
15 June 2019

Sameeha is a Geography and Business Management student at Queen Mary. She grew up in East London. 

Sameeha Goni, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2018

Student story: Bheatriz Elsas blog
15 May 2019

Bheatriz is a third-year medical student at Barts and The London. She is the youngest of six siblings and the first in her family to go to university outside of her native country. 

Bheatriz Elsas, Hardship Bursary recipient 2018

Student story: Tara Frazer blog
15 April 2019

Tara is a first-year History student at Queen Mary and is one of this year’s Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipients.

Tara Frazer, Sally Sainsbury History Scholarship recipient 2018

Donor and student recipient story: Priya Patel blog
15 March 2019

Priya Patel is a recent Queen Mary graduate. She completed her mathematics degree in 2017 and began working at J. P Morgan shortly after.

Priya Patel, Graduation Hardship Fund recipient 2017

Student story: Hamzah Azam blog
15 February 2019

Hamzah is a BEng Chemical Engineering student at QMUL. He accepted his place to study after completing in A levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry. He grew up in East London with three of his siblings.

Hamzah Azam, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2018

Expeditions Fund story: Natasha Wilding blog
15 January 2019

The Annual Fund helped Natasha travel to Bangladesh during 2018 summer to carry out healthcare research and volunteer with Selfless Charity.

Natasha Wilding, Medical student

Telephone Campaign 2018 blog
15 December 2018

This November, our wonderful team of student callers got in touch with our alumni for our eighth telephone fundraising campaign.

Donor story: Rosemary Rayner blog
2 November 2018

Dr Rayner is a Barts and The London alumna. She studied Medicine at the Royal London Hospital Medical College and graduated in 1981. She is now a retired paediatrician.

Rosemary Rayner, The London Hospital Medical College, Class of 1981

Student story: Kanesha Edwards blog
15 September 2018

Kanesha is a BSc Psychology student at Queen Mary University of London. She is from Hackney, East London and is the first in her family to go to University.

Kanesha Edwards, Queen Mary & Westfield Alumni Bursary recipient 2017

Student story: Sajid Ahmed blog
15 August 2018

Sajid is a BSc Economics, Statistics and Mathematics student. He accepted a place to study at QMUL after obtaining A*, A* and B in his A Levels (Maths, Further Maths and Economics). Sajid is from Newham and as the eldest of four siblings is the first in his family to go to university.

Sajid Ahmed, Annual Fund Scholarship recipient 2017

Student story: Ali Bahaci blog
5 June 2018

Ali is a BSc Biochemistry student. He is the first in his family to attend university.

Ali Bahaci, Queen Mary & Westfield Alumni Bursary recipient 2017

Student story: Ahsan Bashar blog
19 April 2018

Ahsan is a BSc Pure Mathematics student. He accepted a place to study at QMUL after obtaining A*, A and B in his A levels (Maths, Further Maths and Geography). Ahsan is from Newham and as the eldest of his siblings is the first in his family to go to University. 

Ahsan Bashar, Annual Fund Bursary 2017

Scholarships for Excellence blog
21 November 2017

Our alumni provided 20 Scholarships for Excellence. These were awarded to students in the School of Medicine and Dentistry for high attainment and academic merit. Gemma and Eduardo, are two recipients of this award; read on to find out how your support helped them.

Student story: Nazeefah blog
12 July 2017

Nazeefah is a BSc Psychology student in Queen Mary University of London. She is the first in her family to go to University.

Nazeefah, Annual Fund bursary recipient

Student Story: Jessica Daly blog
18 April 2017

Jessica Daly is a History student in Queen Mary University of London. She lives in Bow, East London.

Jessica Daly, Annual Fund Bursary recipient

Student story: Papia Kabir blog
29 March 2017

Papia Kabir is a History and Politics student. She is originally from the East End and attended Central Foundation Girls School in Bow. She studied History, Geography, Sociology and Psychology for A-levels and achieved 3 As and a B.

Papia Kabir, History Scholarship recipient 2016-2019

Donor story: Oyedola Osilaja, BSc Economics blog
10 March 2017

Dola completed his Economics degree in 2014 and is already giving back to help other student at Queen Mary. We asked him why he decided to makea a gift to the University in his Will.
Oyedola Osilaja, BSc Economics, Class of 2014

Student story: Kevin Gurung blog
22 February 2017

Kevin is a Medicine student at Barts and The London. He is originally from Nepal but moved to Reading, aged ten, with his parents and brother.

Kevin Gurung, Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence recipient

Student Futures story: Liam Fallon, BEng Mechanical Engineering blog
7 February 2017

QMUL work experience led to a job in New York for Liam Fallon

"My name is Liam and I am pleased to say I am now a Queen Mary University of London graduate, having graduated last summer. I come from South Africa originally but grew up in the UK so it is London I mostly call home. I live with my mother who lectures English and my sister who studies in London."

Student Story: Jake Webber blog
26 January 2017

Hi all, I’m Jake Webber and I’m a third-year student studying Theoretical Physics. I come from Suffolk originally and now live just outside of Enfield with my family.

Jake Webber, Annual Fund recipient

Student story: Umamah Tarvala blog
4 January 2017

Umamah is a third-year medical student at Barts and The London. She is from Hackney, East London.

Umamah Tarvala, Barts and The London Hardship Bursary recipient

Student story: Georgina Smart blog
1 December 2016

"I’m Georgina, a Medicine student at Barts and The London and I’m also a mum."
Georgina Smart, Barts and The London Harship Bursary recipient

QMUL Observatory blog
22 November 2016

During the Annual Fund Telephone Campaign in 2013, our generous alumni helped support the School of Physics and Astronomy purchase a high-quality telescope to benefit QMUL Astrophysics students, staff, local school groups and astronomy societies.

Student story: Angelo Ruggiero blog
7 November 2016

My name is Angelo Ruggiero and I've just started my final year in Economics and Business. I’m from a small Italian town called Vallo della Lucania but when I was twelve my parents decided to move to London with me, my twin brother and younger brother.

Angelo Ruggerio, Annual Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement 

Student story: Benedicta Sarfo-Adu blog
28 October 2016

Benedicta studied Medicine and medical education in Barts and the London. She is from East London and was born in Ghana.

Benedicta Nadia Sarfo-Adu, Barts and The London Annual Fund Hardship Bursary recipient

Student story: Oliwia Wasik blog
14 October 2016

My name is Oliwia and I’m a third-year International Relations student. I’m really proud to have the chance to speak to you all as you also studied here. You and I probably share similar experiences of student life. I wonder if you remember your time here as I do?

Oliwia Wasik, QMUL Annual Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Performance

Student story: Mohzma Hussain blog
30 September 2016

Mohzma is a Medicine student in Barts and The London. She is from Burnley, she is the oldest amongst her siblings and the first to go to University.

Mohzma Hussain, Barts and The London Annual Fund Hardship Bursary recipient