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Scholarships for Excellence blog
21 November 2017

Our alumni provided 20 Scholarships for Excellence. These were awarded to students in the School of Medicine and Dentistry for high attainment and academic merit. Gemma and Eduardo, are two recipients of this award; read on to find out how your support helped them.

Nazeefah's story blog
12 July 2017

How an Annual Fund bursary made all the difference to Nazeefah, a first-year Psychology student

Jessica Daly blog
18 April 2017

Papia Kabir blog
29 March 2017

Papia Kabir: History scholarship recipient 2016-2019

Oyedola Osilaja blog
10 March 2017

Kevin Gurung blog
22 February 2017

Liam Fallon blog
7 February 2017

QMUL work experience led to a job in New York for Liam Fallon, BEng student

Jake Webber blog
26 January 2017

Umamah's Story blog
4 January 2017

How alumni support helped Umamah pursue her dream of becoming a doctor

QMUL Observatory blog
22 November 2016

Angelo's Story blog
7 November 2016

Benedicta blog
28 October 2016

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