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Alumni Angles Podcast

Geometric shapes on a purple background with the words 'Alumni Angles Podcast'.

A platform for alumni voices to be heard...

... For our alumni to debate major themes and topics with academic staff and students, and to share insights into their career journeys and lives post Queen Mary.

If you would like to get involved in our podcast as a speaker, or if you would like to pitch ideas or themes for future episodes, please get in touch via 

Episode one - Let's get talking about our mental health

The inaugural episode of our Alumni Angles Podcast, titled ‘Let’s get talking about our mental health’, was recorded during Mental Health Awareness Week and features Dr Nick Prior (Medicine MBBS, 2017), NHS Psychiatrist and Co-Founder of Minderful, and Ellie McGrath (Public Mental Health MSc, 2020), mental health advocate and host of the Practice Makes Progress podcast. Our guests speak openly and candidly about their own mental health experiences, with a wider focus on the importance of conversation and asking for help. They also touch briefly on the impact of the pandemic on mental health and offer some tips to safeguard our mental health going forwards.

Episode two - Black History Month: The importance of representation within literature and popular culture 

This special episode for Black History Month 2021 features Deanna Lyncook (English and History BA, 2018), Oral History and Project Officer at Wesley's Chapel and Leysian Mission, and Founder and Host of 'The History Hotline' podcast, and Ama Badu (English BA, 2018), Assistant Editor/FAB Website Editor at Faber Children’s and the voice of Shudu, the world’s first virtual model.  

Deanna and Ama discuss the importance of representation within literature and popular culture, some of their personal experiences, and the wider issues affecting Black communities both now and throughout history. They also share their hopes and thoughts around how we, as individuals and as a collective, can bring about change for a more positive future. Watch an exclusive video recording of the podcast


an exclusive video recording of our Black History Month podcast episode!

Episode three - A personal reflection on women in the workplace through the lens of Women’s History Month

In this episode, Tasnuva Tabassum (Materials Science and Engineering BEng, 2013), Operations Program Manager for Google Cloud, and Lavina Bhambra (Mathematics with Finance and Accounting BSc, 2017), Technology Consultant at EY, use Women’s History Month as a springboard to reflect on being women in the workplace.

Touching on imposter syndrome and the importance of seeing women in senior roles, they discuss the value of female and male role models and allies, and share personal insights into their experiences of working in stereotypically male dominated industries.

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