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Fundraising Priorities

When we embrace diversity of thought, opinion and ideas, we can achieve the previously unthinkable.

Fundraising Priorities

Queen Mary’s mission is to become the most inclusive university of its kind anywhere. To this end, we aim to attract the best talent, while offering our students and researchers an environment they can thrive in.

We have the most diverse student body of any research-led Russell Group university and a deep engagement with our local communities. Building on these strengths and responding to local, national and global challenges, we will work with our supporters in the following priority areas, where we believe philanthropy can help us make the biggest impact.

Opening the doors of opportunity 

Our goal is to maintain our proud tradition of nurturing and supporting talented students and staff regardless of their background or circumstances, and to continually enhance our strong engagement with our local and global communities.

Our priorities include the creation of:

  • Scholarships that enable the best and brightest to study at Queen Mary, irrespective of their backgrounds and financial circumstances
  • PhD studentships and early career fellowships targeted at under-represented groups, to ensure our research community reflects society
  • Bursaries to support students in financial need

Current examples include:

  • The DeepMind Scholarship – supporting and encouraging underrepresented groups to pursue postgraduate education in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Computer Science
  • The Tata Consultancy Services Digital Explorers Bursary – supporting female students and those from low income households  to pursue studies in the field of computer science
  • Santander Universities – supporting students across the university in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and employability

World-class research and Innovation

Across our three faculties, Queen Mary’s research is improving lives and leading the conversation around the world. Whether it be unlocking the power of genomic medicine; creating a revolutionary new political theory; spearheading the latest advances in the treatment of cancer and heart disease; pioneering developments in artificial intelligence; or the discovering new worlds, the quality of our research and impact is recognised globally. 

Our excellence is borne out of our unique community and, guided by our newly published Research Highways, we aim to become the most inclusive research-intensive university in the world. 

Find out more about our research strategy, priorities and recent projects. 


Discover Queen Mary's Research Highways

Diverse perspectives, unique expertise: Queen Mary’s research delivers real-world impact and changes lives. Explore our Research Highways.


Our priorities include:

  • Support of our world-leading research, driving forward work within our Research Highways
  • New academic posts, including Chairs, allowing us to attract the very best minds to lead research at Queen Mary

Cutting-edge facilities 

Providing a learning and research environment in which our students and researchers can thrive is crucial for their continued success. Queen Mary is fortunate to have world-class facilities and resources across its faculties, however we must continually invest in and reimagine our spaces to ensure they meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse research-led global university.

Female student conducting experiments in a laboratory at Queen Mary University of London

Research facilities and resources

Queen Mary is fortunate to have world-class facilities and resources across its three internationally recognised faculties.


Our priorities include:

  • Development of a brand new and state-of-the-art Life Sciences Centre in Whitechapel

7th in the UK

for quality of research outputs (REF 2021)

£105m invested

in facilities in the last five years


annual research income

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