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Queen Mary Alumni

Mentor students and recent graduates

There are various face-to-face and eMentoring programmes available to Queen Mary students across the university. Through one-to-one relationships with a member of the Queen Mary alumni community, students are inspired to make better informed career choices.

The progress I’ve made during my career has been as a result of receiving advice and guidance from colleagues/leaders/family members who have helped me to make the right decisions at important times during my career. Having that support in place has been paramount in helping me to develop and progress. Hence, I was then inspired and motivated to mentor others to also achieve and be successful.
— Miriam Hussain, (Biology BSc, 2004)

QMentoring connects undergraduate students, from the Faculties of Science & Engineering and Humanities & Social Sciences, with a member of our alumni community, or a UK-based professional. Through these one-to-one relationships, students are supported to make better informed career choices, develop their employability skills, and gain confidence with applying for graduate job roles.

SBM Mentoring connects undergraduate students, from the School of Business & Management with a member of our alumni community, or an experienced working professional.

The CCLS mentoring scheme provides CCLS student mentees with first-hand insight into the workings of businesses and law firms. It gives them a better understanding of a law professional’s career journey, helping them to plan their professional goals.

Inspire current students, recent graduates and fellow alumni through sharing your own career journey and offering, light-touch careers advice and guidance via eMentoring.

The Researcher Mentoring Scheme enables PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers to gain experience and guidance through a mentoring relationship. The scheme recruits annually and welcomes alumni from all career paths beyond Queen Mary who would wish to mentor a researcher.  


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