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Queen Mary Alumni

Recruit a student or graduate

Engaging a current student or recent graduate from Queen Mary University of London can bring enormous advantages to your business.
Whether you are looking for a short-term hire or to recruit one of our exceptional recent graduates into a permanent position, advertising an opportunity with us is quick, easy and free! Find out more about recruiting a current student or graduate.  

Do you have a piece of work or a discreet project that could be delivered remotely by either a single student or a small team of students from Queen Mary? Through the Alumni Internships programme, businesses benefit from the completion of a project by a talented and enthusiastic student, as well as potentially creating a recruitment pipeline, through testing whether a Queen Mary intern might be a good match for businesses in the longer term. Please contact us at if you are interested.

The Student Consultancy Project recruits teams of students to solve problems faced by businesses, charities and social enterprises within the UK and Internationally. This programme can help to solve a business problem, whilst providing a meaningful opportunity where students can use their skills, fulfil their potential and develop their employability. Organisations provide a team of students with a short project brief outlining the details of a particular business challenge.

To find out more please contact the team at

QTaster is an opportunity to host 30-60 diverse and engaged Queen Mary University students at your office for a 2-3 hour Wednesday afternoon insight session. If you are interested in hosting a QTaster visit, please contact us on 020 7882 8188 or email 

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