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Student Consultancy Project

Work on a real-life consultancy project with other students. SCP will allow you to explore your career optionsacquire experience and even show skills and experience in future job applications.

Who can apply?

Open to all Queen Mary undergraduates from any academic school.

What can you gain from the SCP?

  • Experience working with a client on a real-life project.
  • Learn how to work as part of a multi-disciplinary student team.
  • Develop skills such as team working, project management and communication.
  • Practice using your own initiative and creativity to solve problems.

Upon successful completion, SCP will be listed on your digital transcript, the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), and you can add it as reference in future job applications. The programme is designed and structured to complement the development of your professional skills.

When do sessions take place?

Sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons between 2pm – 6pm. There will be a few ad hoc sessions which take place at agreed times during the week with your supervisors.

You MUST be fully available on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 6pm. If you are not, you will be unable to complete the programme and we reserve the right not to issue references or completion on your HEAR certificate.

Please note, you will not be able to participate in this programme alongside any other programme e.g. QTaster/QIncubator. If accepted for both you must choose only one to do per term.

What is SCP?

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