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Queen Mary Alumni

Inspire future students

Our alumni play a vital role in attracting the brightest students globally, by providing first hand advice about what life is like as a student at Queen Mary; they’re able to talk prospective students through what to expect during their first few weeks living and studying in London; and they can relay their own experiences of studying at one of the UK’s leading institutions in one of the world’s most exciting cities. 

Being in touch with Queen Mary Alumni is certainly of importance as we do have many useful hints and information from our own personal experiences to share. In this sense, I am more than happy to respond to any queries from prospective and current Queen Mary students from Brazil, in order to help them to have an experience as joyous I had.
— Cassio Mosse, (International Property Law LLM, 2015)

Our Lead Country Alumni Ambassador network is a key resource for prospective students to draw upon when making decisions about applying for our degrees and accepting offers to study at Queen Mary University of London.

At Queen Mary, we work with schools and young people in a variety of ways - from traditional widening participation and outreach programmes to more innovative schemes that bring research to life. These projects seek to share our knowledge, learn from young people's insightful questions and viewpoints, and inspire the next generation. Find out more about Queen Mary’s work with schools and young people and contact Phillip Davey via if you are interested in participating. 

Alumni Ambassadors provide prospective students with an opportunity to connect with our global alumni community, virtually, through the Queen Mary Network and ask them directly about their experiences of studying at Queen Mary and living in London.

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