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Annual Fund

Two students in a biology lab, dressed in a lab coat and goggles.

Helping a student in need

Discover ways in which you can provide support to students who need it the most.

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is supported by alumni and friends of the University who want to provide opportunities to students who need them the most. The Annual Fund has two strands:

Student Support: Annual Fund Scholarships are awarded to high-achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds. These awards help students with vital course resources and encourages them to spend more time studying than working part time to finance their studies.

Student Futures & Experience: Alumni support enables students to participate in professional, academic, and personal development projects that enhance their university experience overall and make them stand out in the job market.

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Annual Fund Telephone Campaign 2022

  • This March, the Regular Giving team ran Queen Mary’s first ever in-house telephone fundraising campaign and thanks to our generous alumni community, we were able to raise £55,000 for students in need and for a range of projects that will enhance students’ university experience
  • We recruited 25 students as callers who thoroughly enjoyed talking to alumni that had graduated from the same degree or faculty, giving our alumni an opportunity to reconnect, hear about our University’s updates and take a nostalgic walk down memory lane
  • Our students are inspired by speaking to our established and successful alumni, who offer an insight into the working world and kindly share any advice they wish they had received themselves
  • Queen Mary’s alumni community and supporters are the cornerstone of our work and the donations we receive enable us to break down the barriers that our students may face through no fault of their own, and support them on their journey in further education and beyond.




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