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Queen Mary Alumni


Montage of alumni voices on our blog. Featured are the Singing Dentist, aka Dr Milad Shadrooh, Dilani Selvanathan, Siti Kasim and Matt Kay.

Our graduates have gone on to do a variety of interesting and exciting things throughout their careers and beyond.

Our blog shines a spotlight on the voices of our alumni and friends and on the transformative effect gifts of time and donations from alumni have had on our students and the wider University.

Headshot of alumna Maeve McMahon Alumni profile - Maeve McMahon
14 April 2021

(Psychology PhD, 2019)

For me, statistics is one of the most important and rewarding parts of the Civil Service. We provide impartial and reliable information on data that the government holds. Without our publications, the public wouldn’t know how many Covid vaccines have been given or how many people have lost work since lockdown. Or, indeed, how many babies are named Oliver and Olivia every year!


Headshot of alumnus Simon Mills Alumni profile - Simon Mills
12 April 2021

(Mechanical Engineering BEng, 1972)

My Engineering degree has meant that I have ended up in locations that resemble those found in a James Bond movie. I have visited places like CERN, and a power station in Scotland that's ¼ of a mile underneath a mountain with giant hydroelectric turbines - both seem like being in a villain’s lair!

Headshot of alumna, Amy Sargeant Alumni profile - Amy Sargeant
13 April 2021

(English and Film studies BA(Hons), 2016)

My time at Queen Mary really helped me to work out what I was interested in and what I wanted to do as a career. The opportunity to be able to learn about film theory and history, as well as practical filmmaking, really solidified my interest in documentary as a whole and also influenced how I go about making films today.

Headshot of alumnus Juan Carlos Fernández Gomez Alumni profile - Juan Carlos Fernández Gómez
16 April 2021

(Internet of Things MSc, 2019)

I used my time at Queen Mary to build the technology that I’m currently trying to deploy within my company, SmartMaze. This company focuses on software development and the implementation of IoT solutions to improve the performance of public transportation in developing cities.


Alumni profile - Supaset Sothonsirimongkol
15 April 2021

(Investment and Finance Msc, 2018)

I would like to share my knowledge related to risk management and investment management to those who are interested in saving money and gaining financial freedom. I also plan to become a mentor or part-time lecturer at a university. I want to contribute back to the society and my country.

Headshot of alumna Raluca Semenescu Alumni profile - Raluca Semenescu
17 December 2020

(Multimedia and Arts Technology BEng, 2020)

Currently, I am part of the Speech, Audio and Music Intelligence team in Europe for TikTok. I am mostly involved in music technology projects, where I collaborate with developers, data scientists and music producers to deliver new products for ByteDance.

Headshot of Matthew Robertson Alumni profile - Matthew Robertson
21 April 2021

(History BA(Hons) 2013, Management Msc 2014)

Matthew Robertson graduated with a degree in History and Postgrad in Management at Queen Mary. He is now a Senior Executive in Efficio Consultancy. Matthew told us about his time at Queen Mary, his career till date and why he decided to support our students during the pandemic. 

Headshot of alumns Vijay Modaher Alumni profile - Vijay Modaher
22 April 2021

(Mathematics MSci, 2015)

On A-level results day I was shocked to see that I had missed my entry grades by one. Fortunately, I was still offered a place and I ended up completing a degree that was two grades higher than my A-levels, which just goes to show that A-levels are your ticket to university, but not necessarily a reflection of your true ability.


Alumni profile - Zoe Chen
27 April 2021

(Law LLB, 2019)

It is not your job to impress everyone, if you are constantly worried about what people think of you, you will never get to where you need to be in life and end up stuck with the consequences of your own actions. Make a conscious effort to make autonomous decisions, remember to have fun and shape the future you want for yourself.



Headshot of alumna Justine Tizzard Alumni profile - Justine Tizzard
27 April 2021

(Chemistry BSc, 2018)

I was headhunted on LinkedIn by Chatteris Educational Foundation in Hong Kong to start working for them in January 2020. Since then, I have been based in the beautiful city of Hong Kong working as a STEM Project Coordinator. My work is very interesting and difficult to explain to people because every day is very different.


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