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Queen Mary Alumni


Montage of alumni voices on our blog. Featured are the Singing Dentist, aka Dr Milad Shadrooh, Dilani Selvanathan, Siti Kasim and Matt Kay.

Our graduates have gone on to do a variety of interesting and exciting things throughout their careers and beyond.

Our blog shines a spotlight on the voices of our alumni and friends and on the transformative effect gifts of time and donations from alumni have had on our students and the wider University.

Headshot of alumnus, Mitch Harris Alumni profile - Mitch Harris
23 February 2021

(Film Studies BA, 2014)

It’s astonishing to look at the contribution LGBTQ+ people have made throughout history, and to know that many of them have only been acknowledged in recent years. I think we need to continue to find and highlight those people that have made extraordinary contributions that enable us to live as we do today.

Headshot of alumnus, Dr Ben Walters Alumni profile - Dr Ben Walters
16 February 2021

(Drama PhD, 2019)

There have been people in every society and every period of history whose experiences of gender identity and sexual desire aren’t contained by the fixed categories our culture thinks of as ‘straight’ and ‘cisgender’. Queerness is a normal, natural and consistent part of human life. Acknowledging, celebrating and learning from that would benefit everybody in society.

Headshot of alumna Adaeze Siwoniku Alumni profile - Adaeze Siwoniku
24 February 2021

(Materials Science and Engineering BEng, 2018)

There needs to be obvious visibility of women in STEM roles in all different hierarchical positions so that women aspiring to pursue STEM based careers have role models that they can see themselves reflected in. There also needs to be more of an effort to engage young women at secondary school level (and earlier) and once women do break into STEM based careers, there needs to be more of an effort to reduce barriers in the early stages of their careers.

Student profile - Liam Langlois
25 February 2021

(Law LLB, 2021)

Queer individuals have been and are virtually present in every instance of society. Acknowledging their past and future contributions is fundamental firstly because they play a role in innovations and progress just like anyone else and because gender and sexual orientations only constitute a part of their identities.

Headshot of alumnus, Joshua Leigh Alumni profile - Joshua Leigh
2 March 2021

(Geography, Environmental Science,  Bsc|Msc, 2015|2016)

I think the thing that surprised me most, was myself. From learning to deal with and overcome my anxieties, to writing a detailed and comprehensive thesis, I was challenged throughout the MSc process and was able to rise to each challenge and ultimately succeed with my work, which lead me into pursuing research at PhD level. 

Headshot of alumna Miranda Burns Alumni profile - Miranda Burns
3 March 2021

(Drama BA, 2015)

I have loved radio since day dot. Whilst at Queen mary, I joined Quest as a new hobby; I started off with two shows a week and threw my all into them. In April 2018, after having covered with Rob Howard on and off for the last year, I was asked if I’d like to relocate to Brighton and launch a Capital there - obviously I said yes! 

Headshot of alumna Ella Haines-Kelvin Alumni profile - Ella Haines-Kelvin
8 March 2021

(Biomedical Sciences Bsc, 2020)

I work alongside research practitioners, research nurses and doctors in the Early Phase Oncology Trials Team, facilitating Phase I & II trials for new experimental cancer medicines often tested for the first time in humans for a wide variety of cancer types. Offering patients a lifeline with experimental treatments and knowing that our work will translate to widescale clinical benefits if the drug in question is a long-term success is very rewarding!

Headshot of alumna Raghad Zuraiki Alumni profile - Raghad Zuraiki
11 February 2021

(Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence Bsc|Msc, 2020|2023)

One of my long-term goals is to use my AI knowledge and skills to contribute to the technological developments in the healthcare sector to help fill in the need for available professionals which many disadvantaged countries are not able to provide. I also aspire to contribute towards making education available to everyone around the world, which unfortunately isn't possible right now due to a lack of funding, lack of proper educational materials, and lack of trained teachers.

Headshot of alumnus Henry Preston Alumni profile - Henry Preston
17 March 2021

(Physics Bsc, 2016)

My role is to provide support to the UK's current Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) fleet through post irradiation evaluation of fuel and graphite. This involves designing and planning lab experiments and I also perform underwater video inspections of spent fuel in power station cooling ponds, across the AGR sites in the UK, to support continued safe operation.

Headshot of alumnus, Matt Kay Alumni profile - Matt Kay
16 March 2021

(Film studies BA, 2011)

Under different circumstances, I would never have been able to go and see what an all-female sumo wrestling dojo in Japan looks like, but because I was making a film, I was able to spend time with these really inspirational, amazing women.

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