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Queen Mary Alumni


Montage of alumni voices on our blog. Featured are the Singing Dentist, aka Dr Milad Shadrooh, Dilani Selvanathan, Siti Kasim and Matt Kay.

Our graduates have gone on to do a variety of interesting and exciting things throughout their careers and beyond.

Our blog shines a spotlight on the voices of our alumni and friends and on the transformative effect gifts of time and donations from alumni have had on our students and the wider University.

Headshot of alumna Moneeka Thakur Alumni profile - Moneeka Thakur
11 November 2020

(English BA, 2019)

I feel like even in the discussion of diversity and inclusion, Muslim representation tends to be on the outskirts, which is a problem. What do you do when you’re on the periphery of the periphery? By engaging with texts from the Muslim community, Muslim writers are able to take control of their own narrative which readers are then able to explore.

Headshot of alumnus Jamie Crummie Alumni profile - Jamie Crummie
13 November 2020

(Law LLB, 2016)

Too Good to Go was a very lean operation when we first started; we were bootstrapping and cutting costs at any opportunity but from the off we went all in, it was a full time career and we had the luxury of being able to support ourselves through very modest means. For example, my co-founder and I shared a bedroom in the early days!

Headshot of student Sawdah Bhaimiya Student profile - Sawdah Bhaimiya
16 November 2020

(English BA, 2021)

As part of our Islamophobia Awareness Month campaign, we interviewed Sawdah Bhaimiya, Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Diaspora Speaks.

Headshot of alumnus Nathan Benitez Alumni profile - Nathan Benitez
18 November 2020

(English BA, 2016)

I actually launched afoodible at Queen Mary during Freshers’ Fair and one of the reasons for this was the Green Mary campaign here and also the fact that it was during my first year of university and on campus that I was really struck with a vision for the direction I wanted afoodible to take... Afoodible allow users to better manage their food diary, to waste less food and to save more money.

Headshot of alumnus Charles Knowles Alumni profile - Charles Knowles
20 November 2020

(Medicine MBChB, 1992; Research in Surgery PhD, 2000)

The hat I have worn the longest is being a surgeon, followed by my research hat... The other hats I now wear are as a semi-professional musician. I have also been recruited as the lead for colorectal at the new Cleveland Clinic London which will be opening next year behind Buckingham Palace.

Headshot of student Sara Omar Student profile - Sara Omar
20 November 2020

(Genetics BSc, 2021)

As part of our Islamophobia Awareness Month campaign, we interviewed Sara Omar, Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Diaspora Speaks.

Headshot of alumna Shamima Akter Alumni profile - Shamima Akter (Part One)
15 September 2020

(Computer Science and Multimedia BSc, 2020)

As part of Welcome Week 2020, we caught up with alumna and newly elected President of the Students' Union, Shamima Akter : "One of my main aims this year is to be able to lead the union through a global pandemic. I think surviving this year and making sure we stay true to our values and who we are as an organisation is a massive priority."

Headshot of alumna Shamima Akter Alumni profile - Shamima Akter (Part Two)
23 November 2020

(Computer Science and Multimedia BSc, 2020)

Shamima completed part one of her alumni profile as part of our Welcome Week 2020 campaign in which she touched upon her time and studies at Queen Mary and her current role as President of the Students’ Union. Read part one of Shamima’s profile.

Part two of Shamima’s alumni profile is dedicated to Islamophobia Awareness Month and Shamima’s identity as a Muslim woman.”

Headshot of alumna, Alissa Timoshkina Alumni profile - Alissa Timoshkina
17 November 2020

(Film Studies BA, 2006; Film Studies MA, 2007)

The knowledge that I gained at Queen Mary is at the heart of what I do, even if it takes on so many different guises, from a PhD in Soviet Holocaust cinema to a podcast about motherhood and food. 

Headshot of alumna, Emily Rose Yates Alumni profile - Emily Rose Yates
30 November 2020

(English BA, 2013)

I love anything that’s quite investigative and explorative, and I’m lucky that anything to do with travel and accessibility, or current disability issues, is often exactly that. Wherever possible, I use my lived experience as a wheelchair user to add an authentic viewpoint to whatever I’m writing on.

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