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Student Story: Roshan Patel

“Hi, I’m Roshan Patel and I’m a dentistry student at Barts and The London. Both of my parents work for the NHS which inspired me to study Dentistry! I was awarded the Scholarship for Excellence last year funded by our kind alumni of the university.”

Roshan Patel at BDSA

Roshan Patel at the 2020 BDSA Conference

“I accepted my place to study at Barts and The London after I obtained 4 A*s in my A-Levels (Maths, Geography, Biology, Chemistry). I first visited the university campus for an Open Day I liked how friendly and warm the staff and students were. I chose to study here because the campus is in the heart of the East End so I have an opportunity to work with and meet a diverse group of staff, students and patients. Also, East London has a poor dental population which gives students more clinical exposure and experience from the very start.

“I’m living out in London for the next three years until I finish my Bachelor degree. I applied for a Maintenance Loan to support my student expenses because studying in London is expensive. I was thrilled to found out that I’ve been given an Annual Fund Scholarship for Excellence. My parents were very proud that I've been noticed for my hard work!

“The award has allowed me to have more financial independence and not overthink about budgeting whilst studying. Most importantly, the funding enabled me to attend Barts and The London BDSA Conference earlier this year. This is an annual educational event packed with topical dental lectures, activities and social events for dental students across the UK. It was such a privilege to attend the Conference, which has enriched my university experience and academic development.

“After I complete my undergraduate degree I want to do a yearlong foundation training as a Junior Dentist. I hope to acquire different job experiences and improve my skills before deciding what I want to specialise in.

“Before receiving this award, I didn’t know about alumni support. Being a recipient of the Scholarship has now shown me the kindness of people who are willing to help others. It's great to learn about the University community and how you can get involved even after you graduate. You have helped me better myself as a student and inspired me to give back here in the future. Thank you!”



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