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Queen Mary and Brexit

Information about the Brexit process for EEA students

(updated 9 April 2021)

Information for all Queen Mary students and prospective students from EU & EEA member states & Switzerland 15 December 2020

Students who enrol in or before the 2020/21 academic year

As the UK has left the EU, you need to be aware of how this affects your permission to enter and live in the UK. The rules are different depending on whether you moved to the UK before 31 December 2020 or afterwards. Please see the detailed guidance from the Queen Mary Advice and Counselling Service to understand what you need to do, according to your circumstances. Please note it is your responsibility to understand what you need to do and that there are important deadlines to be aware of.

There is also guidance on your rights in the UK in relation to working, healthcare, etc, and information about tuition fees and funding.

Students enrolling from September 2021 onwards

Your right to enter and live in the UK

As the UK has left the EU, if you move to the UK after 31 December 2020 to study on a course of longer than six months you will need to apply for Student immigration permission.

If you have established residence in the UK before 31 December 2020 you need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme in order to continue living in the UK beyond the application deadline of 30 June 2021.

Please refer to the detailed guidance on the Queen Mary Advice and Counselling Service web pages about:

The government is changing the rules on tuition fee status and Student Finance eligibility for students enrolling from September 2021 onwards. Please see our guidance on the Advice and Counselling Service web page.


Erasmus+ Student and Staff Mobility

Under the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU, the UK will continue to participate fully in the current (2014-2020) Erasmus+ Programmes. This means that the projects successfully bid for during the current programmes will continue to receive EU funding for the full duration of the project, including those where funding runs beyond 2020 and the end of the transition period.

Erasmus+ grants are available for the entire academic year 2021/2022 for Erasmus+ student and staff mobility. Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP) will also be available during 2021/22.

The Turing Scheme will also provide funding for student exchanges and work placements taking place in 2021/22.

Students can find more information on the Global Opportunities Exchange Programmes pages.

Questions can be directed to Wiebke Leugers, Erasmus+ Manager (

News and analysis from our Queen Mary experts

Visit our media page for news and analysis from our Brexit and UK politics experts.

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