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Centre for Globalisation Research (CGR)

The Centre for Globalisation Research (CGR) conducts research, dissemination and user engagement activities around six research themes:

  • Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
  • Innovation and Networks
  • Labour Economics
  • Political Economy and Development
  • Public Policy and Behavioural Economics
  • International Business

Since 2008, scholarly outputs, many underpinned by research grants, include 102 peer-reviewed journal articles, four books, nine book chapters and 97 papers in the CGR Working Paper Series.

CGR is composed by academics based at Queen Mary University of London. Members also comprise researchers based at other universities in UK and overseas. Along with visiting scholars, who make a significant contribution to the Centre’s academic life, we host PhD students with an interest in our four research themes.

Board of Directors

Dr. Caterina Gennaioli
Political economy and development
Professor Brigitte Granville
Macroeconomics and monetary policy
Professor Pedro Martins
Labour economics
Public policy and behavioural economics
Dr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Deputy Director
Political economy and development

Website and Blog Editor

Mrs. Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal
Political economy and development
International Business


Dr. Deven Bathia
Public policy and behavioural economics
Dr. Yasser Bhatti
Innovation and networks
Dr. Guven Demirel
Innovation and networks
Dr. Georg von Graevenitz
Innovation and networks
Public policy and behavioural economics
Dr. Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero
Political economy and development
Dr. Georgios Kavetsos
Public policy and behavioural economics
Dr. Thomas Kemeny
Labour economics
Political economy and development
Dr. Eun-Seok Kim
Innovation and networks
International Business
Dr. Maria Koumenta
Labour economics
Public policy and behavioural economics
Dr. Stella Ladi
Public policy and behavioural economics
Dr. Elena Lioliou
Innovation and networks
International Business
Dr. Giuliano Maielli
Innovation and networks
International Business
Professor Sushanta Mallick
Macroeconomics and monetary policy
Dr. Ravshonbek Otojanov
Political economy and development
Dr. Pietro Panzarasa
Innovation and networks
Dr. Ni Peng
Macroeconomics and monetary policy
Dr. Martha Prevezer
Political economy and development
International Business
Dr. Thomas Zhang
Innovation and networks

External Members

Professor Mark Casson
Dr. Lucia Corno
Dr. Sabine D'Costa
Professor Teresa da Silva Lopes
Professor Janet Dine
 Professor Almudena Sevilla

Visiting Fellows

Professor Vinod Aggarwal
Professor Philip Arestis
Mr. Alberto Bagnai
Dr. Peter Boone
Professor Howard Cox
Dr. Huw Edwards
Dr. Luiz A. Estevez
Professor Saul Estrin
Professor Niall Ferguson
Professor Walter Friedman
Dr. Giorgos Galanis
Dr. Marina Della Giusta
Professor Oliver R. Goodenough
Professor David J. Hancock
Mr. Gary Jenkins
Professor Uma Kambhampati
Professor Elias Karakitsos
Dr. Carol S. Leonard
Dr. Davide S. Mare
 Professor John S.L. McCombie
Dr. Natalia Nollenberger
Dr. Constantinos Repapis
 Mr. Jacek Rostowski
Dr. Steven Telford
Dr. Eshref Trushin
Luca Verginer
Dr. Lúcio Vinhas de Souza
Dr. Yong Yang
Dr. Ning Zeng

Doctoral Researchers

Mr. Li Dai
Mr. Simeon Fayemi
Mr. Danula Gamage
Ms. Anushri Gupta
Mr. Praveen Gupta
Mr. Abdullah Ijaz
Ms. Ioana Jipa-Musat
Mrs. Soo Jung Oh
Ms. Amrita Manohar
Mr. Xin Pan
Mr. Yifan Qian
Mrs. Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal


Peer Reviewed Publications




CGR Working Paper Series 

97. Searching for Carbon Leaks in Multinational Companies by Antoine Dechezleprêtre & Caterina Gennaioli & Ralf Martin & Mirabelle Muûls & Thomas Stoerk

96. Rent sharing in China: Magnitude, heterogeneity and drivers by Wenjing Duan & Pedro S. Martins

95. Making their own weather? Estimating employer labour-market power and its wage effects by Pedro S. Martins

94. The European Patent System: A Descriptive Analysis by Georg von Graevenitz & Antanina Garanasvili

93. The Microeconomic Impacts of Employee Representatives: Evidence from Membership Thresholds by Pedro S. Martins



  • Roxana Gútierrez-Romero. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (reference ECO2013-46516-C4-1-R). Equality and Poverty: Methods and Implications 2014-2017 (Xavier Ramos, Project head).
  • Roxana Gútierrez-Romero.Catalan Government (reference 2014 SGR 1279) Equity and Development Research Group (EDReG) 2014-2019 (Xavier Ramos, Project head). 
  • Stella Ladi. Research team of the project “Democracy in Times of Crisis: Power and Discourse in a Three-Level Game”, Portuguese National Funding Agency for Science, Research and Technology (Project ref: PTDC/IVC-CPO/2247/2014).


 Remembering Inflation

Remembering Inflation
Brigitte Granville (2013)
Princeton University Press

The Processes and Practices of Fair Trade: Trust, Ethics and Governance
Brigitte Granville and Janet Dine (2013)


Trademarks, Brands, and Competitiveness
Teresa da Silva Lopes and Paul Duguid (2010)


Global Brands: The Evolution of Multinationals in Alcoholic Beverages
Teresa da Silva Lopes (2007)
Cambridge Studies in the Emergence of Global Enterprise
13 Jun 8:45-20:30

The Moral Economy Revisited: Lessons for institutional development

Organised by: Dr. Martha Prevezer and Prof. Perri 6

The workshop includes discussions on the development of theory leading to a rethinking of neoliberalism, recasting of the concept of moral economy to integrate it with institutional explanations, a rethinking of poverty alleviation and a recognition and making visible the institutional forces that influence how people think and behave. It will also considers the causal assumptions on which policies are designed.


This event is free to attend. Register here.

GC601, Graduate Centre

CGR Globalisation Seminar

The Globalisation Seminar Series is a prestigious series offering a platform to prominent academics, policy-makers and business people to discuss the latest debate in economics and economic policy.

Previous seminars

2018 | 'Marginalisation amidst Globalisation; Why are Some Countries still Diverging?', Sir Professor Paul Collier (Oxford University).  Agenda Annual Globalisation Seminar and Workshop 2018 [PDF 284KB]

2017 | 'Social Mobility and Redistribution', Professor Alberto Alesina (Harvard University). Co-organised with the Royal Economic Society. Agenda Annual Globalisation Seminar and Workshop 2017 [PDF 169KB] 

CGR Workshops

The Centre organises various workshops on topics at the intersection of political economy, development and economic policy. The workshops have attracted eminent speakers such as Michael Kremer (Harvard University), Kaivan Munshi (University of Cambridge), Gerard Padro i Miguel (LSE), Sandra Sequeira (LSE), Sabina Alkire (Oxford), Pramila Krishnan (Cambridge), Natalie Quinn (Oxford) and Gaston Yalonetzky (Leeds).

Political Economy and Economic Development (annual since 2016)

Organised by: Dr. Caterina Gennaioli
Date: Friday, 9th November 2018
Venue: GC 601, Graduate Centre, Mile End Campus, Queen Mary University of London, E1 4NS

Theory and Empirics of Poverty, Inequality and Mobility (annual since 2014)

Organised by: Dr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
Date: Friday, 19th October 2018
Venue: Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Charterhouse Square London EC1M 6BQ


CGR-SEF Quantitative Analysis of Social and Economic Issues (annual since 2018)

Organised by: Dr. Caterina Gennaioli (CGR) and Dr. Sebastian Axbard (SEF)
Date: Wednesday, 21st November 2018
Venue: GC 305

Development (2018)

Organised by: Prof. Almudena Sevilla
Date: Friday, 8th June 2018

Agenda CGR Workshop on Development 2018 [PDF 493KB]

The Moral Economy Revisited: Lessons for institutional development (2019)

Organised by: Dr. Martha Prevezer and Prof. Perri 6
Date: Thursday, 13th June 2019



Brown-Bag Seminar Series

The aim of the seminars is to present early-stage papers and receive timely feedbacks from peers to improve papers before submission.

Recent post

Popular Brand Names and Clutter

By Dr. Georg von Graevenitz

On March 15th the IP Conversazione took place in Oxford as part of the 17th Annual Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot. The moot pitted students of IP law from around the world against each other to argue a trade mark case involving two identical trade marks used for different but reasonably similar goods. Roger Teichman and I were invited to speak to participants about work related to this question. This post summarises some of my comments and adds some details that have emerged since.

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