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School of Business and Management

Dr Federica Liberini


Lecturer in Quantitative Analytics





Federica is a Lecturer at the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London, and a Research Associate at CAGE Warwick and QAPEC Warwick.

Previously, she worked as a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the Swiss Federal Technological Institute, ETH Zurich, and then as a Lecturer at the Department of Economics of the University of Bath.

Federica completed her PhD in Economics at the University of Warwick.



  • BUS159: Fundamentals of Quantitative Research
  • BUS260: Quantitative Analysis


Research Interests:

Federica is an applied economist, and her research interests focus on public finance and political economy.

She is currently working on topics related to the digital economy. In public finance, she looks at the effects of the taxation of digital platforms on the online advertising market. In political economy, she looks at how to track social media political campaigns, as well as their effects on voters' behaviour, wellbeing and ideology.

Federica is a Research Associate at CAGE Warwick and QAPEC Warwick.


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