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Programme Spotlight


MSc Global Business and Sustainability

This programme is designed to equip business students with the conceptual tools and practical skills needed to tackle the most pressing sustainability challenges facing the world today. Our curriculum goes beyond traditional corporate social responsibility, providing a comprehensive understanding of sustainability that includes human, social, and ecological dimensions, and their interrelationships.

Why should sustainability be at the core of global business?

Sustainability is the most pressing business challenge today. The social, ecological, and climate crises we are experiencing globally have dramatic impacts not simply for business activity, but for the very organisation and resilience of society. It has become increasingly clear that addressing these crises from a business standpoint requires new ways of thinking and acting that go well beyond the established lines of corporate social responsibility.

As sustainability becomes a greater priority for business, governments, and civil society in recent years; innovation in concepts, practices, and collaboration among industry professionals has become a constant. However, within organisations and institutions, systematic knowledge on these issues and critical thinking on emerging solutions to sustainability challenges, has often been lacking or lagging.


What the programme is about?

Programme highlights include:

  • Global Perspective: Understand sustainability issues and solutions from a truly global standpoint, focusing on relations between the global North and South and within the global South.
  • Interdisciplinary Expertise: Learn from SBM scholars with research expertise in diverse fields, providing a rich, multifaceted approach to sustainability.
  • Research-Led Teaching: Engage with cutting-edge research on sustainability topics, ensuring that your knowledge is both current and comprehensive.
  • Critical and Situated Understanding: Develop a deep awareness of how sustainability practices and policies impact different groups, considering racial, gender, and class differences.
  • Practical Skills: Gain the skills necessary to become an agent of sustainability change in various business contexts.


What will I learn?

Our unique, interdisciplinary approach draws from diverse fields such as:

  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Geography
  • Urban Studies
  • Anthropology

Students will also benefit from research-led teaching on topics such as:

  • Sustainable finance
  • Politics of water distribution
  • Digital economies for climate adaptation
  • Gender
  • Agribusiness
  • Biodiversity conservation


Why should I study it?

With a global perspective, our programme will help you explore and build solutions for diverse global sustainability challenges, preparing you to become a leader in sustainable business practices worldwide.

  • In-Demand Skills: Equip yourself with skills that are increasingly sought after in the job market, as evidenced by the growing number of green jobs.
  • International Opportunities: Our programme’s global focus and diverse expertise make it particularly attractive to international students and employers.
  • Integration with Existing Programmes: The new modules developed for this programme will also be available as electives in other SBM MSc programmes, enriching the overall curriculum.
  • Career Readiness: Prepare to meet the challenges of sustainability in your career with a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic factors.


Who the Programme is For

This programme is ideal for:

  • Graduates seeking to specialise in sustainability within a business context.
  • Professionals aiming to pivot into sustainability roles.
  • International students interested in a global perspective on sustainability challenges.
  • Business students who recognise the need for expert knowledge to address sustainability issues in their future careers.
  • Individuals passionate about integrating sustainability, equity, and social justice into business practices.


Graduate Opportunities

Business roles involving sustainability are on the rise. There is a labour market shift towards sustainability especially, but not exclusively, in advanced economies. 


''Across the EBRD regions as a whole, green jobs accounted for 14 per cent of total paid job postings at the beginning of 2023, up from just under 9 per cent in 2018. In the advanced comparator economies, this ratio – a measure of demand for green skills – increased more rapidly, rising from 10 to 21 per cent on average over the same period.''

- European Back of Reconstruction and Development, 2024, 62 Transition Report  


Join the Leaders in Sustainable Business

Enrol in the MSc in Business and Sustainability at QMUL’s SBM and become part of the next generation of business leaders who are prepared to tackle the sustainability challenges of tomorrow. Our programme is not just a degree—it’s a commitment to making a meaningful impact on the world.

Applications Open September 2025*. Register your interest now and take the first step towards your career in championing a sustainable future in business.

*subject to confirmation

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