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School of Business and Management

Postgraduate Study

At the School of Business and Management we pride ourselves on being a distinctive business school by offering a range of innovative programmes across the business spectrum. Our approach to business management examines the increasingly important connections between management, organisation, business life and the contemporary world whilst maintaining a strong focus on management education.

Our Programmes

The School of Business and Management offers a wide range of MA, MSc and MRes courses designed to further your knowledge and improve your career prospects. These include our sector leading arts and heritage business programmes, run with Historic Royal Palaces and our business analytics courses. 

Choosing a Programme 

There are few areas of 21st century life that are not touched by business and management and a solid understanding of the key principles and practices are essential to those who manage our businesses, educational and political institutions now and in the future.

Our postgraduate degree programmes offer a structured route to exploring some of today’s key issues in the field of business and management.

You will also develop a portfolio of valuable skills, and enhance your career opportunities.


Student Life at Queen Mary

Our students tell you exactly what they love about Queen Mary, and their tips for making the most of your time here!

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The School of Business and Management cares about their students' learning experience and professional development. I have excellent teachers in courses that are relevant for my future career and I always have the support I need when it comes to assignments and careers. The School also offers numerous non-academic events to learn about different industries, connect with global professionals and develop soft skills.
— Thea Sidiropoulos, MSc Marketing


A postgraduate qualification opens up more career opportunities, thanks to your specialist, in-depth knowledge. You will also acquire a range of valuable transferable skills, such as being able to present your ideas clearly and pursuing independent research.

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