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Research Seminar Series

Academics from across the QMUL community and beyond are very welcome to join us. 

All seminars will be in-person in Room FB4.04/08 from 1:00 to 2:30pm. Lunch will be provided. Due to rail strikes, Wednesday 4th October 2023 will be online only.


Weds 4 October: [online only] The SBM research environment in 2023/24, Liam Campling, Elena Doldor, Paul Giuliani and Manuela Perrotta. Launch of new SBM Research SharePoint, overview of SBM internal funds, Open Access and Q&A.


Weds 11 October: Roundtable on Social justice in the workplace. Sadhvi Dar (BSO) on racism in the business school;  Giorgos Gouzoulis (P&O) on financialisation, union membership and strikes; and Po Yin Wong (BAAE) on external shocks and their gendered impacts on work.


Weds 18 October: Research ethics clinic, Tessa Wright on QMUL ethical approval for research projects.


Weds 25 October: Roundtable on Precarity and alterity: Homaira Semeen (AFM) on accounting for ‘fair wages’; and Lilian Schofield (BSO) on autoethnography of the effects of precarity.  Chair: Yasmin Ibrahim (MKT).


Weds 1 November: Roundtable on Challenging austerity in the UK: Mary Robertson (BSO) on community wealth building; Sukhdev Johal (AFM) on Nothing Works; and Tessa Wright (P&O) on public procurement and social justice. Chair: Liam Campling (BSO).


Weds 8 November: Reading week.


Weds 15 November: Me and my grant, with Louise Ashley, Ben Neimark and Jessie Sklair on the experience of managing grants at SBM. Chair: Manuela Perrotta.


Weds 22 November: Roundtable tbc.


Weds 29 November: Research Away Day at Museum of London Docklands. From 10.00 to 13.00 for ECRs and new/ newer colleagues, and the afternoon is for all academics (from 13.00 for lunch or 14.00 until 17.00. With a food/ drinks reception until 20.00.


Weds 6 December: Roundtable: Perspectives on digital economy.  Vincent Guermond (BSO) will talk on digital remittances, mobile money and fintech in Ghana; and Alessandro Merendino (AFM) on digital strategies, digital capabilities and creative accounting.


Weds 13 December: Research impact panel discussion with mince pies: Colleagues sharing their experience of building collaborative relationships with non-academic stakeholders. Chair: Elena Doldor.


Weds 24 January: Roundtable on Social reproduction in Latin America: Mayra Ruiz Castro (CRED) on women on boards in Mexico; Roxana Gutierrez-Romero (CRG) on the impact of Mexico's new femicide laws on the number of killings of women; and Jessie Sklair (CLaSP) on the financialisation of social welfare in Brazil and low-income women's experience of debt. Chair: Liam Campling.


Research Seminar Series
Research Seminar Series


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