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School of Business and Management

Dr Giorgos Gouzoulis


Associate Professor in Human Resource Management





Giorgos Gouzoulis is an Associate Professor in Human Resource Management in the Department of People in the School of Business & Management. His research focuses on industrial relations and issues around employee compensation, wage inequality, underemployment, union membership, and strike activity.

Giorgos’ work has been published in leading academic journals like the British Journal of Industrial Relations,  the Industrial Relations Journal,  Economic and Industrial Democracy,  the Socio-Economic Review,  the Cambridge Journal of Economics, and  Sociology of Health & Illness, among others. Also, he has received research grants from various funders, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Omidyar Network, the Independent Social Research Foundation, and the Onassis Foundation.

Giorgos is the treasurer of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association, a member of the editorial board of the journal Work, Employment and Society., and the Co-Editor of the Bristol University Press’ research-based magazine Futures of Work. Prior to Queen Mary, he worked at the University of Bristol, UCL, and King’s College London.


Research Interests:

Dr Gouzoulis' main research interest lie in the following areas:

  • Employee Compensation
  • Underemployment
  • Strike Action
  • Trade Unions
  • Financialisation


  • Gouzoulis, G. (2023). ‘What do Indebted Employees do? Financialisation and the Decline of Industrial Action.’ Industrial Relations Journal, 54(1), 71-94.  
  • Gouzoulis, G., Iliopoulos, P., and Galanis, G. (2023). ‘Financialization and the Rise of Atypical Work.’ British Journal of Industrial Relations, 61(1), 24-45.
  • Gouzoulis, G., Constantine, C., and Ajefu, J. (2023). ‘Economic and Political Determinants of the South African Labour Share, 1971-2019.’ Economic and Industrial Democracy, 44(1), 184-207.
  • Mazzucato, M., Ryan-Collins, J., and Gouzoulis, G. (2023). ‘Mapping Modern Economic Rents: The Good, the Bad, and the Grey Areas.’ Cambridge Journal of Economics, 47(3), 507-534.
  • Stockhammer, E. and Gouzoulis, G. (2023). ‘Debt-GDP Cycles in Historical Perspective: The Case of the USA (1889-2015).’ Industrial and Corporate Change, 32(2), 317–335.
  • Gouzoulis, G. (2022). ‘Financialisation, Globalisation, and the Industrial Labour Share: The Cases of Iran and Thailand.’ Industrial Relations Journal, 53(1), 35-52.
  • Gouzoulis, G. and Constantine, C. (2022). ‘Varieties of Functional Income Inequality in Latin America: Chile and Mexico Compared.’ Socio-Economic Review, 20(3), 1015-1037.
  • Gouzoulis, G. and Galanis, G. (2021). ‘The Impact of Financialisation on Public Health in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond.’ Sociology of Health & Illness, 43(6), 1328-1334.
  • Gouzoulis, G. (2021). ‘Finance, Discipline, and the Labour Share in the Long-run: France (1911-2010) and Sweden (1891-2000).’ British Journal of Industrial Relations, 59(2), 568-594.
  • Papadopoulou, A. and Gouzoulis, G. (2020). ‘Social Structures of Accumulation in Greece, 1980-2014.’ Review of Political Economy, 32(2), 199-215.
  • Gouzoulis, G. and Constantine, C. (2019). ‘Class Conflict, Fiscal Policy, and Wage-led Demand.’ Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 10(2), 51-69.


  • 2023 – Kurt W. Rothschild Award, Karl Renner Institute
  • 2022 – GLO Fellow, Global Labor Organization


Areas of Supervision Expertise:

Dr Gouzoulis is interested in supervising new PhD students who want to work in any aspect of work precarity (pay inequalities, underemployment, working conditions) and issues related to trade union participation and industrial action. Potential students who would like to carry out quantitative research are particularly welcome.

Current PhD students:

Pau López Gaitán (University of Bristol, 2022-25); Hanxu Zhang (University of Bristol, 2022-25); Gabriel Sakellaridis (QMUL, 2023-26)

Public Engagement

Dr Gouzoulis’ research papers and policy reports have been cited in various media outlets and the election programmes of political parties. He regularly writes opinion pieces for outlets including the Conversation and Jacobin, and has delivered public lectures and seminars for organisations like the UK’s Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Debt Collective.

Dr Gouzoulis is a member of the following bodies:

  • British Universities Industrial Relations Association
  • International Labour and Employment Relations Association
  • British Sociological Association


  • Co-PI: ‘EU Integration, Financialisation, & Varieties of European Periphery Growth Models.’ Onassis Foundation, 2023-26.
  • Co-PI: ‘Over-indebtedness & Its Effects on the Greek Labour Market.’ Eteron Institute, 2023-24.
  • Co-PI: ‘Varieties of Caribbean Capitalism & Income Inequality. Independent Social Research Foundation, 2020-21.
  • Co-I: ‘Economic Rents and Algorithmic Monopolies.’ Omidyar Network, 2020-21.
  • Co-I: ‘Digital Rents and Competition Policy.’ Rockefeller Foundation, 2020-21.
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