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School of Business and Management

Welcome to the School

A message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London. Located in the vibrant east end of London and close to the financial heart of the UK, the School is perfectly positioned to enable students and staff to engage in all aspects of London life.

The School offers students and staff the opportunity to be part of a socially-responsible business and management school, engaged with its local community through its students, and offering an innovative, multidisciplinary and values-led approach. We invite our students to ask incisive questions, to challenge their assumptions, and to search for solutions to real-world challenges.

We take pride in our multi-disciplinary approach that promises students an inspiring educational experience. Our engaging educational pathways and supportive staff teach students to think beyond textbooks, management fads and overly simplistic formulas for success.

Our truly international academic staff bring research expertise and sound practical knowledge to their teaching. Staff research and public engagement activities range from transnational organisations to local enterprises, across the private, public and voluntary sectors. Our staff regularly advise government bodies, trade organisations, the European Union, trade unions, professional associations, regulatory bodies, charities and social movements. Our research centres, groups and clusters are focused on public engagement and having a real-world impact.

Please explore the rest of our site to discover more about us and find out how you could join our talented community of students, staff and alumni.

~ Professor Mike Noon, Dean
School of Business and Management

Core purpose, mission and aims

Core purpose

Our core purpose is to promote social justice, sustainability and good governance in the management of private, public and voluntary organisations through our research and education.


Our mission is to:

  • conduct high quality research addressing the most challenging and pressing issues in business and management;
  • undertake problem-driven research transcending conventional disciplinary and methodological boundaries;
  • deliver a business education centred on the values of social justice, sustainability and good governance, and inspire our students to be self-reflective and pursue those values throughout their professional lives; and
  • engage with those in the private, public and voluntary sectors to create knowledge in service of our key values.


In pursuit of this mission, our aims are to:

  1. achieve international recognition for the quality and distinctiveness of our intellectual contributions, and create pathways for stakeholder influence, engagement and impact;
  2. be renowned for the quality of our programmes, and inclusivity of our student community;
  3. achieve educational excellence by teaching, guiding and upskilling our students to prepare them for life and work, and supporting them in their search for employment;
  4. achieve international recognition for the innovative contributions of our faculty, students and alumni at the vanguard of positive change in business and society;
  5. carry our commitment to inclusivity into our care for and development of staff diversity and wellbeing; and
  6. maintain strong financial performance to allow for investments in research and scholarship and in student support.
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